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Memories of Rosey
When you came to live with us in April of 2000 you was such a playful, beautiful, smart puppy and we were so very happy to welcome you into our home and lives. We doted over you and you returned our affection with your loyal, never ending, unconditional love. We had just started our business and times were stressful but at the end of the day I had Rosey who snuggled with me and attentively listen to all my problems. You were such a beautiful Beagle, your uncle Bobby said you was the most beautiful beagle he had ever seen and that is why he chose you for us. In October of 2001 we received your brother from a new litter and you raised him without any hesitancy. We received a 6 month old basset in November of 2004; her owners no longer wanted her. Once again you took her under you wing and raised her. Chewy (brother) and Missy (the basset) miss you so much, they still look for you to come home, at times they have a lost look and we just sit and cry. I know it's temporary because we will all be together again but the pain still hurts.

I always joked with you and said that I believed you were talking to us, remember when you wanted treats you would dance, shake you head and go towards the kitchen. When your dad would cook breakfast and forget to put leftovers away you were insistent on getting your share. You would alert everyone that the water bowl was empty and when an outside trip was needed. I can still see that typical beagle head toss when you were listening to something I said. I look out every day and can imagine you sitting and lying in the sun, you loved to be outside unless it was too hot or too cold. You were such a good, obedient baby and your dad always talked about how smart you were. I know you knew that we loved you so very much.

You left us too soon and too suddenly, one day you was bouncing around giving orders and the next day I had to make a decision to let you go. I don't know why God called you so early unless it was because your Uncle Bobby, who had chosen you for me, had been called home on Easter Sunday of 2007. I felt so helpless and guilty trying to determine a cause for your kidney failure; did I do something to cause this, did I kill you with love by allowing you to have treats, food, or something that was detrimental to your health? I guess those questions will only be answered in time, please forgive me if I was negligent I never intended to do anything but love you. I will miss you so terribly and will never forget holding you in your last moments. We have a beautiful rosewood memory box where we keep your remains and I visit with you often, this doesn't lessen the pain but does allow a way to grieve. I can promise you our separation is only temporary and we will be together and happy again. Remember we will love and cherish you in our hearts until we meet again.

Loving you always,
Mom, Dad, Chewy (Beagle Brother) and Missy (Bassett Adopted Sister)

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