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Memories of Rebecca
Happy Birthday my special angel..xxoo

Thinking of you extra special today. Gone 12 years :'(. Time has gone by so fast.

Happy Birthday Becky xxoo

I miss you everyday :'(.

Becky, missing you on Easter :(.

Simply stated, I MISS YOU :(.

Rebecca, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving in heaven with Rachel and Pop-Pop. I am forever thankful for you :').

No words, after almost 11 years without you, I still miss you just as much :(.

Happy Birthday, Becky. Will be thinking of you tomorrow and missing you, as always.

Miss you :(

Happy Easter, my little bunny xxoo

Happy St. Patrick's Day little one.

Happy Valentine's Day to my true love :).

Missed you, Rachel,and Pop-Pop on Thanksgiving :(.

How can you be gone 10 years? Not a day goes by that I don't think about you with a tear and a smile. You were/are the best. I will cherish you forever.

Rebecca, it's your birthday month. Can't believe you would have been 20 on the 10th. Can't believe I lost you 10 years ago on the 23rd :(. I miss you each and every day.

Make sure to celebrate Rachel's birthday and give Pop-Pop a hug from me :(.

Missing you :(.

Easter...our favorite time of year :').

Happy St. Patrick's Day my little O'Rebecca :) xxoo

Becky, I see I didn't update your page for Valentine's Day :(. I'm sorry. I thought of you, Rachel, and Pop-Pop on that day.

Can't believe another Christmas without you :(. Had a dream about you the other night. It was very real. I hugged you and told you how happy I was to see you. Dream was so real. Thank you for coming to me. Mommy..xxoo

Rebecca...I can't believe that 9 years ago today I lost you :(. I think of you every day and miss you every day. You will always remain in my heart...Mommy

Happy Birthday, Becky. You would have been 19 years old today :(. I know you are spending your birthday with Pop-Pop, Rachel, and Sarah. Miss you every day.

Another Easter without you :(. Hope you are taking care of Pop-Pop, Rachel, and Sarah.

Thanksgiving was awful without you, Rachel, and Pop-Pop :(.

Rebecca, October is your birthday month. Thinking of you each and every day. xxoo

Becky, hope you and Rachel made Pop-Pop's first birthday in heaven a special one :(.

Are you and Rachel going to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and Easter with Pop-Pop in heaven? :'(. Miss you.

Rebecca, mommy is sorry she didn't update your page for Valentine's Day (I will do that now), but as you know, Pop-Pop passed away :(. I know he is with you and Rachel. I miss him so desperately and just can't believe it. My heart is broken.

Merry Christmas, Becky..xxoo

Happy Thanksgiving, my angel..xxoo

Celebrating your birthday and your life this month.

Rebecca, while I celebrate Rachel's birthday here, can you make sure she has a nice celebration in heaven?

Becky, Opal isn't feeling well. Please watch over her, ok?

Becky, always missing you. Hope you had a good St. Patrick's Day and more importantly, a Happy Easter in heaven.

Merry Christmas, my Becky. Another year....

As for the past 6 years, you were thought of and missed this Thanksgiving :(.

Rebecca, October is your birthday month, and you also went to Baby Jesus this month. Do you know, I miss you each and every day and every October for almost the past 6 years, remember the last two weeks of your precious, wonderful life, and our time together. You are wonderful, and I will love you forever.

Happy Easter, my little bunny. You were sorely missed and thought of constantly.

Happy St. Patrick's Day my Rebecca. Do miss you so much.

Happy Valentine's Day to my forever Valentine, Rebecca.

Merry Christmas pumpkin. We will miss you, as always.

Happy Thanksgiving my baby. We will all miss you again this year. You are never far from my mind or my heart.

October is a very happy a sad month for us, isn't it? First of all, you were born on October 10th and will be celebrating your 15th birthday in heaven! Oh, you were such a baby...are you still so much like a puppy at 15? Secondly, I lost you my darling on October 23rd. My heart still cries for you, and I miss you always.

Remember to wish Rachel a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY today, ok? Well, I am sure you already know, but there is a new schnauzer in the family. Her name is Opal and while she reminds me a lot of Rachel, she is "babyish" like you :) which makes me happy.

Becca, how are you liking Ohio so far? :)

You ready for our big move? :) Don't forget to bring along whatever you will need - LOL.

Rebecca, please take care and embrace Phoebe.

Rebecca, are you happy that you and Rachel are together again? Oh, I can see you both joining forces and barking at everyone that passes :) Take care of each other and stay with mommy, ok?

Rebecca, when it's Rachel's time, please be waiting for her :(

Rebecca, wrap your paws around Rachel :(

What a difficult week this always is for mommy. I remember clearly the last week of your life and on the 23rd will be mourning your passing, but know how lucky I was to have you for 10 years, and I know you are still with me, though, I would give anything to have you back in this life.

Acknowledging your birthday month my heartbeat and also the month when you went to heaven. This is such a hard time for me, but I celebrate you and your life everyday :)

Becky, well Rachel made her 15th birthday! Can you believe it?? She's doing pretty well. Just normal aging, but she's happy and so far, healthy all things considered. Everything is still going well for Mommy, but you are always by my side and know what is happening :)

Rebecca, I know you know what's going on in Mommy's life since April. It's a wonderful thing, and I thank you for sending him to me :)

Happy Easter my baby. I know you are getting ready with baby Jesus :) love you with all my heart.

