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Memories of Roscoe
Dear Roscoe;

We will never forget that special day that we first saw you. It was the first row of the dog cages and you were in the first cage on the right. You were sitting in the back corner of a cold wet messy cage with vomit, pee and poop all over as you were so sick. A tiny little 5 month old baby with your rib cage showing,shaking like a leaf in the wind and whimpering. Your sad eyes looking at everyone that was walking through. When Mommy and I walked in and we looked at you we both started to cry immediately. I could not look at first because looking in your eyes was like looking at a ghost. You see you are a carbon copy of our other baby that just had recently went to the Rainbow Bridge. His name was BO, and he was a Buff color Cocker Spaniel just like you. You were exactly the same even to the same marking by your nose. We loved him so very much and all our memories came flooding back as not much time had passed as of yet. We also had another baby at home named Diana, she was a Rotti/Shep mix and she too was very sad as she really missed her brother BO as she grew up with him. BO was the big brother as he was older than her and she was a baby when she came to live with him. Although we were not ready to increase our family just at that time but Diana was so very sad and really missed her brother and was starting to act out and make herself sick and the Dr said that she needed a new brother to look after. We had looked at many different puppy's, but nothing was working out either she did not like them or they did not like her, but we did not want her to be sad so our search would go on.

One afternoon after lunch I said to Mommy that there was a shelter not far from the restaurant and that I wanted to go and look at the puppies. We went to the shelter gave our ID and waited for the next group to be let in to the adoption cage area. After seeing you we could not stop thinking about you and crying, it did not matter how many of the other little puppies we stopped to look at it just was not working as we had your image in our minds.

We decided that we were going to try to get you. After speaking to a worker and waiting for over an hour as I was not going to leave until I had an answer, we were told that you were not available for adoption. I was not going to take no for an answer. I had to make many phone calls to the shelter and to different people and I had to fight for 3 days but I was not going to stop until we had you home with us.

You see like I said you were very sick and someone bought you from a breeder that turned out to be a puppy mill, and because of their actions you were not breeding material and had too many problems wrong with you that was making you very sick. Your first Mommy and Daddy brought you to the shelter as they did not want you anymore as you would be too much work and money to care for, and they could not make any future money off of you because of you being sick.

I told the manager of the shelter that I did not care about the money and the care nothing was too much for us and that we wanted to take you home with us and care for you. Then she heard your sister barking in the back round and the manager said that she had to meet your sister to see how she was as we told her that she was very sad and that she recently lost her brother BO, and that you looked exactly like BO and how Mommy and I cried when we saw you sitting in the back corner of that cage. The manager said we had to bring Diana down for her to observe especially with you because of you being a baby and sick. We said we would be right down.

When we got there the manager brought us out into the back yard play area and had another worker go to get you and bring you out. While we were waiting there were other puppies going by us and Diana did not like them and she would growl and we were getting nervous as this was not a good sign. Then she starting jumping all over and whining and crying and barking. I had a hard time holding her leash and the manager was nervous and wanted to know what happened and what was going on. Then I noticed that Diana was trying to get to you as the worker brought you out of the door and Diana saw you immediately. I told the manager that was what was going on and I showed her a picture of BO I had in my pocket. I told her that Diana thought you were her brother that just went and she wanted to get to him because she missed him.

When the worker brought you over you were jumping on Diana and she was licking and nudging you with her nose and whining and carrying on and the manager welled up and said if we still wanted you with all your problems she did not have a problem with the adoption. That was one of the best days you gave us in your life. After many trips to the Dr with many tests and shots and medicines and special food you would have to eat for the rest of your life along with the pills you had to take every day for the rest of your life you got better and brought us many wonderful and happy moments and days until you were tired and Daddy had to let you go to the Rainbow Bridge to be with your sister Diana to keep her company and the two of you could play and sleep and run together again until Mommy and I come to be with you both and be a happy family again.

Roscoe you will always be remembered and loved just like Diana and BO and Sam the Cat.I miss you so much it is not the same at night trying to sleep without you next to me or laying across my legs as a pillow. You can sleep against your sisters back again now and feel safe with her just like old times before. Be happy

