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Memories of Rexie
You had a good deep bark. You're really smart. You loved hanging out w me and I loved having u around. Car rides. Walks. Dog park. Eggs. It took me 9 months to eat eggs after u left. And I don't really walk anymore. I am gonna have to change that and get healthy again. Not the same without u. Just sitting in the grass w u was awesome. I loved how u liked to hang out but also needed ur own space. I liked when u got excited and squeaked ur toy. I like how u had to eat ur food when we came home. And how u would steel a dirty sock when u got tired. I liked when u came up to me when u needed out. I loved just talking to u, even though u couldn't understand me. And I know that u r in heaven having a great time. And I also know that u check up on Teddy and I. I wish that u were still here. I think about u every single day. Hard to hang out on earth without my best buddy by my side. Until we meet again Handsome. I love u Always. Angel Dogs!!!

Hey Buddy. Today was a better day. Having that big cry yesterday really helped. And I am glad that at least I can feel like I am talking to u. Even if it is virtual. Be good. Give God a hug for me. And make sure that u bother Georgia and Rex. Also my grandparents. I am glad ur looking after things up there. I love u my handsome.

Hi Buddy. Today I am going to get rid of ur dry food. I feel like it's time. I feel like that is one thing that can go. I still have ur whole box of toys and ur blanket. Sometimes I sleep w one of ur stuffed dogs just so that I can smell u. I can't believe that ur not here. I miss u so much. I know that ur in heaven and doing just fine. It's the separation that hurts. I have started walking a little bit. I walked Rita and Dunkin the other day. But they r just not u. I guess this hurt is the equivalent of the love we have for each other. Be a good boy. Keep bothering my grandparents and Georgia and Rex. Ur the best. For real. I will never ever forget u and I love u ALWAYS. Julie.

Hi my Handsome. On Tuesday it will be one year since u passed. I miss u so much. I think about u all of the time. Everyone keeps asking me
why I won't get rid of ur dog treat in the car. I say because I miss u. I think some people might think that I am a little nuts. Holding onto pieces of u. And they ask if I will get another dog. Some have even said that can cure me some how. But I don't want another dog. I want u. I look forward to seeing u again someday. I am making some studies for a painting of u and I meeting in heaven. And we fly off. Me w u in my arms. U smiling like u do. I love u. I hope that I can get thru next wk ok. Maybe everything will work out. Either way. It's ok to really miss ur dog. Because ur more than just a dog. U are one of the great loves of my life. U are one of the best friends that I have ever had. And who cares if people think that I am nuts. At least we got to experience true love together. See u around my handsome man. Be good. Julie

Today is the last day that we spent together. I took u to visit my dad. We went for a car ride and ate Burger King in the park. When it cooled off, we walked w Sarah, Rita and Duncan. U loved walking w them. We were both good and tired out by the time that we got home. Our last day. I hope that it was a good one for u. It sure was for me. I miss u so much Rexie. My heart is heavy. I am sad, angry, depressed, despondent. I don't feel like I care about much today. At least it's cooler this yr. last year was just way too hot. It comforts me that the weather is different on the last day we spent together. Today it is raining and cooler. The wind is whipping. I guess this matches my mood. I wish that u were here. I wish that I could see u. Hear u. Touch u. Smell u. Laugh at ur silly antics. How am I going to get thru this buddy? I need u.

Hi there buddy. Teddy and I made it thru ur one year of not being here. Now we just need to get thru ur birthday on the 24th. U would b turning 7 this year. Ur awesome. Teddy keeps having dreams about u. I wish that I did. Anyway. Stay cool my Handsome man. I love u.

It's almost the 4th of July. U would hate it. I miss u so much.

Hi my Handsome Rexie,
I just wanted to take a moment to say hi and that I miss and love u so much. Summer is almost over and we can enjoy the cooler weather together. Stay hip my friend. And give Georgia a big hug for me.

5-21-18 Hi my handsome man. I still miss u so much. This year has been better. I did hurt my knee but I lost 11 pounds because of it. I know that I prob should not have taken u on so many walks w ur hip. I didn't realize that it hurt u so bad. I am sorry buddy. Please forgive me. I would do anything to just see u, touch u, hear u. Ur the best. Still the best. Always. I love u sooooo much. Give grandma and gramps a big lick on the face from me. Cuddle Georgia up. She is crazy about u. Love u buddy. Julie.

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