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Memories of Roscoe
I owned Roscoe's Mother and helped her give birth to him so he was special to me from the start. My baby loved to cuddle up with me whenever he could. He loved his "brother" Jeffy, and would have adored his other "brother" Sammy and his "sisters", Ruthie and Scooter. He couldn't wait til Mommy came home with some plastic bags from the store so he could hide in them.I could never read the whole newspaper before he would slide across the room on it.He loved it whenever I opened a gallon of milk 'cause he knew he would get the "toy" that came from it!.Roscoe was my child in every sense of the word, not only because I don't have children, but because he gave me unconditional love. If I had a bad day, he was still there to greet me with a wet nose and pancakes on the stomach!.My son will forever be in my heart and no matter how much time has passed, I still miss him.My son had feline lukemia and had to be put down on Sept 15, 2001. I had just lost my Mother in July and of course, the tragedy of 9/11 had just happened. It was a very trying time for me but knowing that my baby was safe and at Rainbow Bridge, waiting for me has given me comfort.I can't wait til I see him again. My son I am here again. I still miss your kisses. Jeffy and Sammy and Ruthie and Scooter are still here.We have another sister for you. Cali is with us now.She's very shy and Jeffy gives her a hard time. I hope you and Nana are having fun.Give her kisses for me.Jeffy has moved into your spot on the bed. I hope you won't mind. He knows how much I miss you.Ruthie still talks to the birdies. I love you my son and I miss you. Til we meet at the bridge--Mom. Hi baby, Mommy's back.I miss you. I blew you kisses when I saw the rainbow yesterday.Jeffy's doing fine. He's a bit slower these days. He's 14 now. Sammy,Ruthie, Scooter and Cali are all here.Sammy has started sleeping with Mommy.He wakes me up sometimes to get kisses.Ruthie still talks to the birds.I wanted to say hi son.Go back and play now. Mommy loves you. XXOO Hello baby, mommy's here again. It's june 20th-summer is here again.Mommy got a new baby last week. He looks just like you did when you were born.His name is Joey. Jeffy lets him play with his tail. Sammy plays with him but he's a little rough cause he's so big and Joey's just 8 weeks old. Scooter chases him back and forth. Ruthie and Cali don't much care for him yet. I take him to bed with me at night and he usually ends up at my head in the morning. Baby I miss you so much. I hope you are still having fun. I hope Nana visits you often. I know you sent Joey to me son and I'll love him as much as I love you. Nite nite baby- xxoo Hi baby, it's Mommy.I wanted to tell you more about Joey. He's so precious. Everyone has finally accepted him. He and Scooter are best buds.He comes to me at night and curls up at my shoulder or under my arm.He started talking to the birdies! Thank you for sending him to me. I know you and Nana planned it so Mommy would find him. I miss you baby. Go back outside in the sun. I'll talk to you soon--XXXOOO Hi baby-Mommy's here. It's Thanksgiving and I know how much you like turkey.I hope Nana gives you some.Everyone is doing great. Joey has gotten so big- . I see you when I look at him. He probably wonders why mommy kisses him so much. We all miss you and hope you are having fun at the Bridge. Please give Nana kisses for me when she comes. Baby I love you so much- kiss kiss. Hi sweetheart. It's winter now. I know it's warm there and you were probably asleep in the sun like always! We have 2 bird feeders up now and I wish you were here to talk to the birdies with Ruthie and Joey.I miss you so much son.I hope you and Nana are enjoying the time together at the Bridge.I can't wait til I come too so I can hold you and smother you with kisses.Bye bye baby-I love you always. I'll be back soon. XXXXOOOO Hi baby, it's Mommy- how are you today? It's finally trying to get warm here.I know how you love lying in the sun.Did you greet the newcomers I told you about? Their Mommy's and Daddy's miss them too.It's so hard to be here away from you.I know you are safe and having fun.Mommy loves you very much son and I miss you. Kiss kiss XXOO Hello again my son. It has been so gloomy with all the rain. It's the 1st of May and I wanted to say