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Memories of Roxy
Oh Roxy. You left me much too soon and we miss you.

Roxy came to me in April of 2012. She was a two-year old Pomeranian who was absolutely precious. We had just lost Gizmo and Lulu & I were in mourning. I found Roxy on a Pomeranian rescue group in the Denver area. She was brought in to visit us. Her name was Mindy. She was a little shy but was a sweet little girl. I asked if we could keep her for a few days to see how everything went. She passed Lulu's test but I fell in love with her. On the Sunday morning after that, I was rocking in my chair on the back patio and Mindy jumped on my lap. She smiled at me and I looked at her. I remember telling that she wasn't a "Mindy". We changed her name to "Foxy Roxy" and was called Roxy.

She was my food girl. She would steal her sister's food and sneak around to find food. She was a larger Pomeranian and, apparently, she was abandoned by two families before she came to us...apparently she was considered too big. She was a beautiful baby girl. I loved her beautiful smile and soulful eyes. Lulu tried to dominate Roxy constantly! Roxy put up with this but, from time to time, she would fight back. I can't count the number of times when I was in bed and Roxy would just fight back. I jumped in the middle of these fights and separate them. Then Roxy would chill for several months. She was a submissive baby but she didn't appreciate Lulu's temperament sometimes. Roxy would run around our homes, playing with her purple penguin. She would throw it up In the air, then catch it and do her zoomies.

Lulu passed away on October 2021 and that left Rox and I alone. Roxy was mourning. The two of us were doing ok and I decided to bring a puppy into our home. There were many times that Idgie would act like a puppy (no kidding). Roxy would chew her out, then look at me like "mom, you had to get a puppy!"

Roxy was doing great until a month ago. She was playing like normal and, a few days later, she wasn't pooping like normal. She was continuing to pee with her leg up and playing around. We went to the vet and she was X-Rayed. They found a large tumor in her abdomen. We went on that Thursday to get a CAT scan which they scanned the area and confirmed it was a large tumor. They wrote that they didn't think it was cancer. We went back to our vet on Saturday in order to see what the next step would be. Roxy didn't look good and was a little pale. She hadn't been able to pee except for a couple drops every few minutes. Rox was X-Rayed again and the tumor had grown more in a two week time frame. The growth had blocked her bladder so they pulled her pee out. I was ready to go to a surgeon to get this damn thing out. They ran a blood panel and her numbers were bad. The surgeon said the Roxy wasn't a candidate to be operated on. By this time, Roxy was on oxygen. I had to let her go. I couldn't let her hurt like she was.

I held this beautiful spirit and looked into her eyes as the injections were given. I kept telling her that she could let go. I said I loved her as she fell into infinity. My soul is hurting so bad. My Roxy took everything with her.

I love you baby girl. You will always be my baby girl.

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