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Memories of Riley
Riley belonged to my mother, dad, and I (Gabriella, Donn, and Adri). From the moment you were born till the day you left us, Riley you always remained a puppy inside. You always wanted to play no matter what time of day it was, even swim.. anytime of the day it wouldn't matter you would be in the pool swimming because that was your favorite thing to do.. You were not only a blessing to us but also the best gift anyone could ever have given us. You took care of the pact and especially Bo your brother, you always made sure everyone was okay. You're the most innocent soul who just wanted attention and love. You would be the one who would fall asleep with a toy in your mouth and catch tennis balls while we played tennis... You and Bo were the "Escape artists" and would go swimming in other peoples pools.. or even go play with the horses down the street.. just as long as you were free to play. Now i know you're free to play all you want at Rainbow bridge and there isn't a moment where your family is not thinking of you.. You went to soon and we will all miss you so much.. This is going to be extremely hard to overcome, not that we ever truly will. I believe this is the hardest thing to experience. You won't be waking up mommy anymore with your sweet kisses to let you out in the mornings.. mommy is taking this the hardest and she wants you to know she loves you with all her heart.. She wants you to know she will ALWAYS be thinking of you sweet boy and hopes you aren't mad at her. I told her there was nothing she could do when you got that heat stroke.. But she thinks you are mad at her and i keep telling her if anything you're watching over her with all your love without any anger. It's really hard for her Ri.. If you could come to her and let her know how much you love her she will be so happy, even though she already knows that in her heart. Do you remember when you came home the first week and we all called you Lil Buddy? Well you are still our little buddy and we will NEVER forget you.. It seems as each day gets harder and harder without you by our side.. sitting in the usual spots around the house just waiting to play or get a treat.. Thank you so much for being the light in our lives.. & thank you so much Riley for waiting to say goodbye to me when I last saw you.. I told you everything was going to be okay and you were going to get better but god had other plans in store that day and i respect that. I respect that you at least waited for me to come to you so that in your eyes, you could say goodbye. Thank you for trying to fight so hard to stay alive.. The best thing is that you are not in pain anymore.

My Darling "GOLDEN BOY" Riley
Mommy misses you so much.. It hurts.. You were such a good good sweet innocent soul. You loved unconditionally no matter what.. You are so terribly missed, Lincoln knows what has happened & Bo is looking for you very somberly.. The pool is waiting for you.. we are going to find you somehow.. Mommy is so terribly sorry. I cry all the time.. You were our BELOVED GOLDEN BOY... Riley my boy.. I love & miss you so much.. I miss you licking my feet every single night before bed.. I miss watching you like your paws & fall aslep during mid lick.. With your tongue hanging out.. Your beautiful GOLD eyes looking at me.. Mommy lets go play.. Lets go swimming.. You always listened & were such a good boy.. All you ever wanter to is play & swim.. You were such a sweet in innocent soul.. You just wanted to play all the time..No matter what time of day/ night it was.. I miss & love you every day all the time.. It's been 6 days now since I took you on that untimely walk.. I will never forget the look in your eyes.. You seemed ok. Like it was ok.. You hardly cried.. When you collapsed, you looked at me like you were thinking how sorry you were that you couldn't finish the walk.. You just kept pulling me wanting to back to the car so you could go swimming & your body couldn't make it anymore.. I'M SO SORRY MY GOLDEN BOY... I'M SOO VERY SORRY.. My intuition was talking to me from the moment I woke up Last Sunday Aug. 15th 2010.. Wish you were still here buddy .. WE ALL MISS YOU SO MUCH IT ACHES.. WALK WITH THE ANGELS MY BELVED GOLDEN ANGEL.. GO W/ THE LORD IN PEACE MY RILEY MY BOY.. ALL MY ETERNAL LOVE FOR ALL ETERNITY... Love, Mommy & your brothers , & sis Shelby. & papa.. xoox WE MISS YOU SOOO MUCH MY BOY.. XOXO

Dearest Riley my Boy,
Today is Sunday Aug.22 2010
It's been 1 week since our walk around the lake & you collapsed on our walk back to the car, Mommy rushed you as fast as I could to the Pet ER to save your life. God just had others plans I guess. It's difficult to understand why life is snatched away from us, but for some reason God needed you my boy.. I hope your playing & running & swimming with the angels. If that was you that fixed the air conditioner in the GREAT ROOM, Thank you so much Riley my boy. I know that you fixed it so you will NEVER have to get overheated EVER AGAIN.. I'm so sorry for what happened to you. I miss EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU MY SILLY GOLDEN BOY.. The pool is not the same .SHELBY IS LOOKING FOR YOU LIKE CRAZY. Every time I squeeze your octopus or say your name, Shelby comes running looking for you. She is so sad w/o her brother here.. We all are Riley my boy.. Please know how much you are loved now and for all eternity.. Thank you for ALL the LOVE you have given me. All the loyalty & EVERYTHING YOU GAVE ME WAS JUST A BLESSING EVERY SINGLE DAY MY BEAUTIFUL BOY.. YOU STILL ARE A BLESSING Riley My Boy.. You are an amazing blessing We shall NEVER EVER EVER FORGET..
R.I.P. My beloved Golden Boy Riley.. God be with you..
All my Eternal Love forever & always my beautiful boy..
I love n miss you so much.. Love Mommy.. xoxo :'(

Good Morning Riley my Boy,
It's Aug. 23,2010
I miss you so much my beloved GOLDEN ALGEL. I mis you like crazy. I just wanted to stop in and let you know I'm thinking of you everyday all the time. Lincoln & Bo are very lonely. They miss you very much. Sleby is looking for you. I'm not crying as much as I was last week, although still very sad w/o my outgoing pain in the ass Golden boy.. You were the one in the bunch that ALWAYS had a toy or TOY'S in your mouth. You would swim in the pool and pull daddy and me around the pool w/ your tail while gathering all the toys you could possibly fit in your mouth.. I MISS THAT SO VERY MUCH & SO DOES PAPA.. I hope your playing & having fun Riley my boy..
I love and miss you Terribly..
Always- Mommy.. xoxo

August 24, 2010 5:13 p.m
Hi my Riley it's Adri, exactly a week ago i was lying right next to you petting you softly while looking in your sweet eyes letting you know that everything was going to be okay.. you seemed to have comfort in what i was saying.. I am so glad i had got to say goodbye even though when i was there with you, your death was not expected. I'm glad you went fast so you wouldn't have to bare any pain.. you went to Rainbow bridge that day and realized what bliss meant. I hope you come in mine and your other mommys dreams because we love and miss you SO much it is unbearable.. We are always thinking of you as well as the other dogs.. you're always going to be home here with us, never forget that. You were an amazing and great pet that is too good to be lost. I'm coming to an understanding now of your passing and i hope you are always going to be with us because were always going to be with you Ri, just like i was when you left..
Love and miss you, your Adri <3

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