hi. I miss you baby and long to hold you and carry you on my shoulder.I will never have another quite like you my sweet Roscoe. You were Mommy's first born and I will love you forever. Give Nana a big kiss for me- I miss her too baby. I'll be back soon. xxoo Hello my son, Mommy is here again.It's the end of June and it's very hot and muggy here. I keep the air conditioner on for the babies now. I know you are ok at the Bridge and the temperature is perfect. I'm keeping an eye on Jeffy. He's getting a little thin even though he eats his food and treats!! I just wanted to say hi baby and give you a kiss. I love you and miss you. xxoo Hi Honey, Mommy's here again. I'm afraid I have some bad news. Jeffy has lost his sight. He is doing remarkably well getting around the house. I help him get up to the sink to get his water and carry him back to the bedroom when it's time to go to sleep.He's 15 now baby, so he's getting older. Mommy is not doing so well though. I'm so scared something will happen while I'm at work. He's been my saviour since you've been gone. Come see me baby, I need you now. I'll look for you. I love you son and I miss you so much. Give Nana a kiss for me. XXOO Hi Honey, it's Mommy. I need you to watch for Jeffy, he'll be coming soon. He's very sick and will be leaving Mommy coming to the Bridge. I know you will greet him and help him get comfortable. He'll be able to see again. Oh baby, Mommy is so sad. Jeffy has been here with me for over 15 years and I will miss him so. Come to Mommy son and let me know you found him. Thank you honey, I love you so much and miss you. XXOO Hi sweetheart.Thank you for finding Jeffy, tell him I love him and we all miss him. Baby today is the 9th year you have been gone from me. I hope you are getting all the kisses I'm sending you.I miss you so much son.You take care of Jeffy ok? I love you both. XXOO Hi son, Mommy's here to say hello. Honey, I have someone for you to meet. His name is Charlie and he's 3 months old. He was at the shelter and needed a home. He is very loving and sleeps with Mommy. Since Jeffy is now with you, I didn't have anyone to sleep with. Scooter comes in every once in a while as does Sammy. Is Jeffy doing ok?? I miss you guy's so much. Give him a kiss for me baby. I'll make sure to tell Nana to give you some turkey on Thanksgiving.I love you son.XXOO Hi son, it's almost Christmas time.It's been cold and we've even had snow!! I'm glad you're where it's warm all the time. Charlie is doing great. Him and Joey are having a blast playing together. We all miss you and Jeffy very much. Ruthie is still a little depressed, Jeff was her buddy. I decorated the tree out front this year. I haven't done it in a few years. I love you little man, and I miss you so much. I hope you got the kisses I sent to you. Merry Christmas Roscoe, to you and Jeffy and to Ellis and Christian. I haven't forgotten them. XXXOOO Hi sweetheart. Mommy's here. It's been awhile cause Mommy broke her ankle. I'm better now. How is Jeffy? You give him kisses for me. Honey, I have a new son. His name is Bailey and he is a ragdoll just like you. He's only 3 months old. Roscoe, I miss having you to hold so I hope you wont mind that I got Bailey. Everyone is slowly accepting him. Charlie really likes him cause he's very playful. I miss you so much honey. Your birthday is next month. You'll be 20 years young. Say hi to Nana for me when she comes by son. I love you baby- XXOO Hi son, Mommy's here again. I can't believe you've been gone for almost 10 years. It seems like yesterday to me. I miss you so much baby.How's Jeffy? It has been a year now that he's been with you and Nana. Oh Roscoe, I can't wait to hold you again. Please forgive Mommy if I try to kiss you all day. I love you honey, don't ever forget that. You'll see the candle light tonight son, one of them is for you- XXXOOO Hi baby. It's 9/15/2011 your 10th anniversary at the Bridge. I sent kisses this morning, and I know you know how much I miss you. You are forever in my heart son, I love you, XXOO. Hi sweetheart, Mommy's here to visit you and Jeffy. The weather here is getting cooler now. You know mommy doesn't like the cold weather. Are you guy's having fun? I miss you both so much. I hope Nana is coming by to visit you too. I miss her a lot too son, I feel so alone sometimes without the 3 of you. Soon