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Memories of Riley Jack
Riley Jack was special since the 1st day I met him. I remember him biting on my necklace & on my charm & right there, I knew he was the one for me. On December 18, 2006, we picked up Riley Jack from the breeder. I never thought I could love someone as much as I loved Riley Jack. When he was a puppy, his ears were so much bigger than his head & I always thought that gave Riley Jack a lot of character & made him even more special. We shared a strong & unique bond from day one. He always seemed to know when I was having a bad day or when I was sick, he would jump up at my bed & I would pick him & he would lay with me until I was feeling better. When he wasn't feeling good, he wanted to be with me, his mommy. Riley Jack was independent, but he always had time for me & always let me pick him up & let me kiss, hold, baby, pet & him. There were sometimes where I would hold him for the longest time & even though was a wiggle worm, he never moved, except for when he gave me kisses. Riley Jack was very kissy. He loved chewing on everything, but loved Nyla Bones, the Nyla Bone Key Chew Rings & Nyla Bone Pacifier the best. He would try & steal your food & he would press the weight from his front paws & jump to get to your food & he would steal food from the grocery bags & run off with them & hide them underneath the bed. Riley Jack would come in my room & if there was anything on the floor, he would take it & run off with it & usually go in the other room & hide underneath the bed. Riley Jack would take his front paws & dig for anything he could get his teeth on like a piece a paper that he would rip apart or a nail polish bottle that fell on the floor, that he would grab & take off in the other room & chew on the handle. He loved to chew on empty water bottles & chew on the lid. Riley Jack always had this little wiggle when he walked & hopped like a bunny. When Riley Jack was on my bed, he would always sniff around to see what he could get into. If there was a paper towel or klenex on the bed, he would grab it & rip it apart. You couldn't get it away from him or he would growl & try & bite you. He had Jaws of Steel. If he saw a Q-Tip, he would grab it & rip off the cotton ends & chew on the paper tube part of it. He loved to shake & chew stuffed animals apart, except for his Canadian Goose that he loved to hump. Riley Jack would hump air & we always had to laugh at him when he did that. He would look at me & stop & then try to hump my arm & then kiss me. He was a funny little man. When he wouldn't come in from the porch, we would have to offer some of kibble to get to him to come inside. Riley Jack loved to eat & when he ate, he would gobble his food down so fast, that it would give me heartburn just watching him. When Riley Jack slept, part of his tongue would stick out & it would get dry from him having it out too long. He always snored too, just like a human. Riley Jack loved to sleep on pillows. It didn't matter who's bed it was, but he would just sprawl out & lay with his legs up in the air. I would always keep my door open on a crack & Riley Jack learned how to open it with his front paws, that he would push the door open or with his snoot. He taught Elvis, our youngest Yorkie how to do this too. Riley Jack loved his back & head scratched. He would let you know by either scratching your leg or scratching your arm with his paws. Riley Jack would bark whenever he heard a noise. He was a little guard baby. Riley Jack loved to lay on our bed & let the floor fan blow right him. His feet smelled like Fritos & I use to tell him this & he would kiss me. Riley Jack always smelled sweet & he never had doggy odor. He loved to roll around on rugs & on towels after he had a bath. When Riley Jack got in bed, he would move the sheets & blanket around with his paws & make a little nest. Riley Jack loved to kiss me & he would kiss my whole face & my arms too. He always loved to kiss my neck & my ears too. I always said he was being fresh, but he was just being my little affectionate, little Teddy Bear. Riley Jack had hot breath, but I didn't mind. He could be the sweetest little man that I have ever known & be naughty the next minute & get in trouble. Riley Jack had the nose of a blood hound. He could find anything. He would sniff the air & lick the sheets, for what reason, I had no idea. He loved to pull clothes out of the laundry basket & pull fresh clean clothes down on the floor & chew on the underwear & put holes in them. He was a funny little character. He was sassy & very vocal. When he didn't like something, he would let you know about it. Riley Jack hated to ride in the car & he would cry, pant & carry on until we got home. Riley Jack was terrified of Thunder, but he didn't get this way until he was 4 years old. He would run in my room & jump to get on the bed & then he would hide underneath the covers & shake & pant. When he wanted you to wake up in the morning, he would kiss you & kiss you until you finally woke uo or he would scratch your arm or start barking. Whenever you would talk about him, his ears would move & his tail would start to wag. He would always give me a big warm welcome home, by