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Memories of Ricky
While Ricky's daddy was walking on the trail he rescued him from being hurt by two very mean old ladies. He was only 6 months old and weighed 6 lbs. His Daddy brought him home and we took him to the vet that afternoon. We were told that he was a very nice kitty.....so he became our baby. He ate the best food the vet had and grew to be a 16 lb beautiful boy. He joined his sisters LucyBall and Ethel. Ethel and Ricky immediately became best friends. We have many videos of them playing and just being best friends....and tons of photos!!!

He also had other sisters and brothers. His fur/featherkids were Norby (a one-lb. parrot that talks), Ginger & Fred (furkitties) & SammyJo & Doc (furkitties). He was blessed with three older people family.....Jake (who has Norby), Julie (who has Ginger & Fred) and Renee (who has SammyJo & Doc). Julie & Renee are identical twins and I am sure he was confused on who was who???

Ricky was a very happy little boy to have been rescused and adopted into a nice home with lots of cats to play with. I called him "My Little Spotted Cow" because of the markings on his one side. His tail had a 1" white tip and his pawpaws were all pink on the bottom. Actually Ricky was mostly white with black markings.

He passed on May 27, 2008, being ONLY 2-1/2 years old. He was MUCH too young to have been taken from us and we will never get over the fact that possibly we could have done more by taking him to another vet. We can't go back....just forward and do better for our other furbabies!

Ricky Ricardo Boesch, we miss you every day!
You are in our hearts and prayers every day!
Love, Mom & Dad

3/27/2011 Ricky...today is your big sister LucyBall's 9th birthday. Mommy has baked her a cake but we are counting on you to show her a very Happy Birthday on the Rainbow Bridge!!! Love, Mom & Dad

5/27/2011 Our Precious Precious Ricky...it's been 3 long years since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you so much every day but we hope and pray you found your big sister LucyBall are are playing and having "Kitty Fun" on the Rainbow Bridge. We think and talk about you and the cute little things you did every day and miss you so much! LOTS OF LOVE AND KISSES FROM MOM & DAD..........STAY HAPPY MY PRECIOUS RICKY!!!

7/31/2011 My Precious Ricky....Today is your new sister ELLIE SUZANNE (Jelly Bean)'s 4th Birthday. I know you don't know her...we adopted her after you went to the Rainbow Bridge. We call her our "Heart Healer"....which she has done for us since you left. You and Ellie would totally be best friends like you and Ethel. We are having a birthday party today with your big brother Jake and sisters Julie and Renee. Remember playing with Julie on the dining room table with her long hair??? I have a video and I play it a lot. I also play the video with you playing with Ethel in the hall. Your Daddy and I miss you sooooo much every day of our lives. I will be lighting 2 candles today for you and LucyBall. Find Lucy today and have a piece of Ellie's birthday cake and celebrate her 4 years of being our precious little girl like you were our precious little boy!!!!! WE LOVE YOU LOTS AND MISS YOU SO MUCH! PLAY WITH LUCYBALL TODAY AND HAVE FUN! OK???? ......... LOVE, MOM & DAD

12/18/2011 MY PRECIOUS LITTLE RICKY RICARDO......TODAY IS YOUR "BEST FRIEND" ETHEL'S 7TH BIRTHDAY. SHE STILL MISSES YOU SO VERY MUCH. YOU ARE HER BEST FRIEND AND ALWAYS WILL BE. We are celebrating today with cake and candles for your big people Brother Jake's 40th birthday and Ethel's 7th. You go to your and Lucy's cake with the candle this afternoon and blow out the candle to celebrate with us....OK? WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH. I have videos of you playing with Ethel in the hall and I look at them a lot...also the one when you were playing with your big people sister Julie's hair on the dining room table.

5/27/2013 HI MY LITTLE "SPOTTED COW" KITTY!!! We miss you so very much! It has been 5 long years today since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I know you are with your older sister LucyBall and that makes Mommy happy. Ethel Lee still misses you lots! Our little "heart healer" EllieSuzanne (JellyBean) tries everyday to make us happy from loosing you. One of her favorite spots in the whole huge house is right under the curio cabinet where you and LucyBall are. I know she knows that you sent her to us. Your Daddy and Mommy are so very happy that you are still with us and always will be until we come to find you some day!!!
We miss you so very much and hope you are happy with your big sister Lucy! I hope you both play on the Rainbow Bridge everyday together!!!
Your big brother Jake, twin sisters Julie and Renee talk about you a lot!!! Your Parrot & Kitty Family: Norby, Fred, Ginger, Doc and SammyJo say HI!!!

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