we will be together though. I love you baby- go back to sleep!! XXOO. Hi sweetheart, it's Mommy--Did you get some turkey for Thanksgiving? I cooked a small one this year! I wish you could see Bailey honey. He is so big now. He weighs 11 lbs. Mommy is going on a trip soon. Miss Paula will come look after the babies for me. Christmas is coming soon and I miss Nana so much- will you please give her lots of kisses for me? Is Jeffy doing ok? I miss you guy's too honey. Merry Christmas son, I love you so much and miss you. Here comes some hugs and kisses XXOO. Hi baby, it's Mommy- I'm sorry I haven't been here to visit in a while. Are you ok? How is Jeffy? I think about you so often.Honey did you see a big brown dog named Henry last week. He's my friend Paula's baby. You show him around ok- I've been trying to get the house cleaned up so your brothers and sisters can run and play. I don't know if you remember Kristen, my niece, she's having a baby in May. A boy named Daniel. You should see Bailey honey. He's a big fat boy-- He's not a lover like you though. There will never be a son like you. I miss you so much Roscoe. You have fun and say hi to Nana and Jeffy for me. Kisses all over-XXOO. Hello son, I cannot believe the time has passed so quickly. You are gone 12 years now. My heart still aches for you.I miss holding you at bedtime. How is Jeffy? I miss him too honey. Everyone is still here and they miss you guys. Please give Nana a big kiss for me. Tell her the hummingbirds are beautiful and I say hi to her when I see them. I'm sending a big kiss to you and Jeffy. I love you so much son and I miss you. XXOO. Hi son, it's time for turkey!! I know Nana will bring you some again this year. I miss you so much Roscoe. How is Jeffy?? I miss him too honey. Will you tell him I love him please. It snowed a little bit today son. It is very cold outside. I have 2 more little babies now. Somebody dropped a pregnant mama kitty at our house and she had 2 kittens.A sister named Gracie and a brother named Max.You would like Max honey, he is so sweet and loves to cuddle with mommy. Gracie is still very shy and afraid but she's getting better. I don't know what happened to mama kitty, she just left one day. I pray everyday that she is safe.You have fun at the Bridge son. I love you and miss you very much. Kiss Nana for me. XXOO Hi Roscoe. How's my 2 babies??? It is almost Christmas time son. I wanted to make sure you were ready for Santa!! Everyone is fine here. Max and Gracie are so very sweet now. I still haven't seen mama kitty. I still pray for her everyday. I miss you so very much baby. Max likes for me to hold him and I think about you when I do. I hope you and Jeffy and Nana are having fun. Kiss her for me ok and let her know I miss her terribly. The holidays especially are not the same without her. I love you baby--tell Jeffy I miss him too and send kisses. Merry Christmas son. XXOO Hi Honey, just checking in to say hi. We've had so much bad weather here- you wouldn't have liked it. Mommy missed 5 days of work because it snowed and we had ice real bad. It's not too long til spring though. I miss you so much son, little Max is still trying to come sleep with me, but Sammie usually is there first. Gracie is much better now.She will let me hold her and pet her.Mamma kitty has not shown back up but I still pray for her everyday. I love you Roscoe, say hi to Jeffy and tell him I miss him too. Give kisses to Nana for me. Please welcome Miss Katie when you see her and let her know her Mommy misses her too. Bye bye baby---kiss kiss Hi baby, it's Mommy again. How's my little man today?? How is Jeffy?? I miss you guys so much. Spring is here son. The birds have come back to the nest in the porch and they have babies now!! It got real cold the other night and I was worried about them. Their momma kept them warm though. It's Easter time son and you will see many candles this weekend. Jesus will visit so you be a good boy. I love you son and await the day we can be together again. Kiss, kiss, and say hi to Nana.Hello son, Mommy is here. Today marks the 13 year you have been gone from me. My heart still cries out for you.I know you are safe and having a good time with Jeffy and Ellis and Christian and all the other babies, but I still miss you so. Please kiss Nana when she comes to visit. I miss her so very much