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Memories of Roggy
Sweet Rogg.....May 7th 2007 will mark the 1st anniversary of your leaving Chris and me. The tears still rush in almost daily. As the day approaches, a flood of memories well up. Your look of confused trust in that hour will be forever in my mind. I know that as your poor old heart gave out, and your spirit passed to another place, you were comforted by Chris cradling you in his arms. We still sing your praises daily to all who will listen. You were the handsomest, most loyal and trusting friend anyone could have asked for. Those weekly walks around the lake brought constant raves about what a beautiful and sweet boy you were. Your knowledge of vocabulary was unsurpassed. Believe me Roggy, the ache in our hearts is as strong now as it was a year ago.
Two weeks after your passing, we felt such an emptiness and a need to give of ourselves, that we adopted another boy from the Springer Rescue. Buddy is now 2 years old, and plays with all of your old toys. He even uses your water and food bowls. He`s cute and fiesty...like all 2 yr olds....but he will NEVER compare to you my sweet boy. You will ALWAYS, ALWAYS hold a place of honor in our memories of the 12 years you were with us.

May 12, 2007.....Roggy, this last Monday during the candle lighting ceremony, we floated a beautiful lantern across White Rock Lake in memory of your favorite times there. This traditional Japanese ceremony helps guide the soul on its journey. Rogg, now your spirit is a part of the lake also. As the lantern floated out into the water, a flotilla of ducklings followed....as if they were your honor guard. We brought Buddy along with us....just to give us a little comfort. It was so hard driving away and seeing the light from the candle flickering over the water.

July 16,2007......Thinking about you this morning, Rogg. With all the rain we`ve had, the garden around your grave has never looked so nice. This week Boo Boo, your cat playmate will have his 8th birthday. He`s HUGE now, and plays with Buddy just like he did with you. He could fit into the palm of my hand when we first brought him home. You thought he was the best "toy" ever!
Speaking of toys, your old toys are still holding up under the wear and tear of Buddy. He loves them all, but he knows he can`t play with your last toy...the big stuffed bear pillow. It now holds a place of honor on the sofa.

May 7,2008.....Handsome Rogg, today marks two years since you crossed the rainbow bridge. Buddy and Boo Boo still play together in the backyard that you loved so much. Buddy is like you in so many ways, that we frequently say he's haunted by your spirit. Tonight we are burning a beautiful white candle in memory of you. It's burning on the screened front porch and we will be able to see it if we awaken during the night. Once again, it's a gorgeous spring evening...the kind that made you want to stay outside and play. The azaleas over your grave had only a single bloom this year.....directly over your heart. We felt like it was a sign that you still love and protect us.

Feb 4,2009.....Another new year in full swing Roggy, and you are still in our thoughts daily.
The dreariness of winter and the rough fiscal times are softened by remembering good times with you. Buddy is curled up at the foot of the bed, wishing we were outside playing instead of at the pc. He's been pretty good with keeping your old toys from being destroyed, but I notice there's a mysterious tear on the "untouchable" teddybear on the sofa! BooBoo, your cat will be 10 this year, and has been given a little more free rein in the backyard lately. He loves finding the warmest spot, and roasting...just like you used to do.

May 7,2009.....Ah, Rogg....three years ago today you left us. We'll burn a candle on the porch all night again in memory of you. We've had lots of rain lately, and your backyard is a jungle. We even have a family of wild rabbits visiting the yard every day! How you used to love chasing rabbits out at the farm. The azaleas were beautiful this spring covering your grave, and we hope to have more color this summer.
Still wish that you and Buddy could have met and played together. Boo Boo cat has been a little slow lately...probably just spring fever.

May 13, 2011.....Roggy...two years have passed since we last wrote. Last year as well as this, we burned a memorial candle all night on the anniversary of your death. This year your anniversary was on Mothers Day,and we had a vase filled with white flowers in memory of you and both our mothers.
Buddy and BooBoo are both holding their own. Buddy is already 6 1/2, and BooBoo will soon be 12. Seems like yesterday they were both youngsters.
Thinking of you daily....STILL. Time to tidy up your resting place and plant something nice before the heat of summer hits.

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