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Memories of Remington (Remy) Patrick Burke
My Baby Bear, I'm so sorry that I had to let you go today. I wish that I'd had a magic wand to cure you, and restore you to health.
I will miss your kisses, your singing with me, and your Tasmanian devil routine.
I will miss the way that you always nosed open everyone's front door, looking for treats. Your place on the couch is empty now, your bed beside mine lays vacant now, forlorn. I will miss you in the garden, lounging in the Sun, a true California Dog.
Dance in the sunlight of forever now, and know that in my heart, I'm dancing with you. Give Jake some of your strength and wild spirit, he will need them now that you're gone. Blow angel kisses to me, and know that I did not want you to go, even though I know that it was time. I think you tried to tell me that all last week-you went to the car every time we went out.
I'll always remember those summer evenings on the grass at Knoll Top Ct. We sat there, you and I, watching everyone go by. We were later joined by Jake, The lab, and Dewey, the cat. What a sight we must have made-sitting side by side in a row.
I adopted you from rescue only a little over 3 1/2 years ago-you should have had a longer life, and died in your own bed. ( After
a long afternoon spent in a walk, a full dinner, and after treats and maybe a beef hide bone). I'll take a title from a book that I read long ago-"Death, Be Not Proud"
And always remember, Remy, that I love you still and always will.
For you, the sun will always be shining. And I love you like never before.
Dec 23.2008 Dearest Remy, It's been a year since you crossed the bridge into forever. I still cry for you- and miss your smile. Give Jake and Asia kisses for me. Tell Jake that I miss him too-I miss you all so much. I"ll love you- all of you, always.

You tried so hard these last few weeks, now you can rest. Thank you for all the joy and laughter you brought into my life, and into the world. I can still see you sitting with that smile, and that one leg of yours,
sticking out from beneath you.
I hope with all my being, that your spirit goes on, and that we will meet again across that bridge from this life across forever into the next dimension.
You are truly my angel bear now. I love you now and forever.

Hi Remy- Happy Birthday, Baby Bear. I still miss you, please don't think that I've forgotten you, just because another little sheltie has come into my life. He's very different from you. Jake likes him too. But know that you'll always live on in my heart and my memory. If you can, please let me know that your spirit still goes on. You loved life so, and threw yourself enthusiastically into life. I miss you so, Baby Bear. I love you, always.

It's been six months today since you've been gone. I think of you everyday, trying to remember only the happy times. I'll always love and miss you Remy, my baby bear.
July 13, 2008 Dear Remy,
Jake joined you a few days ago over the Bridge across forever. He was gone from me so quickly, I didn't have a chance to say good-bye, kiss him one more time and tell him that I love him. I'm sure that he was happy to see you again, but maybe a bit surprised that it was so soon. I love you both so much, and I always will. Play and dance in the sunlight of forever, and know that in the heart of my soul, I'm dancing with you.
August 1,2008. Hi Remy- and Jake. Dear Remy, I hope that Jake is with you. I miss you both so much, the pain is so great, the hurt so deep. I love you both so much, I wish you were both were here. Keep watch over Victor, give him the strength and courage he needs. Come to me in my dreams,let me tell you one more time that I love you. I'll love you always.
Dec 23,2009- I still miss you, Remy. My heart aches for you. I love you always.
July 2010. You're still so missed, Remy. Loved and cherished still. Remembered by me and by everyone at Sheltie Rescue.
July 2011. Still remembering you and loving you, Remy.

Dearest Remy, I have not forgotten you. It's now Oct 14, 2013. My life is so very different now, you would not recognize it. Another little sheltie, my Victor has crossed over the bridge into the sunlight of forever. Teach him how to play in the meadows there, he did not how to play with other dogs while he walked on the earth. But most of all, let your love shine all around him, tell Jake too- and Lance, Suzie, Emily, Kiss Me if you see her, for she was most like Victor. I love you always, my baby bear.

December 23rd, 2013-It's 6 years since you passed over the bridge and into forever.(12/23/2007). You are not forgotten, my baby bear. You were so impulsive and care free, you loved life so much. I hope that Victor is with you and Jake now, Lance, Dewey, Wilder too. I hope that all of you are at peace. My deepest hope is that I will meet you all in the sunlight of forever, in a place of absolute beauty and peace. I love you, Remy, always.

Dec 25,2013- Merry Christmas Remy. Dance in the sunlight forever. You are loved and missed always. Baby bear, I love you. I hope that we will meet again in a place beyond the rainbow, in a place of perfect peace.

Hi Baby bear-you're not forgotten, you will always be in my heart and soul. I hope that you Kiss Me,Suzie Q ,Jake, and Lance are with Victor- and that all of you are dancing in the sunlight of forever, at play in the fields of the angels. Another sheltie has joined our fur family- Cubby- he looks a little like you-and gives me kisses too. In his younger days, I think he was a lot like you, and was a little wild. Help Vic keep watch over all of us, and I love you all always. You are always in my heart.

Easter Sunday, 2014. Dearest Remy, still remembering ,loving and missing you, even after all these terrible years. Although you never knew DOG in life, welcome him over the bridge into his forever home, with wonderful new neighbors who will give him heavenly treats. Please visit Cubby in his dreams, here on Earth, let him know he is safe here. You're always in my heart and soul baby bear.
Dec 23,2014- You will not be forgotten, baby bear. 7yrs today you went to the bridge, and your wild spirit went to the angels. You'll always be in my heart,soul and memory. I love you always. Dance in the sunlight of forever, and I hope that someday, I'll be dancing with you again across the bridge.
4/5/15- Easter Sunday, Remy, my baby bear, my wild man. I miss you so, your wild, fearless spirit. I think Cubby must have been a lot like you in his long gone youth. Wild and impulsive. I'll never forget you, I'll love you to my last breath. My greatest hope is that we'll meet again , one day, over the bridge, and we'll all walk together again, into the sunlight of forever
12/23/15 Dearest Remy, my baby bear, you have been gone from this earth 8 years now, but you're always in my heart and soul and memory. I love you always my baby bear. Dance in the sunlight of forever. In my heart, I'm dancing with you.
9/7/16. You're not forgotten my baby bear, Remy. You'll always be in my heart and soul,and memory. I love you to the end of my life and beyond. So many of my fur children have crossed the bridge now. Dance in the sunlight, my baby bear, dance with all of them, and now Cubby too. I miss you always.
12/23/17- Ten long years have gone by since you walked this earth, my baby bear. My wild Remy. I've often wondered why you haven't come back to me in dreams. I believe you said your goodbyes to me in your own way.I held you as you drew your last breath, and you moved beyond that chasm which separates the living from the souls that have crossed over. I miss you still, my Remy. I'll always love and remember you, Remington Patrick Burke, Remington Mystix Midnight Special. Merry Christmas, my friend.

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