son. You'll see the candles lit tonight for so many babies there. Know that one of them is for you sweet Roscoe. I love you son, and will see you again one day. Kisses--mommy Hello honey--it's Mommy. Today is the real day of your passing. Mommy has made a mistake all these years. I found the paperwork from the vets office the day you were so sick and they told me you had leukemia. I wish they had a cure back in those days. I miss you so much son.No one will ever take your place. Mommy will love you forever.It is starting to get cold here son. I know you are safe and warm at The Bridge and I am happy for you.Go play now son, kiss Nana and give Jeffy a nose kiss for me.Bye baby---I love you XXOO Hi son, it's Thanksgiving time again. Mommy has cooked a turkey this year. I hope Nana will come by and bring you some again. All the babies are doing good. Gracie still wont come to me but it's ok. I miss you so much son. I know you are safe and well and enjoying your time at the Bridge but Mommy's heart still hurts for you.The time will come when we will be together again. Kiss Nana and Jeffy for me. I love you guy's so much and miss you. XXOO. Hello honey--Mommy's here. It's time for Santa to come to The Bridge. I know you've been a good boy!! I miss you honey and Jeffy too. I decorated the front porch this year. I will blow you kisses on Christmas Day.The babies say Merry Christmas.Kiss Nana for me son, I miss her so very much too. I love you Roscoe--XXOO. Hi son, I need you to watch for someone for me ok--her name is Piper and she is my friend Paula's dog. She had Henry too. Piper is coming sweetheart and I want you to welcome her.She may be a little shy, but I know she will love you. I miss you baby. Everyone is doing well. See you soon honey, bye bye. My sweet baby,, you have been gone now for 14 years. Mommy still misses you so very much.We have a new baby too son, his name is Beau and he was lost in our neighborhood. I just had to bring him in.I hope you are enjoying your time at the Bridge and that Jeffy spends time with you too. Please tell Nana how much I miss her too. You guy's were my whole world, and I feel so alone without the two of you.I blow you kisses baby, I hope you catch them.I love you son.I know you are waiting for me at the water's edge.kisses to Heaven. XXXXXOOOOO. Hello son. So much has happened since I was here last. I had to find a new home for Beau. Joey and Charlie were picking on him real bad. He has new parents now, and I know he is happy. Son, you did not know Sammy but he is coming to you. He was real sick. Please tell him how much I love him and that I'm sorry I didn't know how sick he was. He was such a good boy just like you. I miss you baby. It's cold here now. I know you are warm ans safe. I love you so much Roscoe. You help Sammy out. He will remember Jeffy so bring them together. Kisses to heaven son--say hello to Nana and tell her I love her. xxxooo. Hi son, how are my boys??? I hope Jeffy caught my kisses the other day. He's been gone for 6 years now. Oh Roscoe, where does the time go? You have been gone for 15 years, but I miss you like it was the first day. Please kiss Nana for me-I miss her so much too. I love you son, so very much. Tell Sammy mommy sends her love.XXXOOO. Sending hugs and kisses on your 15th anniversary. My son, my heart still hurts -I miss you so much. Send me a sign today baby. I will watch for it. Kisses to Jeffy and Sammy and Nana. I love you all. Keep waiting for me at the water's edge. XXXXOOOO. Hi son--mommy has someone for you to greet. You did not know Cali, but she is coming. Welcome her son and get her settled. I miss you Roscoe. I hope you see my brother today. He went to the human bridge 22 years ago today. That's who Jeffy is named after. It's a beautiful day Roscoe-the 31st of July. Hugs and kisses to all of you at the Bridge. Give Nana special love baby. I miss her too. xxxooo. My son, I cannot believe you have been gone from this world for 16 years. I can still feel yoursoul but not your body. I love you so very much son. Please kiss Jeffy, Sammy and Cali for me. I know you are running and playing with them. Kiss Nana for me too. Blowing kisses to the Bridge. Always and forever in my heart. XXXOOO.Hi son, Mommy just stopped by to say hi. I love you so much!!! bye for now!
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