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Memories of Rhiannon
10/23/05: Mamas, you always were and will always be the light and love of our lives. You were a special little girl that showed us what real love is. We can not even begin to say all you did for us and we look forward to seeing you again.

10/24/05 We miss you and love you and think of you every day. Last night your Daddy thought he heard you playing in the pair of shorts he would put on the carpet for you. I thought I heard you snoring and dreamt that you gave me kisses. There are no words to describe the love we have for you and we will live good lives because we want to see you again soon and forever.

10-25-05 Missed you even more today. I keep waiting for you to come tell me it's time for a ride and dinner. I hope you are happy and having fun being outside all the time. Always know that your Momma and Daddy love you so much.

Sing golden birds
bring ease to troubled souls.
Sing of Rhiannon
Great Queen of old.
Carry my burden.
Ease my woes.
Heal me with laughter.
Bring crisis to close.
A cycle in yourself
You guide my life steps.
Mother of fertility and death
You bring peace.
Sweet song of Rhiannon
comfort my soul.
Ease grief and self-doubt
make my heart whole.

11/14/05 Mamas, we still miss you more than ever and love you always and forever. There are no words ever written or spoken that can express what we feel for you. You still have your water bowls and teddy and when you come get Mama, she will have them for you. We can only find comfort in knowing you are no longer in pain and we want to see you again. We will have patience and pray for that day. You can never be replaced my love. You are the prefect angel we always dreamed of. Love Mama and Daddy.

1/21/06 We still miss you baby girl. We have a little sister for you. Her name is Bella-Rhi Sapphire. We named her in tribute to you as you were our beautiful Rhiannon. She is a handful but very loving. She thinks your Daddy is God and gives him so many kisses like you gave to me. You were Mama's Girl and when I go you will be with me. Now we have little Bell to go with your Daddy and when we are all together, we will have the best time ever. We miss you so much and you will always be our baby girl.

6/11/06 Mamas we still miss you and think of you every day. Little Bella-Rhi did fish out of water for me yesterday and I know you must have whispered in her ear to do it for me. Little Bell is very funny and loving and it makes me miss you more sometimes especially when she does something that you use to do. We love you Rhiannon and miss you so much. Daddy and I talk about you all the time and look at your pictures. We love you and we are waiting for the day we get to see you again.

09/17/06 Miss you bunches Sweetpea. Think of you every day. Your little sister was 1 yr. old yesterday.

10/13/06 It has been one year and it seems like yesterday and a million years rolled into one since you were with us. We think of you everyday and miss you so much. You still are the love and light of our lives. We remembered your Birthday too on the 4th and it made me sad to be witout you. I know one day we will be together again. You are and always will be our special little girl. Love you so much! Mom and Dad

9/24/07 Hi Baby Girl. We are still sad without you and your little sister looks at the big picture we have of you over the fire place. She just turned 2 years old last week. Your Birthday is coming up too and you are always and forever will be on our minds and in our hearts. We miss you!! Love Mom and Dad

10/13/08 Hi Little Girl, today is the 3rd year for you at rainbows bridge. I hope you are having a wonderful time there. We still miss you and wait for the day we will be together. You have made us better people and we love you.

10/13/2011 Hi Mamas. We still miss you very much and we look at your picture every day. We remembered you on your Birthday too a few days ago. I hope you are still good at Rainbows bridge and waiting for us to pick you up one day. I wish I could see you now. Love you so much and you are still the light of our lives.

10/13/2013 Hi Baby Girl. We still miss you very much and look at your picture every day. We hope you are still good at Rainbows Bridge. You will always be our special baby. Love you, Mom and Dad.

4/27/15 Hi Mamas. We still miss you and think of you. Your light will never fade. Love you always! Mom and Dad.

10/5/15 Hi Mamas. You have your little sister to look out for now. She left us to be with you on your Birthday. Please wait for us and play well together. Love you always.

10/15/15 Hi my girlie girl. Miss you a lot and just wanted you to know I spoke to your first Daddy, Todd yesterday. We talked about how magnificent you were and we laughed at all the great memories of you. It is hard to believe it has been 10 years since I saw you. I will always love you and please take care of your little sister. She is shy but she is very smart and you will always be the Alpha even if you are smaller in size. Love you my baby. Momma

1/9/16 Miss you my baby. Your new little sister looks a lot like you. I just hope she is half has good as were to us. I hope you and Bell are playing well together and I hope to see you both again so we can run and play and we can hug and kiss. Love you always!!

10/4/16 My beautiful girl! Happy Birthday Mamas! We love you and miss you every day. We send hugs and kisses every day to you and we hope that God is delivering these to you so you know you are loved and missed. Until we see each other again, love you always, Momma and Daddy.

10/5/16 Mamas, sending you a mirror today because I was thinking of the day you were looking at yourself in the mirror and growling at yourself and making us laugh so hard. You were the cutest thing ever. Love you always. Momma.

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