doing his little dance, wagging his tail, jumping up at my legs to pick him up. I would always pick him up & get lots of kisses. When you mentioned the words Pod Pod, Riley Jack knew it was time to go out & potty. I use to say what do you want & he knew it was time to eat. You could be in the kithcen downstairs & Riley Jack would be upstairs & he could hear you preparing his dinner & he would start barking & carry on. Riley Jack was diagnosed with Pancreatitis on May 27th, 2008. He had to put on special prescription food & it took two different foods to find the right one that worked great for Riley Jack. His life would never be the same after being diagnosed with Pancreatitis. Riley Jack lost some of his energy after that & gained weight. When we brought Elvis our youngest Yorkie,in September 2009 Riley Jack seem to come to life again & play & run around like he use to before he got diagnosed with Pancreatitis. He had several attacks between May 2008-September 2010 & two back to back, in August 2010 & September 2010. We thought he was going into something outside, so he was only allowed to go out on the porch. He wasn't too happy, seeing the other fur kids being let outside, when he couldn't go out anymore. It was for his own well being. During February 2011, I noticed that Riley Jack was getting skinny & he was peeing a lot & drinking a lot more water than usual. At first, I thought it was cancer & I was terrified. When we took him to the vet, he diagnosed Riley Jack with Diabetes on March 4th 2011. He got his insulin twice a day with breakfast & dinner. He loved to get his food. Riley Jack put on weight & he looked good. He was still his naughty, playful self. Then I started to notice a white cloud on Riley's left eye & the white part of his left eye was red. The vet told us it was the start of cataracts & gave us some drops which helped clear up the white cloud. I could see that his eyes were getting more teary eyed & he was acting fine, but I was still worried & the vet told us that this happens a lot in fur kids with diabetes & he would keep an eye on Riley Jack's eyes. By the beginning of October, the white cloud came back in Riley Jack's left eye & the vet gave him drops again & it cleared it up right away. I could see the light in Riley Jack's eyes starting to get dimmer & I felt like something seriously was wrong. We tested his urine everyday, twice a day to see how his sugar was & was in normal limits. On Friday, October 7th, 2011, Riley Jack vomited a little during the day. We felt his tummy & he wasn't in pain, like he gets from Pancreatitis & his sugar was fine. Riley Jack ate that night & all weekend long with no problems, until Sunday, October 9th, 2011. He ate his dinner & had his insulin & then 30 minutes later, he vomited a couple of times. He drank water & we tested his sugar & it was fine. He even ran around & played. On Monday, October 10, 2011, he didn't eat breakast & we called the vet & we told him what happened on Friday & Sunday. He didn't seem to be worried & told us to keep an eye on him & monitor his sugar. He said it was ok, if he didn't eat & get his insulin for a day. Riley Jack didn't eat that night, but he played & was acting normal. Tuesday, October 11, 2011, was another story. Riley Jack started vomiting & it would stop & start again. We called the vet first thing in the morning & he told us to check his sugar, limit his water in take, if he keeps vomiting up water & told us how much insulin we should give him to make sure his sugar would stay at a normal level & how much water to give him & to given him his anti-nausea medicine. We did just what he said. Wednesday, October 12, 2011 Riley Jack had a restless night & came on our bed a few times & sat in front of the floor fan & let the wind blow on him. He seemed to be feeling better, then he started vomiting again. We would out him down on the floor & watch him & then he would always come back to our room & back on the bed. Poor little man, he tried to rest & he would even try to lay on the pillows & get underneath the covers, but he couldn't get comfortable. When we put him on the floor, because he wanted to get down, we followed him & we gave him a little bit of water from the oral syringe & he seemed to be ok, but then vomited again. When he peed in the early morning, he was moaning in pain & when I picked him up he moaned in pain again & I couldn't take anymore. I gave him some water & he vomited up blood & I called the vet immediately & we rushed Riley Jack in to see the vet. I thought it was a serious pancreatitis attack & kidney failure. I thought the vet would make Riley Jack better. I held Riley Jack tight in my arms, babied him, kissed him & told him how much I loved him & told him bye bye & I sat there & cried the whole time. The vet came out & I told him what happened that early morning & he took Riley Jack & told me he would call me & let me know how Riley Jack was doing later on in the day. The vet called about an hour later & told me Riley Jack suffered a seizure from Hyperglycemia & passed away & I still think it was other things wrong with Riley Jack other than what the vet told me or maybe he just didn't know what else was wrong. I also think he had Cushing's