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Memories of Rex
3/13/08~~My sweet,gentle Rex-Mommy is terribly heartbroken over losing you. You had your illness for a year & was doing so well handling it until last saturday, the 8th of March. I don't know what went wrong so suddenly & you were in distress & had to be put to sleep. Mommy talked to you constantly & held you while the sedation was calming you down before the final meds that took you from me..I will never forget how calm you were and was looking at Mommy when I told you how much I loved you & what a good boy you had been for 14 yrs.You have left an empty spot in the house & a very big hole in my heart.You always followed me around & layed right beside me wherever I was in the house or the yard.I have cried a million tears over losing you but you are not suffering anymore & for that I am thankful.I am sure your little poodle brother that went to the bridge just 7 months ago was so happy to see his Rex..Now, the two of you can play together again & cuddle up beside each other to sleep like you always did with him.Your german sheperd brother, Maverick is having a difficult time grieving & looking for you sweet baby. He is taking your tennis balls out of the basket & putting them on the floor in the den and laying beside them as if he thinks you might come back & get them.That is breaking my heart even more.He is sleeping on your bed now at night-you boys were together for many years & he misses you as well..Watch over little Killer my sweet Rex. I hope you come to me in a dream soon to let Mommy know you are happy at the bridge.Goodnight sweet Rex until Mommy sees you again someday.We love & miss you so much.Hugs & kisses sweet baby..

3/29/08~~It's been 3 weeks today since you left me Rex..I miss you terribly. Your german sheperd brother, Maverick is not doing well still since you left for Rainbow Bridge. He still looks for you, he rarely even wags his tail-he is just unhappy & missing you. I hope you are having fun with little Killer again & all your new friends at the bridge. Send Mommy a sign soon to let me know you are doing ok-just like Killer did the day he left me.Watch over little Killer.Mommy loves you sweet Rex..hugs & kisses

4/13/08~~My sweet Rex,it has been 5 weeks now since you left for Rainbow Bridge.I am still so sad with you not here..Maverick is on pain pills now,the same ones you were on for being old & having joint problems.He is still not doing so well.I have to force him to go outside & he was always eager to go outside with you.He still misses you-I can see that in his strange behaviour since you left.Your new poodle puppy brother "Gizzmo" is doing well.He was with you such a short time before you left but he sure had fun climbing on you and pulling your tail.You were so good with him.You have left such an empty hole in my heart Rex that I don't feel will ever heal..I miss you so much.Hope you are having fun & looking out for Killer.I know he is enjoying snuggling up sleeping beside you once again.I love you sweet Rex..Hugs & kisses from Mommy..

6/21/08~~Hello sweet baby..It has been just over 3 months now since you left..You have been on my mind a lot lately..I think about you everyday..I miss you terrribly & so does Maverick..Maverick is having some health problems now & having testing done.Things are not the same here without you.Maverick has not really come around & not acting very happy anymore..You sure are a special fur baby Rex-so tolerant of other animals & people.You were one of a kind & will always hold a special place in Mommy's heart..Give Killer a big, sloppy kiss for me.I know the 2 of you are having fun running & playing in the meadows at Rainbow Bridge.I know Killer feels so good knowing his big brother gets to snuggle with him at night again..Hugs & Kisses from Mommy my beautiful Rex..

10/23/08~~Hello sweet Rex-thinking of you a lot lately. I hope you are having fun at the bridge with your furry friends chasing all the ghosts & goblins this Halloween..Mommy loves & misses you my sweet baby..Hugs & kisses from Mommy

3/8/09~~Rex it has been a year ago today that you left for Rainbow Bridge..I still miss you terribly sweet one. You will forever be in my heart always. Mommy loves you..

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