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Memories of Romeo
My little bear was born on October 26, 2002. From the first time we met, I knew you were special. You were such a lover, we named you Romeo. It fit you perfectly. You were such a fat, lazy little thing. Lol Your world was about us, treats, and meeting people. You had a heart of gold, the disposition of a saint, and eyes that touched my soul. I remember when you upset the kids because you only wanted to sleep in my room. In the closet! I had to keep the doors closed. As you got older, you still only wanted to sleep in the closet until you were so big that I had to take the doors off and remove the clothes so you and your bed could fit. It was your nightly spot. When you had your "rabbit chasing dreams", your paws scratched the wall.

Papi and I were talking about you last night. How much you liked to get married. Lol You and I would be face to face. You would give me your front paws and sit perfectly on your butt. We would go through "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..." and when you heard "kiss" you were ready. I have no idea how that got started but it was our thing. We laughed so hard when you used get in touch with "the puppy in you." You would grab one of the toys and jump, throw it in the air and chase it. You had a grand old time and then you would look at us for praise. You loved car rides. It did not matter where we were going... it just mattered that we were together.

-My dear boy, Romeo, I just miss you so much. I look towards your empty doggie bed expecting to see you. Each time, I re-live that pain again. I miss you baby.

-Hi baby boy, I am in the office. I look towards the bed but you are not there. I know you will not be but I keep on hoping. Today, Papi took your tooth to the jewelers and they are going to make a necklace so he can always feel you close. We miss you terribly.

- Hi baby, I miss you so much. I keep playing over and over in my head the what if. The vet called yesterday. Your ashes are ready so you can come home. It is so hard. Your bed and sheets are still in the closet. I look at them every morning and every night hoping to see you. Intellectually I know better...emotionally I want to keep you close. I wish I had known that it wasn't your arthritis but your heart. We went to the vet in June for your check-up and we had no signs...I keep thinking back...

-Hi baby boy, it has been a week since you left us. I miss you so much.

-Hi my little bear, I miss you so much. It has only been two weeks since I lost you but sometimes it feels like an eternity and others times like it just happen. You were always with me. You never left my side. I miss your loving eyes. I miss your love. I miss you.

-Hi little bear, last night I dreamed of you. It felt so real. It was like old times when you would sneak so quietly into my side of the bed. You have that ability just to sneak so carefully and quietly. I felt that my face was buried in you fur like old times. I miss you.

-Hi Romeo, I just wanted to tell you that Papi is wearing your tooth always close to his heart and you ashes are with me in the home office. So when I am studying or working you are with me. I am buying you a new box. The one from the vet is okay but I want you to have something beautiful with your picture in it. I miss you.

- Little bear, your bed still in the closet. I am not sure how to take it out. I hope your spirit visits. it is not the same without you there scratching the wall. I love you!

- Hi dear boy, it has been a month since you left. The house has an emptiness. We miss you so much.

-I finally had to tell grandma that you were gone. She was so sad. She loves you so much. She misses you. We all do!

-I moved your bed out of the closet. I miss you bear. I always think of you.

-Your birthday is in 12 days...last year, I gave you that little cupcake and you were so happy. I miss you my boy.

-My birthday was a little sad because I knew yours was the day after. I was away in Virginia but i was thinking about you. Now, the holidays will be around the corners and we will miss you so much.

-You would have loved this week because we had grandma "S" stay with us for a whole week. You would off had your own personal petting.

-This week at work I was talking about you and showing your pictures that sit in my office. There was a consultant here and he was not only a dog lover but a fan of Rottweilers and he said you are gorgeous. We miss you, bubu.

-This morning on my way to work I was thinking about you. I miss you. I love you. {November 29, 2012}.

-Hi baby boy, Christmas is approaching in like 22 days. It will be our first Christmas without you and it will be sad. Crystal will have a new puppy on December 21st. A little miniature pincher. She is excited and he was born on October 26 just like you. She says it is meant to be because it is your birthday. We miss you!

-Crystal lil one is Casper. Casper is a cutie pie. Caesar is not amused. Caesar misses you soooo much.

