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Memories of Roamy
Romy's Bullets
* Roamy sleeps with a toy in his mouth (usually a soft ball) and continues mouthing it even during sleep.
* Roamy likes to chew crushed ice.
* Roamy attacks (playfully) his big puppy when he comes in from being outside.
*Roamy screams at least once a night when he is in a deep sleep. Reason unknown. Could be a nightmare or he is in pain. He must be waken up in order to stop the screaming. When he awakes he does't know that it happen.
* Roamy sleep in a king size bed.
* Roamy Will roll onto his back in order to get his belly scratched even when meeting a stranger for the first time. He will do the same action when Pannee is brushing him
* Roamy is very obedient but tricky even when you're watching him. However if you don't pay attention to him and take your eyes off of him he will go exploring. He has a very inquisitive nature.
* Roamy has to take his medicines with peanut butter even if you try to hide it in his food his tongue is very educated and you will find pills left in the bowl.
* Roamy has a built in clock and he knows when it's time to eat or take his medicine with the peanut butter of course and when he needs to go out and when it's time for his brushing. He will sit in front of you or lay down in front of you and stare at you with his beady eyes until you figure out what it is he wants. I tell Pannee that he's putting the whammy on me.
* Roamy likes to take walks around the block. But during the day his favorite pastime is napping with his toys (puppy, Tyger, and balls)
* Roamy sleeps on a quilt with a large pillow at the front end covered by a very nice soft manta.
* Roamy does not get into trash cans, toilet paper or anything else. You can leave food or treats laying around and he will not touch them. We can leave him in the house alone and come back and everything is untouched. (I wouldn't leave anything in his food bowl because I Am sure it would be gone)
*Roamy does not bark even if other dogs are barking at him. He does play nice with others but his normal take is to just put up with them. Sorta like aristocratic.
*Roamy does not get on the furniture unless you throw his ball on on the couch for example and he will jump up and retrieve it.
*Roamy will try to interrupt Pannee when she is using her stair climber. He takes one of his soft balls and tries to slip it under her pedals.
*Roamy as I said before has a built in clock. He promptly goes to sleep at 8:30 pm. So you have to have everything completed by that time, dinner, treats, brushing, belly scratches and his medicines. If not out comes the WHAMMY!

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