Mommy and Daddy

Dear Roscoe,

Well baby today is Sunday evening and I can't get you off my mind today. It is not the same sitting here at the desk or on the computer because you are not laying here under the desk by my feet or laying here next to my chair like you would always do.It is the same when I was in the kitchen making breakfast today. You would always lay right there in the doorway so that you would watch every move I made and then you would always know when the food was done and you would jump up and sit right on the carpet looking up and waiting for me to say "ok lets go" and you would be right at my feet while we walked to go sit down to eat. I missed that today. Friday was your birthday you turned 11 years old and Mommy and I did not forget about it. We had your beautiful picture set up and had 2 candles burning on each side of the picture in honor of you. It was a very hard day because I had so many plans of what we were going to do so that you would have had a really good day with all the things that you liked to snack on. Mommy and I put up some new pictures of you in different places in the house I have one of my favorite pictures of you in a magnetic frame of a house with a cut out that Mommy made for me and it is right here on the metal part of the computer desk right nest to the lamp and pencil holder. This way it is right in front of me to see at all times while sitting at the desk. I also have one on a document holder that I attached to the top shelf just above my monitor. It is a frame that says "I Love You" with a heart design in the center and the center of that is where your picture is and it was one of your close up's so you are looking right at me too.

It is still really hard to get to sleep through the night without you there on the bed with me or with you laying across my legs like you would do. I told Mommy today that I just got the new bigger hospital bed so that we would have more room and be more comfortable for you too, and now you are not here to share it. You were only able to sleep on it for about a week but you did sleep much better even for the short time. I know you really liked it because you never wanted to get off and always wanted Daddy to lay down with you. Even when I would sit on it sideways you would snuggle right up against my leg and rest your head on my leg so you could always see me.

Well buddy I have to go now as I have to start my nightly ritual, you knew that meant time for you to get on the bed into your spot. I still keep your pillows on the bed except now I use one to rest my head on and close my eyes and remember when you used to lay on there too with me. Have fun up there with Diana and all the new friends that are waiting to play with you. I love you and really miss you and wish you were here but don't worry we will be together soon big hug and tissies. Daddy

Today is Thursday the 16 and we brought you back home and put you right next to Diana. Mommy put your Guardian Angel that used to hang on your collar on your urn along with your cross and the angel snow globe. we feel a little better now knowing that you are back with us where you belong. Mommy hasn't stopped crying but she will now that we were able to go pick you up thanks to Kathy. Everyone here in the complex ask's where you are and why they don't see us out any more and when we tell them that you are at the bridge playing with your sister and your new friends they are real sad. I didn't realize how much of a hit you were here especially in your carriage. Everyone says how very lucky and loved you were even that little Rocky's mom that always wanted you to play with him started to cry when she asked if we were on vacation or something that she didn't see the three of us out with the carriage in over a week then we told her that you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I finally found the picture of you when you were just out of the shelter 1 month and was starting to feel better but you were still real skinny and only 6 months old. I will be putting up a few more pictures I want to find the ones of you and Diana playing in the snow when we lived up north in NJ. Well I am going now, I just want to sit and rock with my eyes closed and reminisce of the good times past. Have fun Daddy

This is to let you and all the nice people that have visited you and left so many beautiful and heart felt messages for Mommy and I and all the beautiful things they have said about you know that I will be going into the hospital on Friday the 24. Remember how I used to tell you that you will not be alone for too long that I will be comming for you soon. Well remember I always said watch what you say and or wish for because GOD hears everything, well when I went to the heart Dr on Tuesday she said that she could not believe how much I have deteriorated in the past months and that6 I have to go into the hospital for more surgery and if I do not go I am going to die real soon. So I know what I told you but I do not want to die yet so I am going. Also I want to let everyone that has written and wilol be writing in the future that I am not ignoreing your kind and beautiful sentiments but I just haven't has the energy and strength to write everyone a personel note back yet but I promis I will respond when I get home and am feeling better. I hope everyone will understand. Bubby please have you and your sister Diana watching over me from up there and ask GOD to keep me safe through this ordeal and get me through it OK. I will talk to you again when I get home in the mean time just keep having a happy and good time with your sister and friends love Daddy.

Bubby, I know it has been some time snce I wrote to you but you know that I think of you all the time. I am always calling Skippy by your name and I still cry for you as I miss you soo much. We had so many good times and memories traveling up and down the East Coast from NJ to FL and back to NJ and back to FL etc. If only I could hold you just 1 more time. I still have all your toys and clothes. We now moved to Arkansas and live in a house with 2 German Shepards and a Lab mix and also 5 cats. We are on the top of the Ozark Mountains with cayote's, mountain lions, deer, lots of snakes, you name it and it is here as we are surrounded by woods. I am not a country boy. Bubby I had a heart attack a few months ago and mommy now is very sick with Lupas and many other illnesses. Well Bubby I have to go for now I miss you and will always love you and never forget you I think of you and I cry for you and I can't wait for us to be together again untill then...............Daddy

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