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Memories of Remington (Remy)
My beautiful little boy - it's a tough day again today, but I know you are with Dali & Max and not in pain or confused anymore. Losing all 3 of you in less than a year is really taking its toll on me - thank goodness we still have Maddie. I pray God doesn't decide He needs her, too! This memorial isn't the way I want, but I'll have to work on it later. Give my love to Dali & Max and I'll ttyl. xxoo

My darling boy - I miss you so much! I have received so many wonderful notes & cards - I wish they all had had the opportunity to meet you - you brought so much joy to our lives. Maddie seems to be adjusting pretty well to being an only dog - I'm surprised since she really raised you like you were her own! We put most of your toys in a box and are storing them - maybe someday we'll have another puppy as nuts about toys as you were - our 'toy boy'! I'm going to start building a photo album of you here - then others can enjoy what a beauty you were! I love you my Chunker - love to Dali & Max with hugs & kisses to all. - Mom

Hello my little love - this will not be a long note - just one to tell you how very much I love you and how terribly I miss you. I know it is supposed to get easier each day, but it just doesn't seem to. I know you are always with me - though I wish I could put my arms around your big fuzzy neck and hold you. Christmas was tough without you and Max, just as it had been last year without Dali. And, tomorrow is your birthday, so I know it will be a really sad day for me. Dad is doing well - just busy with work. And, Maddie is doing good, too. We have another cat now - I adopted the young female that used to wander over here all the time - she is very sweet (unlike Noelle!) and very quiet. Like you, she loves her toys! Well, darling, I need to go visit Dali and Max, so I will close for now - I'll try to write more often now that the holidays are over - some days it is just too painful though. I love you my baby - Mom xxooxxoo


Hello my sweet little boy - I know it has been so long since I wrote to you - it is still so painful to not be able to hold you & kiss you, so I'm sorry I have not been very good at "talking" to you this way. You do know how much I love you and how I do talk to you through my thoughts constantly though. Noelle disappeared 2 wks ago and I'm broken-hearted, but I just pray every day that someone convinced her to go home with them and that she is in a really good home. You know she never did like Torie and now that we have the new puppies, she didn't seem that happy at all. Yes, we have 2 new pups - Ranger is a Flat-coat like your Maddie was and Maverick is a Golden like you. In fact, Maverick's great-grandfather is your father. I wanted so much to have another boy from your line and he is the spitting image of you when you were that age. Yes, I know he is not you and has his own personality, but he does remind me in a lot of ways of you - even down to the bitey-boy routine! : ) But, he does love the water so that part is really opposite, isn't it? I have to close for now, my love, give my love to Max, Maddie, and Dali and Cody & Beau if you've met them now. You are always on my mind, my big beauty, and I love you so very much! - Mom xxoo

My darling Remy - how r u, my love? Yes, I do still miss you terribly. Maverick has developed to look just like you, but he certainly doesn't have the same personality - he is very much a taker rather than a giver as you were. He is a Mama's boy like you were, but a rather stubborn one. Of course, I didn't really expect him to be your clone - there can never be another REMY! I hope you are having a good time with no pain and that Dali, Max, & Maddie are with you & guiding you along as they did here on Earth. I just wanted to say I love you and never stop missing you! Stay sweet, my love! - Mom xxooxxoo

Our darling little boy - well it is the 2 - year anniversary and it seems like it was just yesterday! I've tried to not think about it today, but I didn't succeed at that either. I want so much to write to you more often, but I can't stop the tears when I do write, so I don't. I'm so sorry for that, my boy, but with the 2 pups to take care of I'm still pretty busy. It doesn't mean I am not thinking of you for that never stops. I hope you always know that Mom loves you dearly (as does Daddy) and misses you terribly! Please share our love with Dali, Max, and Maddie plus Tasha and Cody and Beau - we will see you all one day. You are alwasy on my mind, my sweet little boy! Mom xxooxxoo

Good morning my l'il boy - you know I can't look at Maverick without thinking of you - guess it's just because of the blood relationship cuz he certainly doesn't really look like you and definitely doesn't have your personality. I miss your sweetness so much, your fondness for all your babies and the way you would amass them around you and clean them all and get upset if any of the others tried to destroy any of them - such a caring nature! I just wanted to let you know that I think about you every day and miss you still so very much and love you as I always will! Love, Mom xxoo

Hello my love ... I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and still missing you terribly! Mavey looks like you, but he's not you and I do know that - I try so hard not to compare him to you, but sometimes fail miserably at that. Give my love to your "brother & sisters" and lots of hugs & kisses to you and them. Run free & play & enjoy - I'm so glad you are not in pain any more - I love you my "chunker B"!!!! xoxoxoxo

Hello my precious angel - today marks the 5th anniversary of you leaving & the pain just never gets any less although it's not as constant as it was. But, knowing you are not in pain anymore & hoping you are watching over us helps some - how I wish I could hold you in my arms once again & watch you play in the yard, but I know you are playing with Dali still & Maddie & Max is watching over all of you. I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you & missing you so much & loving you so completely! Love you to pieces, baby - Mom xoxox

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