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Memories of RIGGINS
My dearest Rigs:
From the first day I took you home at 8 weeks, the kisses began and never ended. You can never be replaced in my heart and I will never forget you. I know Dottie was waiting at the "Bridge" for you today so you and he can be together again with carefree and painless days you so deserve.
Although our hearts are breaking here, we are comforted in knowing you are at peace.
We all loved you so much Rigs,
Mama, Daddy, Meg, Holly, Jo, Nana, Uncle Boo, Mike, Jon,
Michele, Jule, Glen, Bella.

Dear Rigs:
I am so sad and am lost without my best friend. I will never
forget when I was just a pup and you let me bite on your jowls!!! WOW so many marks....sorry :(
Thanks for showing me the ropes around here. Mama told me that
you have a very special friend with you now and his name is
Dottie. One day we can all play together, but I know i won't see you for a while. I hope you have so much fun over the Bridge. I will keep you posted. These cats are a pain in the a**, tee hee. I'll fill you in, but in the meantime everyone is
so bummed around here without you.
Thank you for being such a great big (and I mean big) brother!!!

Dear Rigs:

Just wanted to introduce myself!!! My name is KIRBY, and as you can probably see even from way up there....I am a big boy just like you were. I am 10 months old and about 100 pounds. I am half
pitbull and the other half, well??? a lil of this and a lil of that...Don't I look just like Petey
from the Lil Rascals???? I was a lucky guy to have been rescued when I was still in my Mom's belly. When Mama adopted me, I was 7 weeks old and had 8 other brothers and sisters. I like my sis Holly but I don't think she likes that I am now bigger/stronger AND faster, haha....Sometimes i
let her THINK she wins, lol, but you and I know better, tee hee. I hope you are hanging out with
Dottie today. He may be alittle sad because it was 3 years ago today that he left Mama for the Rainbow Bridge. I am sure I will go there too but not for a long, long time!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS RIGSY XO Mama sure misses you!!!!

Mama, Daddy, Meg, Holly and Kirby

Dear Rigs:

I still miss you so much, and i hope you are out of pain and playing with Dottie.
Kirby and Holly are doing great, although Kirby is still a lil stinker to Holly....he is much
bigger, but he really is like a big baby. I am glad that they were both rescued and given a
great home.
Merry Christmas Rigs, i love and miss you so much!!!

My Dear Rigs:

It is two years ago you had to leave us....I never stop missing you and your unconditional love.
My lil boxer man.....Kirby and Holly are doing great, and i love that we rescued them...One day
many years from now you will be able to meet them!! I know you and Dottie are lazing in the sun
and relaxing....
Miss you everyday...

My Dear Rigs:

I miss you so much...Things are just not the same without you and Dottie!!! You will always be special...
Kirby and Holly are doing great and getting along just fine; unless there is a rawhide involved, lol. We now have a new cat Meg rescued and his name is James..Quite the character...I know you and Dottie were so good with the cats, and they would just lay on the bed with you...no problems...Jo is getting up there in age and has no tolerance for active James....
Well, you enjoy a beautiful day...you are always with me...I love and miss you so much my lil man.


Dear Rigs: Can't believe it's been 9 years since you left! I think of you so many times and still miss you very much....I hope you are happy and having great days with Dottie and Jo. I bet you met a lot of new friends too. A lot has changed here...we now stay in Fla for a while during the year, and we rescued a little fur baby called BOO...She is a blue heeler and you would love her......Soon she will be meeting Kirby and Holly!!! fingers crossed. I I keep a little piece of you and Dottie and Jo with me always....Still miss you and i hope when the day comes you will be there waiting for me at the Bridge! Love and kisses, Mama and Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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