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Memories of Royal Ice Blue Wolfen
The heavens are brighter with the presence of our Royal Ice Blue Wolfen and our daily life is dimmer.
Her Obedience Titles she earned with a zest unmatched. Then decided she didn't want any more, I was told that people could see her thinking in the ring. She would run out for that dumbell like a Border Collie, stand over it, look at the crowd-then- "Hey, Mom, you want that dumbell-go get it yourself!"
Wolfen had many friends, both 4 and 2 legged. Her friend, Pam, once took care of her and her sister, Marlee, (an Aussie) for a week while we were out of town. Upon returning, Pam said to Marlee, "Gee, I'm going to miss you!" I said, "aren't you going to miss Wolfen?" Pam said, "I don't think I want to live with a dog who is smarter than me!"
And so she was-always a thinker.
Wolfen was introduced late in life to SNOW! She moved from Houston to New Mexico and WOW! Did she ever love that snow once she realized that it really wasn't water! The picture at her Bridge site shows her love for the white stuff. So surely at the Bridge she is seeking out the flakes and running with her old friends, Indy, her greyhound sister, Kiak and Lone Star (also Siberians) Gwennie, a greyhound friend and Tova, the Norwegian Elkhound.
Life without UC-D Royal Ice Blue Wolfen, CD, CGC will never be the same.
March 2, 2008 On the first Anniversary of your passing, we all love and miss you just as much. We had lots of snow this year that you would have rolled in.
We think you would like Miss Shikinya, our red husky. She is cool and calm and would let you boss her around. She is our show dog and is working on her Championship before we get serious about Obedience. Don't worry, I won't let her win more titles than you did! Love always, your beauty is surpassed by no other.
March 2, 2009
On the 2nd Anniversary of your departure-we still love and miss you. We have so many womderful pictures of you around the house, not that I could ever forget your beauty and your bright, blue eyes! We have added another husky to our pack, KoKo. She is Shikinya's niece and she is a total wacko! But, hopefully she will grow up! You would never put up with her puppy shenanigans. I'm sure you are running with Kiak, Lone Star and Indy, also friends Gwenny and Tova. Bark them a hello for us.
All our love, Mom and Dad.

Love, Mom and Dad, Marlee and Squirt.

March 2, 2011
My precious Wolfen. The 4th Anniversary since you were taken from us. You are way beyond special. Our huskies are not replacements for you-just a great family edition. And trust me, no one has surpassed you in Obedience!! Run and play my love.
Mom and Dad
March 2012
Dearest Wolfen
The fifth year of your passing has come. I stll have your pictures all over the house and they give me great joy. You may not have been a show dog but you were absolutely beautiful. The only blue eyed Siberian
we have had.
Our newest kid, KoKo, sends her love.
Mom and Dad
The sixth anniversary of your departure for the Bridge. I feel only happiness in my heart for you. The new Sibe's Shikinya and Koko are here. Shikinya is a Champion and Koko just got hers in September. Now KoKo is working on her Grand Championship. But you will always be the Champion of my heart! Love you.
Hi Wolfen!
I always look at your pictures in various places around the house. KoKo got her Grand Championship on Mother's Day!
Hope you are happy and healthy at the Bridge
Love, MoM

So many years have gone by since you went to the bridge. Marlee is still with us at 13 1/2 years of age. Remember Marlee? She is the big boss of the Siberians that live here now. (Shikinya and KoKo) We still love you, my Wolfen.

Dearest Wolfen
By now you have met Shikinya who we lost on June 14th. Isn't she a great dog? I hope you are running with her and are best friends. We should not have lost her so soon. She had surgery for stomach torsion and could not recover. We will be adding her to the bridge soon.
Love, Mom

My Wolfen Christmas 2015
We still miss you and now Shikinya. Hope you are healhy and happy at the bridge.
Love, Mom and dad

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