Disease from what another vet has told us. I was in total shock. Riley Jack was always a fighter & I thought for sure he would fight this time too. His poor little body, just couldn't take anymore. I wish had been there for him when he passed away & went to the Rainbow Bridge. Riley Jack was also a victim of Interbreeding. My little man, My Riley Boy, Teddy Bear, Teddy Weddy Bear, Ted Ted Bear, My Ri Ri, My Riley Boy was gone. I love & I miss him so much. My life is nothing without him. The house is empty & cold. The only thing I have left of him, is his ashes, pictures, a recording of him growling, his toys, shirts, collars & happy & funny memories. Riley Jack's life was cut too short & if I had a chance to go back & change anything, I would have taken Riley Jack to see the vet on that Monday & not waited like the vet wanted us to or taken him to the ER Vet. I was not prepared for Riley Jack's passing. Someday I will I will start a foundation in Riley Jack's name to help other Fur Kids who are suffering from Diabetes & Pancreatitis. Love never dies, but lives forever in your heart. My love for Riley Jack will never die & I will grieve for him for the rest of my life. Mommy loves you 4ever my Angel Teddy Bear. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Today marks the 1-Year Anniversary of Riley Jack's passing onto the Rainbow Bridge. It's hard to believe that its been a year. I still don't feel any closure & I don't think that I ever will. My heart is still in pain & agony over losing Riley Jack. Riley Jack brought so much love, happiness, joy & laughter into our lives. Life just isn't the same without him. I still haven't looked at his ashes & I don't know, if I ever can. We have found a lot of stuff that Riley Jack chewed on during this year. He loved to chew on everything. We have put all of those items away in a big box. I still cry when I look at his pictures or when I think about him. When Riley Jack passed away, he took a part of me with him & I know, that I will not be able to get this part back until we are reunited, someday soon. We had such a special, strong & unique bond. We still do. The final diagnosis of what caused Riley Jack to get sick & to go the Bridge, was Cushing's Disease, Renal Failure, Diabetes Hyperglycemia, an Enlarged Liver & Tonic-Clonic Seizure aka Grand Mal Seizure. After Riley Jack's passing, our two oldest son's decided to go into the Veterinary field. Our oldest son is studying to become a Veterinarian & our second oldest son is studying to become a Veterinary Technician. I love Riley Jack so much & I miss him so badly. I know nothing can bring him back, but I do believe that he's looking down on me & our family & watching over us. He's our Guardian Angel. We love you & miss you 4ever, Our Sweet Little Angel Teddy Bear Yorkie Boy. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

I can't believe its been 2 years since you went the Rainbow Bridge, My Sweet Angel Teddy Bear Yorkie Boy. It's been a very difficult 2 years without you. You brought so much Love, Joy, Happiness & Laughter into my life. I know your watching over me. I miss you so badly & I'm still in agony over losing you. We will always have that special & unique bond. I miss your Growly Growl, Barky Bark, Sweet Sigh, Cute Snoring & the Adorable Bunny Hop you use to do, whenever you would get excited & when we were making a fuss over you. I miss everything about you. You were always there for me, especially when I was sick or having a bad day. You would lay on the bed right next to me. Riley Jack, you were so loyal & faithful. Life just isn't the same without you. We all miss you & we are celebrating your life today. We lit a candle just for you, to show you how much light you brought into our lives. I could say, that I have finally have closure, but I don't & probably never will. Your passing all happened so fast. I wish it was all just a dream & your home & laying on the bed with me. I have so many happy memories of you & those happy memories are what keeps me going. We looked at pictures of you, that were on a couple of my camera's. I haven't used those camera's, since you went to the Bridge. I still have the big box with all of your items & everything that we found, that you chewed on. You loved to chew on everything. Your bowl that you ate from, along with your favorite Nyla bones, Nyla Bone Keys, your shirt, & your collar, are in a small box with your ashes & paw print & they are all on your favorite pillow on my bed. I still haven't looked at your ashes. I know I will someday, but I'm still not ready. You're at the Rainbow Bridge, with your big brother, Duran & I know he's looking after you & making sure, that your staying out of trouble. I know your healthy now & that's a comfort. Another comfort is knowing, that someday we will be reunited & we will never ever be separated ever again. This makes me happy. You gave me the best 5 years of my life. You will always be in my heart. You are our guardian angel & your looking down at us, smiling. We all love & miss you so much & we will love you 4ever, Our Sweet Little Angel Teddy Bear Yorkie Boy & Mommy's Little Star Shine. 300 million Hugs & 300 million Kisses to you, My Sweet Angel, Riley Jack.

