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Memories of Reese
Sweet Reese, you were so special to us. You came to us as such a puppy and grew to be such an exceptional dog. Indi was wary in the beginning as you were trying to find your place. But she too grew to love you. She misses you terribly as we all do. She searched the rooms when you didn't come home with us. We cried together and separately and still do in the quiet solitude.
Your eyes peered into our souls and helped us to love. I am SO SORRY for what happened and will forever blame myself. I hope that your pain has ceased but that your love is still unconditional. Your picture is in my office, in my closet and in the kitchen so I always get to see you. I lament that we never had your portrait done, but we thought we had so much time...We are all different without you as you had such a presence in our life.

We introduced Pacey to our household and he SO needed us. A friend said that he needed us more than we needed him, but I needed to try to start to fill the hole that was so big. My heart was broken and I didn't know how to fix it. I think you would like Pace. He is five but is sweet and loves to be loved - just like you. He sits in your spot on the livingroom room rug and waits at the foot of the stairs - just like you. But he is NOT you as no one could be you except for you. If only we could have cloned you...THAT is how much you were loved. But you knew that becuase you truly had a sixth sense. You were so beautiful...everyone who met you loved you. They gleaned in only a few minutes just how special you were as you sniffed so sweetly - never obtrusive in nature.

I look forward to the day when you see me about to cross the bridge and that I get to spend my days with you. I hope you have met Kali and Tarzan. They were like you and Indi. They loved each other and always enjoyed their comradiery and companionship. Each of them is VERY special. Kali was my first dog and Tarzan our second dog. Both were rescues like you. There is something very special about rescue dogs...

I will forever miss you and thankful that someone told me about this virtual site. I love you with all my heart my sweet Reese Peese...and long to see you again.

With unconditional love,



Reese, I MISS you so...I wanted you to know that not a day goes by that I don't think about you and wish you were still with us. I continue to remember all the wonderful, fun, sweet and loving things you did.

When we were ready to play with the ball, you would run across the street and sit tall waiting for Indi and me to come across the road. You always wanted to be thrown the ball first. You were SO fast and could run down the field faster than we could throw it. You would turn around and catch it like a "short stop". I called you my "sweet short stop" each time you nabbed it. Indi was our "fly ball" girl. The neighbors laughed and said you were better than the Marlin's SS! Even the Vet noticed your enthusiasm when examining your teeth which had chipped a bit from the ball.

Then there was the blue ball for the pool. You would only go after the blue ball leaving the orange ball for Indi. We always tried to fool both of you, but you knew! Hour after hour, throw after throw on both Saturday and Sunday. We would stand at one end of the pool and you would wait for us to toss it high in the air. You would watch with SUCH intensity, jump high, catch it and fall with the ball in your mouth into the water...I don't know if the water or field was more fun for you and Indi when playing ball.

I loved having you wait on the second step of the stairway - stretched from end to end - waiting for me to come down the stairs. No matter the time of day or night...that is where you waited for me.

How about when we went to the Keys and you got to sleep in bed with us? That was so special because Poppy didn't allow it at home. There was a lot of fur, but it was worth it to have you up against me...

You also loved to cuddle on the couch at night with me. Usually just you with your head sweetly in my lap, but sometimes Indi also joined us.

When coming back to the house after being away, you would always greet me. You sometimes had a toy in your mouth, but you would drop it, sit back on your back legs and give your front paws to me. We would rock slightly and we would go nose to nose as you smelled - ever so delicately to try to determine where I had been.

And sometimes when Poppy had the music going we would dance. You would be up on your back legs and I had your front paws up in the air and we danced!

You LOVED bananas and would wait each morning for a small piece of banana. Indi would get 1/4, you would get 1/4 and Poppy would get the other half.

You actually loved food in general and that included the acorns that came in buckets this past year (2012). Course you also got rid if them with regularity...

I never minded having to step around you WHENEVER I was at the kitchen sink. You and Indi would lay together with your head on her back or her head on your back...so sweet, so content, so happy.

And when you were being silly, you would be on your back with all four paws in the air. You knew how safe you were with us.

Your passing was such a shock as you were running and swimming that Wednesday morning. You seemed fine except you had thrown up your food and some stuffing from the stuffed animals. You always liked to rip them apart and eat some of it. Since throwing up was not your MO, I took you to the Vet. They took an x-ray but could find no blockages. They gave you an injection for the vomiting and some vomit pills for the next day. We went home but you were not feeling well. You didn't want treats or dinner and later on and you didn't seem to need to pee or poop. I worried of course and called the Vet at 6:00 PM just before they closed, but they said that was normal as you had a very upset stomach from the throwing up and the additional shot. So we tried to be calm and you also calmed down a bit. I decided to sleep downstairs with you and put you on the couch with me. But by 11:00 that night you had started pacing and then threw up again. I cleaned it up - never minding - and then it started again at 1:30 AM. I got Grammy up and we both stayed up with you. You would be OK and then start pacing. When the pacing started you would again throw up. I took you outside to see if you would p/p but you only wanted to lay down. I picked you up and carried you in. You rested with your head in and near the water bowl trying to drink...at 4:00 AM you were quiet and then threw up and also from behind. I thought it was "D" but later the vet said it was sluffing. We continued to stay with you, cleaning you up and hoping for the morning to come quickly to get you to the Vet. I just knew if we got you to the Dr. you would be fine.

