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Memories of Roxy
Roxy (aka Roxann) came to us in October 1999 via my brother-in-law, Jim. His dentist had this beautiful blue point Siamese he couldn't keep because she was catching chipmunks and thereby terrorizing his small children. Well, of course I would take her! No problem, I keep my cats inside anyway.

Roxy didn't come to us with that name. Her name was Yoko. Oh no, that wouldn't do. We thought about it and came up with Roxann but eventually shortened it to Roxy. She joined our other Siamese, Jake and our part Siamese, Lucy. These two immediately ganged up on her. It took a while but eventually all three were living in harmony.

In 2001 we lost Jake to kidney failure and about a year later we lost Lucy. This made Roxy an only cat, a job she filled with ease. She loved following me around the house (always underfoot -- I had to watch for her). She would wait patiently for me to pet her or pick her up but if it took too long, she would pat, pat, pat my leg to remind me she was there.

Her chipmunk killing days were far from over. We enclosed our patio in 2000 but there were some small gaps -- just small enough for chipmunks to get in. They did and she got them. I believe she added three to her total catch before we sealed off the gaps. She was a great mouser too; often leaving her 'catch' next to the bed for me to find. Yuck!
Roxy wasn't getting around very well this past year. Arthritis was taking its toll and, even with pain medication I could tell it was hard for her to walk up stairs. She had a couple of bad spells from September until she died in late May and her vet, Dr. Alexander was great.

I left for Florida the Sunday before she died. My wonderful next-door-neighbor was watching her. Evidently, Roxy had a spell in the night and passed away. I can't help but wonder if I had been there would I have noticed and been able to take her to the emergency vet but then again, how many times can you do that to prolong the life of a pet you dearly love. I know she was in pain and I suspect she waited for me to leave so she could die. Rest in Peace my beautiful Roxy.

I am missing you so much today my little friend. I have your ashes on the shelf in the living room but no sweet kitty beneath the Christmas tree. I will see you in heaven someday. I have loved all of my pets but you, Roxy were very special.

As I approach the third anniversary of your passing, I am reminded what a wonderful friend you were. I wish I could pet that silky fur one more time. I will when I see you again. I hope you are happy across the Rainbow Bridge.

Has it really been 5 years since you left us! I still miss your sweet little face and soft coat. I have a dog now -- one I rescued, and while she is cute and loving, she isn't you. You were my favorite. One day we will be together again and you can curl up on my lap and purr.

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