-Hi baby, mommy could use a big Rottweiler hug today. The thing I loved the most about you is that you loved being loved. You were there for me when I needed a hug. I am sorry if I ever forgot that...

-Christmas is not the same without you! We miss you.


-It is a new year but you are not here...I miss you my big bear!

-I thought it was supposed to get easier but papi and I miss you more each day. You are always in our thoughts.

-I have been sick this past few days. I remember how seriously you took the role of nurse and snuggle bear. You were always ready to snuggle in or a nap or serve as a pillow. I am sorry, I did not know there was something wrong with your heart. You were always there for us and I failed you. I am so sorry my boy!

-Hi lovable bear. It is spring! We miss you! Time just makes us miss you more.

-I was telling stories about you today. I miss you! I miss your brother Zeus. I have a great picture of you and Zeus playing tug of war. The part I miss the most was snuggle time with you.

-Papi needs your hug today...

- one year ago today, I lost you and it hurts as much now as it did a year ago. We love you so much and miss you every day. I am closing my eyes and thinking of you. I hope that you know how much you are loved and you feel my hug all the way up to puppy heaven. Love forever mommy!

-Hello my little huggable bear, I miss you. You know I always think of you and i miss you. It is not the same without you.

- Today, i was talking about you and how much you are missed. I wish that I knew you were okay. I wish that I had a sign from you. You are a wonderful boy and I am not sure you knew how much I loved you.

-Papi had surgery today for his other knee...he could sue your magical care...you were always such a good healer.

-Happy Birthday, Lil bear.

-We miss your nursing skills. We think of you all the time.

-Merry Christmas, baby boy

-Caesar is coming back around he has missed you so much!

-If your energy can stop by please do... we miss you angel.


-So I talked Papi into considering getting another Rottweiler or a Doberman. It would not be you. I know that. We could not replace you but I miss your lovable disposition. Thor is a sweet heart but he is squish and does not like to snuggle. Caesar became very independent after you left us. When I need a hug or just soft fur to hug... you are not there :( I miss you!

-Remember... our dearly beloved it! Big kiss for you in heaven...

-Caesar got a crate --small of course-- but it looks like the one you guys used to snuggle in and he loves it. I am sure he thinks of you...his best buddy.

-Hi bear, we gave Caesar and Thor cold kongs full of peanut butter the other day, they did not want them. They were too cold. Papi said "if Romeo was here that would not happen" you would have collected them both. Lol

-I am looking at your ashes. I know your energy is not there. It is a sad mantel with Zeus, Silvester, and you.

-Hi baby boy....I watched a movie called Frankenweenie last night. It made me miss you so much. You left us the evening of August of 2012 and sometimes the pain is as raw as that first night. I fee so sad that I did not know you were in pain that your heart needed help. In June, the vet said you were perfect and 1 1/2 months later we were saying good bye. I do not get it!!!! I miss you terribly.

-Hi bear,papi had a bad accident but you know that because I am sure you were there with him. Please stay with him and protect him. Give him a sign that you are with him. He has a long recovery ahead of him and he loves you so much. He was wearing your tooth and all he wanted to make sure that the firefighters were not going to break it or loose it. I wish you were physically here to comfort him. Please bless papi with your love.

- I miss you! my lover boy Romeo... I need one of your hugs...or a dearly beloved moment with you...

-Hi baby boy...big hugs from mommy.

-lil bear..Mommy and Papi are missing you a lot. We both hope you will be our side when we say I do. You are our baby and we miss u so much.

-Hi bear, we are back home from a wonderful adventure. We love you bear. I miss your snuggles.

-We bought a new couch and if you were here you would love it because you could snuggle with me.

-It is summer and it is almost 2 years since we lost you...we miss you sooo much.

-Hi bear...we miss you.

-Hi bear, guess what! Crystal had a baby. I know you would have been gentle. You were a lover but you just never understood little kids. Lol This one would have been your little girl to love. Let's see how Casper,Caesar, and Thor react.

-It will be a month from when we lost you....I miss you. Today, I went to lunch and a guy walked in the restaurant with a Rottweiler. Smaller that you but totally adorable like you. I guess he owns the place and the Rottie gets to stay in the office while he is at work. You would have loved that buddy. Miss you, bubu.

