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Memories of RILEY
This is a pretty tough time for me right now as this was just completely unexpected with Riley and all. I think I may still be in shock to be honest.

But I wanted to share a story about Riley that really describes him to a T......the type of kitty he was.

When Riley was just 3-4 months old, he and his 3 brothers were found on the side of the road. Someone picked them up and took them to the SPCA. I was mourning over the loss of my kitty Buddy (who is here at the Rainbow Bridge. Lookup Buddy in Stowe, PA. 19464.) I called the SPCA and asked if they had any kittens. They told me 4 just came in, but one is going to his new home. I said I'd be right in.

There were 3 kittens in a cage. All brothers. The one in the back was spoken for, so I was only allowed to look at the gray one (Riley) and the multi-colored one, his brother. I told the volunteer I'd like to see them both. Well, Riley wasn't having any of it. He started hissing and growling and scratching the girl. She took the other one out and said, just visit with this one for now. So, I did and he was a scared lil cutie pie that I eventually picked up and he started purring like crazy. Yep. I was ready. Had my mind made up.

So, I go back to the volunteer and they asked if I wanted one. I said, yes. They said which one, I said I'll take them both! Wellllllll, I thought the ladies mouth was gonna fall on the floor when I said that. She said "are you sure?" I said yes, I'll take them both and I'll call you tomorrow to make sure that other one gets picked up like he's suppose to (he did, by the way.)

I go out front and wait for my 2 new kitties to come to me. While I'm waiting I hear sooooo much noise and carrying on back there. It was loud. A huge ruckus was going on. Finally a volunteer comes out, all bloodied up. She hands me a box with the gray kitty and the multi-colored kitty. She said that they had some issues getting the gray one out. She came up to me and she said "listen, please give him some time, if it doesn't work out with him, just bring him back, ok?" I said 'ok.'

As I drive home I decided to call the gray cat Riley, because he was certainly all RILED up in there. I called his brother, the multi-colored cat, Spencer.

When I get home, I let Spencer out of his box. He was sniffing around, rolling around, rubbing against my leg, purring. He was taking in his new environment and seemed to be liking it.

Truth be told, I was a little nervous about opening Riley's box. But I slowly opened it and looked down at him.

The cutest, sweetest, lil boy just looked up at me. It was kinda like he was smiling. I picked him up and he rubbed up against me and just started purring away. I couldn't believe it. This lil guy who cut up several volunteers at the SPCA was the sweetest, gentlest kitties. He was just scared at the SPCA and trying to protect his brother.

Riley turned out to be one of the most loving, cuddly cats. And you know what? With his demeanor that day at the SPCA, I bet no one would have adopted him. I'm so happy I did. In his, almost 12 yrs, with me I can't that I ever remember him purposely scratching or biting me. He really has always been a kind cat when a I brought him home.

He was always my little cuddle bug. Ready to curl up next to me on the couch or under the covers next to me. You'd see him sleeping with his head on me or his paw on my hand. Just really sweet. And he loved his brother. They'd be playing together and cuddling together as well.

Oh and Riley...he should have been a baseball player. While his brother Spencer was good at catching fly balls (i.e. cat toys) Riley was pretty good at the grounders. He'd also love to play with his different toys, a stuffed stingray, mice and oh my gosh how he loved hanging in his scratch lounge. One thing that he liked doing that didn't involve any toys was, when we'd make the bed he loved jumping in the covers and trying to attack the "killers" (i.e. my fingers moving around under the covers or just the sheets going up and down.) I'd just wave the sheets and blankets up and down and side to side and he'd have a ball.

I guess I should end this now, but it's pretty tough. You know it's always hard losing a pet, especially for me, I'm one of those people where my pets ARE my kids. My last two that I lost though, honestly, had some things wrong with them. And while it was tough, you can still understand it. There was nothing wrong with Riley. I mean he had allergies and a sensitive stomach but other than that he was a normal, healthy, happy go lucky kitty. And now he's gone. (Vet's best guess was a blot clot to brain or heart.)

I love you Riley and I'll never forget you. I miss all of your headbutts already! You know you'll always be in my heart and thoughts but I look forward to seeing you one day and crossing over the Rainbow Bridge with you. Until I get there tho, I know that Buddy and Garfield will take pretty darn good care of you. And your friend Oreo is there that you can hang out with. Sleep well Riley Coyote....I love you!

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