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Memories of Regal
It was September, 1993; a typical day at work when an employee coming in for his shift stated "something is crying in my car". I went outside with him, hearing a kitten crying under his car, we lifted the hood, and I reached down and pulled up this little fur ball. You had some oil on your head, but were OK, even after a 10 mile ride. I took you in my office and decided to take you home. At the time I was a bachelor, living alone but always was a "cat person". I remember the ride home, I had you in a box and you never made a sound, I had to keep checking inside the box to make sure you were OK. I had to think of a name....well I found you in a Buick Regal, and you were quite beautiful...so I named you Regal.

Regal settled into her new home and immediately became my best friend. I meet my wife 2 years later, when she moved in you never really accepted the fact that you had to "share" me with someone, but you "tolerated" it. Regal, you know, mommy loved and misses you too.

For 19 years you were always there. Don't know when this started but one morning when I stepped out of the shower you were sitting on the back of the toilet I petted you (like always) and then you jumped down and left the bathroom. From that point on, you waited for me on the back of the toilet while I took a shower, after EVERY shower, for years, you were there, a few pets and off you would go. To this day, when I lay down for the night I wait for you to lay next to me like you did for so many years, every night, and alway in the same place.

I could go on and on......but basically she loved me and I loved her.

We celebrated your 19th birthday on August 1, 2011. You were still beautiful, but your back legs continued to give out and you could no longer jump into your favorite chair. In February, you developed another bad bladder infection, your fur was matted because you could no longer bath yourself, I tried to groom you, but you would have no part of it, and those old back legs could no longer support you. I took you to your vet on February 13, 2012 for a long discussion. I knew it was time...the discussion with your vet was what I expected, "She is very frail, she has a bad bladder infection again, and well, she is very frail." I decided to finally let you go.

To this day I wonder if I made the right decision......I miss you Regal!! It's been 8 months and of course I still think about you every day, especially when getting out of the shower (smile) Nicola wanted to adopt a kitten right away because she thought it would help, but I wanted to wait. In late May, at work, a solid white kitten was standing outside my office, he was so sweet, I knew it was time and took him home. He is great, but will never replace you in my heart.

To my beautiful Regal...we miss you and love you.....

11/26/2012 Well Regal, my first Thanksgiving without you. As for so many years, you did not like all the people in the house, so you would "hide out" in the back bed room, I missed "escaping" the craziness and spending time with you and bringing you your traditional bowl of turkey that you loved so much. Miss you Regal!!

1/3/2013 My first Christmas without you around. Again, the house was full of people, which you did not like anyway. I would leave to go check on you hidding in the bedroom. After everyone would leave you would come out and wait for you christmas treat, a bowl full of Christmas turkey....how you loved it. I miss you Regal, and think of you every day!!

2/13/2013 It has been one year today since I said goodby to you. It has been a very somber day. One year since I made one of the most difficult decision I ever had to make. There has not been one day that I have not thought of you. You were a very special girl and I really miss you. Very Very sad thinking about it all........

07/15/2013 It has been a tough few days....just wanted to say miss you and thinking about you..

02/13/2014 Wow, two years ago today I said goodbye to you. I had a dream last week that I came home from work and you were there, you started running around the house because you were so happy to see me. Then I woke up, and realized it was just a dream. I think of you every day Regal!! Nobody understands how hard loosing you was (is) on me. I still miss you, and love you little girl.

05/09/2014 What a bad day, no one to talk to, no one understands...Miss you regal, still think about you everyday!

10/21/2014 Hi Regal, been a while since I visited, I just renewed your memorial! I still think about you everyday and still miss you little girl.

01/06/2015 Hi Regal, one of those days that our last day together pops into my head and those raw emotions take over. It is coming up on 3 years since I lost you, and sometimes the sadness feels like it was yesterday. Just stopped by to say hello, still think about you all the time and miss you.

02/13/2015 Hi Regal, February 13th will always be a sad day for me. Three years ago today, I said goodbye to my best friend for over 19 years. You have a very special place in my heart and I will always remember you. A lot of people do not understand that bond or feeling. I remember that day like it was yesterday, it was one of the saddest days of my life. I hope you are well and happy, I miss you little girl and think about you every day. On this, the third anniversary of letting you go,,,, I love you and really miss you!!!

05/29/2015 Hi Regal, just stopped by to say hello and hope you are well and happy. I still miss you little girl! We now have 3 boys, all rescues, like you. They are great, but will never replace you in my heart, I still think about you daily.....I MISS YOU REGAL!

09/22/2015 Hello Regal, stopped by to say hi, and tell you that I still think about you all the time and still miss you! I hope you are doing OK and having fun.....I miss you!

10/23/2015 Regal, just stopped by to renew your memorial and to say hi, and still think about you all the time. Hope you are doing OK, miss you!

02/13/2016 Well it's been 4 years ago today since I said goodbye, Regal. Today I had to take our 3 boys to the vet. They took us into the room I said goodbye to you, it was the first time I was in that room since then. It of course brought back that day I said goodbye. February 13th will always be a very sad day in my life. Miss you Regal!!!

06/03/2016 Just stopped by to say hello Regal. Miss you.

02/13/2017 Another year since I said goodbye Regal. Five years total and sometimes it feels like yesterday. I was talking about you this morning, still think about you and miss you. I will always remember you Regal, hope you are doing well while you wait for me at the rainbow bridge. Miss You!!

06/28/2017 Stopped by to say hello Regal, needed to change the season, the time goes by so fast. As always, miss you.

02/13/2018 Six years,,,,,still think about you always "Reeg Beeg" and miss you.

03/27/2018 Just stopped by to say hello, have some health issues and was thinking about you. Miss you Regal!

09/24/2018 Stopped by to renew your residency, as always, still miss you "Regal Beagle".

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