Three years has gone by, since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. It feels so much like it was yesterday. I'm still in so much pain & agony over losing you. It happened all so fast. I wish you had been diagnosed correctly & you still might be with us right now. Riley Jack, you were so special. We have this strong bond. The bond we share will never ever be broken. I know My Sweet Angel, you are watching over me & sending me signs. You are truly my guardian angel. We still light a candle every 12th of the month, in honor of your memory & the light that shined so brightly, when you were here on earth. I don't feel any closure still & I've accepted, that I never will. Riley Jack, you were a loyal & faithful friend. You were always there for me, when I needed you the most. You always stayed with me when I was sick or when I was having a bad day. Riley Jack, you brought so much happiness into my life & you did the funniest things, that made me laugh & still do to this day. I miss being able to hold you, baby you, touch you & kiss you. I miss your sweet kisses. Your barky bark, your growly growl, your sweet sigh & your cute snoring. I miss the bunny hop, that you use to do when you were excited or knew when you being fused over. Your stubby wubby tail use to wag so fast & it always made me laugh. I miss everything about you. I still have your ashes in our bedroom, along with your collar, your t-shirt, your nylabones & your nylabone keys & your favorite red food bowl, that you use to chew on & your footprints. I look at your pictures everyday & smile & cry. I know one day, we will be reunited & never be separated, ever again. It will be such a happy day. I write to you everyday, in your journal & it makes me feel even closer to you. I still wear the heart shaped locket, with your picture inside it. It's close to my heart. I ask you to please say hello to Duran for me & please give him lots of hugs & kisses from me. One more thing, please let me see you in a dream. It's been so long & I miss seeing your sweet face. Please continue to watch over me. You gave me the best, exciting, joyful, happiest, hilarious time of my life. Without you, Riley Jack, I feel like there's always a part of me missing. We love & miss you so much & we will love you 4ever, Our Sweet Little Angel Teddy Bear Yorkie Boy & Mommy's Little Angel Star Shine. 400 Million Hugs & 400 Million Kisses to you, My Sweet Angel Riley Jack.

Four years have gone by, since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. It still feels like it was just yesterday. I still wear the heart locket with the paw print on it & your picture inside. I never take it off. I still & will always grieve for you. I'm still in agony over losing you too soon. Writing to you in your journal every night helps makes me feel even closer to you. You know how hard it is putting my feelings into words, but it is so easy writing to you & I can really open up to you, about anything. I still have all of your clothes & all of your toys in a safe place. I remembered how much you loved the Nylabone boney bones & the Nylabone Keys. You would chew on the boney bones & the keys for hours. I want you to know, how much you saved my life. You brought me so much love, joy, happiness & you brought so much laughter into my life, with your funny antics. I wish, I could hug & kiss you right now. I wish I could see you right now. Everyone in our family loves & misses you. They knew what a difficult day it would be for me & we all spent the day together, talking about their greatest memory of you. I have so many special memories of you. One was when, after you got bath, you would roll around on the towels & run around the house, like a crazy little boy. The second memory is of you trying to steal everyone's food. You would put your two front paws on our hands & bare all your weight down on our hands & try to snatch the food away from us. The third memory of you is seeing how happy & content you were chewing on your Nylabones & your Nylabone Keys. The fourth memory is when one of us would try to get something away from you, you would growly growl & try to attack us. The fifth memory of you is, when you would see something that was on the floor, that either fell on the floor or just on the floor, like a slipper & how you would run away with it & run & hide underneath the bed. The six memory is of you chewing & ripping up paper towels, tissues & other miscellaneous papers. I can still picture you now ripping up a paper towel. Lol. The seventh memory of you is, how you use to bunny hop & wiggle your little butt. It was so darn cute. The eighth memory of you is listening to you snore & thinking how cute it was. The ninth memory of you is hearing your sweet sighs & your barky barks. I miss hearing them both so much. The tenth & final memory of you is, how you would lay with me, when I was sick, not feeling well or not having a good day. You would always stay with me, until I felt better. We had & still have a very strong connection & a strong bond, that will last 4ever & ever. Thank you for allowing me to be your fur mom. I was lucky & blessed with having you in my life. Thank you too, for saving my life. Someday, we will be together again & we will never be separated. We love & miss you 4ever. 500 million Hugs & 500 million kisses to Our Sweet Little Angel Teddy Bear Yorkie Boy Baby & Mommy's Little Star Shine.