I showered, Poppy helped me put you in car at 7:30 AM and we drove to the Vet. Thankfully we didn't have to wait long as Claudia showed up early. You were cold and I covered you with my raincoat. We brought you into the back room and Evelyn and Marvin were just showing up. You immediately got an IV, but your pressure was so low it was hard to get it going. They intubated you and gave you some medicine down your throat. It was awful to see you so still, barely breathing. I kept touching you and talking to you and was so thankful that I was with you. I know you stayed as long as you could...they gave you oxygen but the bubble wasn't moving and suddenly they started CPR. I couldn't believe what was happening...my baby, my sweet, sweet girl who Mommy loved oh so much...then they stopped and I fainted. They took me to another room, called Poppy and Dr Langdon stayed with me. I cried, whaling for you and not understanding. Later they did an autopsy and found you had a blood clot in your stomach which cut off the blood supply to you stomach. The surrounding tissue was damaged and allowed the bacteria that needed to stay in your stomach out into the rest of your system. It went everywhere, attacking every organ. Dr Langdon said that there was nothing that could have been done. Even getting you to an emergency room earlier would have shown the same clot and damage to the stomach. Only removing your stomach and inserting a feeding tube as an alternative may have "saved" you. But you were full of life and would not have been happy. My sweet girl that loved life...my precious girl that wanted to give her love so freely to everyone and did...know that Mommy will forever miss you...but as so many have said, it was your time. God chose you for me/us and even though it was only for three short years, they were the best years...

My sweet, loving, precious girl...Reese you will furever be in my heart...

With passionate undying love,



Reese, I wanted to tell you again how much I love and miss you...I still cry at the most unexpected times. The other day I was wondering about when we see each other again.
When I cross the bridge, if it was today you would surely recognize me...but if I am older, will you see me as you left me or who I will have become? Have you met Kali and Tarzan? Both will be wonderful companions that will also never be forgotten. Pace has taken on many of your mannerisms and ways - listening and coming when called, loving the ball and taking a treat so sweetly. He doesn't yet seem to have that sixth sense that you had...and I continue to think that Indi is very lonely without you...We all are and hope that you are happy meeting all new and wonderful friends. Summer is almost here and we will miss you when we go to the Keys...You always loved it there as there was SO much room to run around. This house will be different, but hopefully work for Pacey and Indi as there is a big park very close to run around as well as (I think) a beach to go swimming. I will come back in a couple of weeks and look to see what changes (summer) I will make for you.

My sweet, sweet girl who is furever in my heart.



Hello my sweet Reese. Things have settled in and Pacey and Indi are doing pretty well. They still don't have the connection that you and Indi did, but that is OK. Indi will forever hold you as her best companion I am quite sure. The summer has come and almost gone with the kids back to school. It doesn't feel like like Fall yet becuase it is so hot, but great for the pool...Remember the wonderful times at the pool? Even when I was swimming you would swim by me trying to get the ball that had fallen in the water (actually you dropped it in the water) without touching me. Pacey doesn't get that concept yet. I have to make him sit in one location until I am finished swimming. I am sure he will learn after a few more episodes...Indi is slowing down. I can tell in her running and how many times she desires to go after the ball. She has taken to walking with Poppy in the AM. Still likes the ball in her mouth and she always partakes of the PM chucker. We often say your name when referring to Pace - we miss you so. Poppy as well. He really liked you more than we knew. I am glad he has more of a connection with Indi now, since he and Pace really haven't connected. I think each of them tries, but Pace almost totally listens to me, just like you did. I will write later my sweet pea. Miss you and hope you are happy, painfree and full of that wonderful unconditional love for all around you.

Lots of kissy poos for you furever...


Sweet Reese, it is a year today since you left us. Hardly a day goes by that I don't think of you. I had a very difficult night last night as I kept thinking about how you suffered. Sleep just wasn't to be had as it wasn't that night a year ago...

I figured out how to add your picture to the site and have changed the background to summer. Hope you are happy and healthy and have met friends and our past family dogs.

We have a new dog that we are fostering. He is a chocolate lab and his name is Bear. He was "abandoned" and we took him as a favor to the wonderful folks at Lab Rescue as they have been so good to us over the years.

Indi has never really been as happy as when you were here. But she and Pace do OK together. Actually I see them lying on the kitchen rub side by side. Certainly not on top of each other as you and Indi did, but they do OK.

I continue to look forward to the day that I see you, Kali and Tarzan again...look for me occasionally as you never know when I might come over the bridge.

With love furever, my sweet girl.


Reese, I love you still my baby. I am tearing and crying now as I write this becuase you were so very special. I still mourn for your pain endured that horrible night. And I am so sorry that you were in pain. You were so very strong and held on as long as you could - for me - I am sure. Life has gone on, but not without thoughts of you. Pacer is a good boy and tries hard to please. He has that soulfulness that you did, crazy for the ball and food and sweet when getting loved on. Indi has calmed even more, allowing us to rub her tummy while on her back. Bear is the cranky old man that loves his Poppy and I only wish John would spend more time with him. But I am the Mommy and all try to be good doggies. Nanny lost Ivory lace this Fall and it is very hard on her. I hope she gets another dog soon. She needs one even if she doesn't think so. Please look for her and even though she was feisty in life, I am sure that she is lonely...and needs a friend. Kisses for my baby...always my sweet baby girl. Love furever, Mommy

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