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Memories of Roger Bishop
Roger is and always will be very special to us and anyone that knew him felt the sameway. He is very much missed. Roger made us very happy I never wanted him to leave us but God had other things in mind. Roger you are always in our hearts not a day goes by that we don't miss him. WE LOVE YOU ROGER XOXOXOXOXOX
July 8, 2005
Hi Roger it is me Mommy I am very very sorry that I lost your original site with Rainbow Bridge but we have it under control now and it will never happen again. I miss and Love you so much Roger I know that it has been 3-1/2 years but it seems to me it was yesterday. I will talk to you soon. Love Mommy
July 10, 2005
Hi Roger, what are you trying to do to me. You know that I lost for site with Rainbow Bridge and opened it again on Fri. and Angela and I went to the mall and there was a dog named Lucky and he looked just like you did in this new photo that I put on the new site, what are you trying to do to me, are you telling me that you know that I put you back on the site? I know that you know that you are in our hearts and always will be there until the day that I die, but then I will be with you again. I Love you so much. Daddy Loves and miss you all the time. Well, Dad said that it was ok to change the back ground to spring. Love Mommy XOXOXOX
Hi Roger, I miss you so much but you already know that. I just wanted to tell you what happened to Ben. He was doing his work and I little dog came along with his owner and wanted Ben to say hello to him which Ben did and when the dog was leaving Ben ask the owner what is the dog's name and the man said "Roger" is was also black like you, Roger are you trying to tell us something? I really needed you so much last week I was so alone you know what was going on and all I could think was if you were here you would have help me but I know that you look after us but I can help it my heart is broken with out you and it will never be the same again. I wish that we would have had one of you children but it is to late. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ROGER:) Please keep looking over us and tell me what ever I need to hear from you.
Hello My Little Man, Thank you for watching over us. I always know that you are with us. We miss you so much Roger I wish that God would have left you with us. Anyway I have your x-mas hat right by you. It is so hard every x-mas I look for you to be near me I remember that the house could have allot of people, but Roger was always with Mom. I Love and miss you very much Dad really needs to hear from you so make him dream of you or something. We all love and miss you very very much.
Hello My little man. We all want to wish you Happy Birthday! We all love and miss you very much. XOXOXOXOX
Love Mom
Hello my little man, We love and miss you very much. Please watch over Angela. I know that you know what Stella did to Angela and she needs your help. Please Roger.
I Love you Roger and miss you eveyday.

Hi Roger, I am so sorry that we did not update your site with Rainbow Bridge I will never make that happen again. I miss you so much I hope that you are not mad with me regarding Taco. You will always be my little man. I think that you are in Taco. Please watch over all of us you know that Angela has appointments coming up and she needs you to look over her. I also know that you sent Taco to her. Thank you she really needs him. Daddy said to say hello he really misses you very much. I love you so much and always will.


Hi Roger, I want to Thank you for watching over all of us, also Taco is great Thank you for sending him to Angela I don't know what she would have done without him. Well I started a new job and I hope this is going to be the last job that I have I am getting to old to start new jobs but the way things are I am very lucy to have a job. Daddy misses you very much. Well please keep watching over all of us.
Love and miss you very much.
July 10, 2010
Hello Roger, It has been along time but you know why...I know that you and Dad are together now but I must tell you that I miss him so much it is very hard for me Roger Dadddy and I are 1 and I am so lost without him it is hard for me to write this down so please forgive me if I spell anything wrong. I don't know how to go on without Dad he is my whole world and I really need him here with me..I did keep my promise that you would go with him and you did...I can't write anymore so please tell Daddy I love and miss him and you very much.
Love, Mom xoxoxoxoxoxox

Hello Roger, I love and miss you all so much.......Please keep watching over us and the apartment I am so worried. If you and Dad can do it I know you will.
Love, Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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