Five years ago today, you unexpectedly went to the Rainbow Bridge. I'm still in shock & I'm still in pain & still grieving for you. You brought some much Love, Joy, Happiness & Laughter into our lives. Riley, we had such a strong & unique bond & we will 4ever. I look forward to the day, where we will reunited & never be separated ever again. The day you went to the Bridge, was the saddest day of my life. I miss you always being there for me. You would always lay with me, when I was feeling sick or when I was having a bad day & you would stay with me until I was feeling better. You were so loyal & faithful. You have inspired me to be better person & to enjoy life & laugh often. You use to do the most silliest things. Like, ripping up a paper towel & taking something, that you shouldn't have & running off with the item & then hide underneath the bed. I miss the little wiggle when you walked & ran & that adorable little bunny hop you would do, when you were so happy & excited. Oh & the little furious playful Growly Growl, that always made me smile & laugh. Your Barky Bark, that was unlike no other bark, that I have ever heard. Your Sweet Little Sigh, that made me heart melt & the Cute Little Snoring you would do almost ever night, still makes me laugh, when I think about it. I still cry over you everyday & think about you every single second of the day. I know you have been healthy again for five years now & I wish I could see you run, play & get into some trouble. I know Duran makes sure, that you don't get into too much trouble & Mayou gives you kitty washes everyday. Please hug & kiss Duran, Mayou & Russell for me. You loved Russell & he was always like a big brother to you. Duran was your guardian angel while on earth & I'm so happy he keeps you in line at the Bridge. You always loved Mayou's kitty washes. Towards of the end of Mayou's time on earth, Elvis use to let Mayou kitty wash him. Your best buddy & pal Elvis, has some of your old habits, Lol. However, he's not quite as naughty as you are. He sleeps with us every night now. He's sleeping right beside me as I write this. I still write to you in your journal every single night. I know in my heart, you do read it. I know now, that you are our guardian angel & watching over our family. God Bless You, My Angel. I wish I could kiss & hold you once again. I know someday, that I will be able to do those things, but it's sad, that I can't do those things now. Five years has gone by so fast & I still can't believe your not here on earth. You behave & don't get into too much trouble & always listen to Duran. We Love & Miss your Sweet Little Teddy Bear Baby Boy Face. 600 Million Hugs & 600 Million Kisses. Mommy's Little Star Shine XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

6 years have gone by & it still feels like it was yesterday. I grieve for you still every single day. What hurts the most is that your birthday is only 16 days away & another birthday that you won't be here to celebrate. I know your celebrating at the Rainbow Bridge with Duran, Mayou, Russell & all of your friends. You would have been 11 on the 28th. When you passed away, you were only 4 1/2 years old & too young to go to the Bridge. I know you are my guardian angel & your looking over me & our family. Someday we will be together again & never be separated again. I think about you every single second of the day. I love & miss you every single day. I will love you 4ever My Sweet Little Angel Teddy Bear Baby Yorkie Boy. 700 Million Hugs & 700 Kisses to you.

I can't beleive it's been 7 years since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. This year has been the second most difficult year of my life. The first was 2011, when you went to the Rainbow Briidge unexpectedly. I had a health scare & hopefully the medication will continue to work. Your grandma got hurt right after your Rainbow Bridge Anniversary last year. She went to one hospital & then to rehab . Then got sick in rehab, not once, but twice. Both times she went to a hospital that I wouldn't send anyone or our fur kids to. The second time she went to this hospital, I begged the Paramedics to send her to another hospital. They didn't, because your grandma stopped breathing & they took her to the closest hospital. She was starting to improve & a day later, the hospital made a grave error & because of that error, she had to have surgery. That surgery was too much for your grandma & by January 1st, 2018, she was gone. If the hospital wouldn't have made that grave error, then she never would have had that surgery & she might be alive today. I promised your grandma, that I would pursue legal action & we are still trying to. She loved you so much. I know your grandma is with you now & she probably told you what happened to her. 9 months later & it feels like yesterday. It feels like yesterday, when I lost you too. Both of your passings, were both unexpected. Next year, I don't know where we will be. Times are tough & you never know what's going to happen. Please my Sweet Little Angel Teddy Bear, watch over us & pray for us. You are our Little Guardian Angel. God Bless You. I love & miss you every single second of everyday. I will love you 4ever My Sweet Little Angel Teddy Bear Baby Yorkie Boy. 800 Million Hugs & 800 Kisses to you.

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