-Hi bubu...Mommy misses you baby. Papi does too.

- a sad day...today it is two year and the pain is as real as that awful day. Love you and miss you.

-Hi bubu, when are you coming back to us? I can use those puppy hugs and our dearly beloved.

-Lily is a very cute doggie that I met on Facebook. She had terminal cancer and died today. Before she died her mommy made a FB page called Lily's Bucket List where Lily did all sort of things. Today, she joined rainbow bridge. Say hi baby and show her the way.

-Happy Birthday, my loving Romeo. You and Zeus my loving angels. Quick question do you and Silvester still fight in heaven? love you!

-hello baby bear. I miss you. Your brothers are doing fine. Caesar will always miss you. He was mad at me for a long time because he missed you so much.

-hi bubu, Christmas was good but we always think of you and how much you loved your xmas treats. Papi and I are thinking of getting a new pup this upcoming year since it has been too hectic in 2014. May be a Rottie like you or a doberman. I wish we could name him Romeo but there was only one of you!

-BTW, Caroline is the new baby. Caesar is crazy about her...Casper not so much and Thor well he is indifferent. I now kids scared you but I have the feeling that you would off loved this little girl just like you loved Crystal and Carlos.


Happy New Year Baby Romeo... Mommy and Papi miss you a lot.

-hi baby bear, papi and I always talk about you. I would have loved to seen you develop a relationship with Caroline and with Casper.

-papi and I spoke today about getting another dog by the end of the year. Before Thor gets to grumpy. Lol

-Hi handsome boy, life has been a little hard lately and I could use some of your big hugs...I am sorry that I have not visited in a couple of months. My brother died and and I have been traveling a lot but you are never far from our thoughts. Spring is here and now we are going to start cleaning the yard and getting ready for beautiful sunny days.

-Hi baby bear, papi bought a new motorcycle. I know you did not like the last one but could you please keep an eye on him. Love your Mommy.

Hi bear, papi and I have decided to get another pup. It will be a rottweiler or a Doberman. I just hope they have your amazing disposition and your huge capacity for love. you will always be in my thoughts no matter what...

- Nancy died and I hope you have met her and she is rubbing your head and playing with you and your brother Zeus. Love mami.

-Hi bubu, I have to tell you that lately I cannot cry...I want to and I feel like I need to. My eyes get watery and my chest gets tied. I feel overwhelm with emotion but nothing comes out. There are days that i feel so sad. Right, now when I think of you...I want to cry and I miss you. I miss your soft fur, your hugs, your eyes...I miss you.

-I am still unable to cry...

-Hi love, I have not worked on getting he new dog yet. I hope that you can reincarnate in this dog. Crazy huh? I will love this pup no matter what but i miss you gentle comfort.

-Next week is our birthday...I will miss you like crazy my boy.

-The holidays were tough missing Louie, Tony, Nancy and you. I have not seen Louie is so long. I pray for him everyday and that he is safe and making good decisions. Tony you never met but he always saw pictures of you. He was a dog lover and of course he thought you were beautiful. Anyways, I hope you and Zeus were able to him and Nancy. I image that they can visit rainbow bridge. I know the day is my time and I want to see you and your brothers that came before you. I wonder about that like Azabache my first childhood dog. Is he waiting for me...I sure hope so. My two beautiful Zeus. I miss you boys so much.

- Happy New Year my love 2016

-Hi Bubu, papi and I have been applying to adopt a Rottie. We will always carry you in our hearts. We just want to share our love with a Rottie that needs a forever family. we love you!

-February 13 of 2016 we brought a lil Girl named Piper to the house. She is a hound mix but she does look like you when you were a baby.


I haven been to see you in a while...I am sorry. You are always in my thoughts. By now, you have met your little brother Caesar at the bridge. He passed away in my arms at the doctors office on Wednesday April 5th. He loves you so much. Protect him until the day that I am there to meet my wonderful babies again...RIP Zeus, Romeo, and Caesar. I wish there was a way to add a pet here so I would have all of you together.

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