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Memories of Remington
Mr. Rem, I awoke this morning, July 6, 2017 for the first day that you were not here waiting for me. The room and was quiet and empty in a way I never before experienced. My heart was filled with pain. For the first time, I was truly alone in the early, soft light of the morning. Your dish sits empty, no longer needed. Your box of milk bones, nearly empty save for a few remaining that will never be enjoyed again by you. No soft head to stroke, no soft ears to gently touch, no beautiful paw to hold and pet briefly before I leave to begin my day.

There will be many more memories that flood back suddenly, triggered by the smallest of things, and tears will come in remembrance of you, Remy, our beautiful, handsome, precious friend and companion. Few people are privileged to have had a pet so perfect, so truly beautiful and so loving and forgiving as you. You were our joy from the moment we met you as a fluff-ball of a puppy until that final "good-bye" when we walked out the door 15 years later. You simply cannot and will never be replaced, for God made only one Remington, and we thank Him for letting us borrow you and love you for over 15 years.

And, we are eternally sorry that we were not here to hold you as you passed away, and pray that you knew at the very end we were with you in our hearts. We know you heard our voices and your eyes opened and your ears perked when we said our final "We love you, Remy" over the phone. We know you tried to wait for our return...you knew we always came home to you...but understand that you simply hadn't the strength or desire to hold on any longer. We forgive you and pray you forgive us.

We will see you again in a few years, but until then, be safe and happy and free of pain and illness...one day Mom and I will come for you so we can cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Goodbye, our precious, beautiful boy. Rest comfortably until we come to find you. And we will come for you...we promise.

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