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Memories of Rebel
You were always so cute. As a baby you always stepped on your ears when you were learning to walk. Thru the 13 plus years you spent with me you were always there when I needed you. I hope you know how much I loved you. Waking in the mornings and feeding you before I went to work and then my hurried home time to be with you again. I love you and will always love you. I hope now that you have found Flash there waiting for you - she left us so quickly and you protected her. I am sorry that you left us on what should have been a Happy Day - I will never forget.

18 June - It has been hot these past few weeks and getting hotter. We've had lots of fires around us and the smoke has been bad. Know you can see this from where you are - don't worry about us - we are all fine. Missing you more and more each day. The real hot summer weather is yet to come and then soon your birthday will arrive.

1 August - Today is your birthday - you are 14 today. I remembered you today --- we have taken in another stray cat - he doesn't replace you but it gives me someone to give some love too. He is much bigger than our last cat and is all gray. He was someone's kitty that they had to leave behind when they left our area. I miss you today --- and will have something special as a treat for your birthday. Hope that all your friends there had a good time on your birthday. I love you and miss you each day.

26 Apr 16 - Hello my friend. Sorry I haven't sent you a message lately. Life has changed in the past 19 months. Daddy departed quickly and I hope you have seen him by now. I look forward to being with you both in the next few years. Love you always

Take care my special friend, look forward to seeing you in a few years.

10 Apr 2014 - Been awhile buddy since I posted anything on your site. You are missed each and every day. We have gotten several kittens but no dog to replace you as I don't think you could ever be replaced. Lots has happened in the past couple of years - know you have probably seen Uncle Harlan there since he joined you last year. Take care of him - he loved you and will look after you until I see you again. Rebekka is all grown now and is off to college - she is at GA with the Bulldogs so she is having a good time. She will be married in the next year or so as she is engaged to a sailor. Melissa and Sarah are doing well -- they are both growing. Buster, Shelby and Otis are ok - still living in the house and only outside during short periods during the day. Easter is coming soon and I hope the easter beagle comes your way. I will post something to you as that time gets closer. Love you to the moon and back.


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