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It's been three months. a few nights after I lost you, I swore I saw you standing in the hall of our house. I just wanted to tell you, you have a new brother, his name is Zander, He is a sweet boy, but he will never replace you. I think of you often, and say hi when I am by your resting place. Sleep, the sleep of angels, little boy. Your Human Frank.

Renegade Bowden

Renegade came to live with us when he was 3 years old. He wasn't especially excited about moving from his other people, who couldn't keep him any longer. However, after he was with us for a week his sunny loving personality began to emerge. Renegade started to show us he wanted rides around the house on my husband's shoulder by standing on his hind feet and raising his front feet to be carried. After that, especially in his younger years, Ren preferred this way of locomotion around the house. Ren also began to ask for attention by nips on my husband's angle, and always following him around the house to supervise any home projects. He inspected the counter where my husband repaired computers before it was finished. After that when anything was built or repaired, Ren helped. Ren played with his sisters often and would tussle with them sometimes winning, and sometimes letting the girls having their way. Ren loved other kinds of play as well, and was always finding some water to dip his paws in. On two occasions, he was rescued from the swimming pool which had enticed him. Ren often ate people food, and was a chicken thief who ate 3 chicken breasts because his human left them unattended after they were cooked. Ren also liked ice cream, mashed potatoes, and tuna among other things.

When the humans traveled, Ren was cared for by Nancy, a family friend, who he always loved as much his home humans. Ren also wanted to go with his humans, and was found keeping track of the suit cases when they were gotten out for packing. Jackets, computer bags, and purses were not above notice, and he always took ownership of any of these that came in to his home. He liked to sleep on the dishwasher while it was working, and on clothes in the dryer. When Ren got older, he would wait for a good opportunity to get out of the front door to wait for his human, Frank, to come home from work. Ren would become anxious if he wasn't out on the sidewalk waiting by 2:30. Once he got on the motor cycle to ride to work with Frank. Ren also liked to go places in the truck and hummer, and carved himself out a special warm comfy place on the dash so he could be part of any trip.

As Ren got older, he developed a heart murmur that steadily worsened, along with thyroid trouble. Ren Crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 10, 2016. He was 14 years old. Ren, we know you will give the spirit world a lot of affection and love, just as you gave them to us. We send you our love and best wishes in the hereafter. Bye Bye little boy, you love of life and affectionate ways will live on in our hearts.

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