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Memories of Reesie
For 21 years, you have been my constant companion. You have seen me grow from a young woman to an older, wiser gal.

You have had 9 lives of character. You were once a 5 month old kitten that buried yourself in my lap for about a week after I first brought you home. You grew into a wise old man.

During your early years you were very playful. You used to love to jump and chase after the "Blue String". You loved playing soccer with small pieces of rolled up paper. If the ball went out of bounds, like under a couch, you would simply carry it back into play using your teeth. You loved to play tag and hide and seek with me every night. You slept across my legs and were a morning kitty. Your human was not a morning person but you would wait patiently at the foot of the bed for my eyes to open. You were quiet until you saw that first flicker. Once I peeked my eyes open because I knew you were staring at me, you meowed loudly for your breakfast.

As you got a little older, you became more curious about what was going on outside. You used to love to sit at the open window or star through the screen of the porch. You were always kept indoors but you savored that time on the porch.

You loved water. I bathed you as a kitten and your last bath was a week before you passed on. If my snorkel gear was soaking in the bathtub, you would play with it. You used to play "veil kitty" by hidding behind that outer shower curtain. You thought just because you were behind a curtain I couldn't see you. Funny you! The curtain was made of netting and I could see you!

You went through a year where you hated socks. If I left out a sock, it was going to be found with holes. You tried for a year to teach me to pick up my socks. You finally gave up :)

You had bat ears. Little dark bat ears that looked like batman's hood. You had a Roman nose and huge white paws. You were a stunning Birman and you used to like me playing with your tail. Your tail was one of the last things that you used to communicate with me during those last few days you had on Earth. When I held you, you would put your paw in my hand and squeeze.

You were a talkative kitty. You had many different meows which is why you were later nicknamed Mr. Meow Meow.

You were gentle. Even if we were playing hard with batting paper balls back and forth or playing with the blue string, you always retracted your claws if you came into contact with me.

You loved Christmas. It was great fun to you to watch me decorate the tree and wrap gifts. You even had a favorite ornament. No matter where I hung that little white toy soldier, I would come home from work to find it gently taken off the tree and placed on the ground. You didn't like any of the other ornaments as they stayed put.

Ten o'clock was your crazy hour. Each night you would run around like you were jogging for exercise. You did this whether we were playing tag or not.

Tag and hide-and-seek were your favorite games. You would chase me, tap me on the leg, and take off running to hide. I would sneak up on you and find you looking at me with that wild look in your eyes. I would take off running and you would chase me. This would go on each night for at least an hour. Sometimes we would position ourselves on each side of the couch. You stalking me from one side, me stalking you from the other.

Your favorite treat was Smart Balance butter. "Treat" to you was like saying "walk" to a dog. You loved licking a spoonful of that butter off my fingers. Your favorite cat food was Fancy Feast and Wellness Green Chicken pouches.

You went lots of places with me including the beach, Central Park, Key West, and Pensacola.

You had other friends that you loved. Chappy is up there now and I hope you have found each other. Andy misses you greatly but feels obligated to take care of me. You will find a new friend, Misha, who has gone before you. Be sure to find her as she has been told to look for you. Cleo, George, Tyson, and Shensi have been playing in Heaven for a long while. They can show you around. Please know that I miss you but will be okay. I know you were reluctant to go and held on as long as you could. It wasn't until I told you it was okay to go be with God, that you left.

Towards the last couple of years of your life, you were deaf and nearly blind. You had a hard time getting around. In spite of this, you were loving and still managed to communicate. Your personality came through to all that visited. We gave you a very special place in our bedroom so that you didn't have to journey far to what you needed. You took to this one corner of the room and loved to sleep in "The Leopard Lounge". We had a round cat bed that we affectionately called the Leopard Lounge. We also had another bed that we called "The Blue Magic Carpet". Sometimes you preferred just laying on this instead of curling up to go to sleepy town in your Leopard Lounge.

You were so patient with me when you needed elder care. I learned how to administer the medication that you needed. You loved life with us. We loved it with you. Enjoy running, playing tag, and watching birds in your form that is not weary and old. Someday we will be reunited. Please don't worry about us down here.

Love you very much,
Cheryl & A.J.

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