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Memories of Rocky
3/26 I said goodbye to you today. I know Finn was excited to see you. I have so much to say but I don't think I can yet. You gave me 15 years of nothing but happiness. I feel pretty empty without you but it's worth it since it means we had those 15 years. I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest.
3/27 Good morning Snocks. I know Finn has found you by now. I'll bet he's licking your head against the grain. I had a rough time last night. I've barely ever slept without you for almost 15 years. I'm pretty sure Newt has figured out you're gone. He did some howling last night.I'm so happy you're not in pain anymore, but I miss you so much. There was no purring, smiling face 2 inches from me demanding breakfast. You're the only cat I ever met who purred at the thought of food. Andy will build a box today and we will bury your body next to Finnbar in the back under the apple tree. I hope I never forget how soft the fur on your head was and how pink your nose was. I don't want to remember those last horrible hours.
3/28 I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday Rocky. I thought about you all day and honestly had a hard time peeling myself off the couch. I tried to pet you this morning, or at least your blanket at the end of my bed. It's different this time because I'm so grateful that you are not sick anymore but I sure do wish you were still here sleeping on my head and purring your big purr in my ear. I knew when you stopped doing that it wouldn't be long. Newton misses you I know. He's still looking for you. Bill has been a new gentler Bill. He just lays on me all day. I'm having a rough time. 😢
4/5 Hi Rock. I miss you so much. Your dad put pictures on your Rainbowsbridge residency yesterday. What a handsome guy you are. At your prime you were 20 pounds and the best looking guy. With my dad sick I'm afraid I'm not mourning as I should. But I would give almost anything to come home and go to bed and feel you climb up and sleep on my head. You'd think it would be annoying at 3am but it was so sweet I never cared. I hope you and Finn are curled up in the sun.
4/15 As usual I woke up and tried to pet you this morning. I'm sorry I haven't written so much. With my dad sick I'm having a hard time. But I miss you ever day. We put up your stone last week. It looks pretty next to Finn's under the apple tree. It's starting to bloom. I miss having you wake me up for breakfast with your giant purr.No cat ever loved food as much as you.

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