Happy Valentine's Day to my forever always, Valentine :D All's quiet here. Phoebe and company are still around and seem to be doing well. Rachel is having some problems with cataracts and her hearing, but it just goes along with being 14. Otherwise, she is good. We all love and miss you.

Another Christmas is fast approaching without you, but you can celebrate with Jesus in heaven :)

Becky, Thanksgiving went really well this year even though Granny is gone. I think I did a really good job of it, but was so tired afterwards :)

Thinking (with a heavy heart) of you on your third anniversary in heaven.

Becky, I got Phoebe! She's beautiful and reminds me of you even though she's a white cat - LOL - but you know you were kinda cat-like looking yourself :) Thanks. Honestly, she wanted to be caught, but she's doing fine now.

Happy 13th birthday, Rebecca on October 10th! Celebrate in style, my little darling with all the angels in heaven :) Know that Rachel and I will be celebrating your day here on earth. I miss you very much, and everyone is getting together on the 18th to celebrate your third anniversary in heaven :'(

Becca Bean, thanks for helping me with the feral cats, but what about Phoebe? You have to help mommy catch her so I can take care of her and then release her back where she belongs. She reminds me of you in a way..light in color, a wanderer, lanky, a loaner, and very very smart :D HELP!!!

Peanut, well granny's apartment is really coming along, which I know you are aware of because I see you there. Isn't it nice? Pop-Pop finished the living room yesterday, and I bet the walls are happy to have a fresh coat of paint on them - LOL - what about the porch? Are you loving it? :D Rachel likes to go out and look over at all the neighbors and bark. Everytime I am there I think how much you would have enjoyed it, relaxing in the sun and barking at everyone. It makes me very sad, but I know you are there, though silently, enjoying it with us.

My darling Rebecca, I know you know that granny passed away in January, and I bet you two are having so much fun (together once again) in heaven. Is she giving you lots of treats?? I am fixing up granny's apartment, and I know you are there with me because there are times when I see you there..do you like the changes we are making? Rachel is getting used to it and sleeps on one of the chairs by the window. Not on the couch anymore, which has been moved against the wall. Victoria likes it to, but doesn't spend too much time up there, though, at mealtime she's right there hoping to get some of Rachel's! LOL. I love you always...

Rebecca, yesterday (10/20) everyone came over to the apartment to celebrate your life. Uncle Matty did a wonderful, spiritual reading and even printed up pamphlets! It was a good day, and I know you were with us enjoying the day. How can you possibly be gone from me for two years on 10/23??? I miss you my baby, and you are always in my heart and my mind.

Rebecca, Happy 12th Birthday my darling...Rachel and I miss you and will be thinking of you all day today...

Rebecca, it's 23 months today since your passing, and I still miss you and think about you each and everyday...you are never far from my heart or my mind...Love, Mommy

Rebecca, I can't believe it's been one year since your passing. I miss you so very much. Words cannot express my grief. I love you my angel.

Rebecca, Happy Birthday to you in Heaven. Love, Mommy, Rachel, and the family. We had a little celebration for you yesterday. We all love, miss you, and remember you.

"If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again."

It's been a little over nine months since your passing, my dear Rebecca, and I still miss you each and every day.

Rebecca, there's no life without you..no energy..no happiness.

My little angel, last night I had a dream about you...and it was wonderful. You and Rachel were in the living room, by the window, you "horning in" as usual trying to push Rachel out of the way. The most wonderful part was that I was able to hold your face in my hands and kiss your face and head. You looked wonderful - healthy and energetic. Thank you for coming to me and letting me know that you are still with me. I needed to see you and hold you again.

Rebecca, it's been three months since you passed, and I feel like I haven't seen your pretty little face in such a long time. I adore you and treasure the 10 years we had together...xxoo

Rebecca, you were such a small dog, but larger than life! How much I miss you. Know that I think about you each and every day, look at your pictures constantly, and feel your presence around me all the time..xxoo

My angel, it's been two months since you went to Baby Jesus. Mommy, Rachel, Patsy, Pop-Pop, and Victoria miss you so very much, but we continue to talk about you all the time, look at your pictures, and love you more than you can imagine. You are missed every single minute of every single day. Be happy my baby until we are together once again in Heaven. xxoo

What a wonderful life it's been! Rebecca was your typical schnauzer....a barker, territorial, and fiercely loyal. For the most part, she was very selective in who she liked, but when she liked you, look out because she'd be your best friend! LOL. Rebecca was a mommy's girl and loved for me to carry her around, or to just sit by me. She was never far from where I was and when it was time to go to bed, would go into the bedroom and sit by the bed so I could pick her up and tuck her in for the night!

Rebecca was the alpha dog in our home. Fortunately, Rachel (my other schnauzer) was easy going and tolerated Rebecca's trying to steal her treats, or growl at her when she tried to pass - LOL!

In February, 2004 Rebecca was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, and I was told that she had 3-7 months to live without chemotherapy treatment and 7-9 months with treatment. Rebecca survived 20 months much to the amazement of her doctor's. She had the determination and tenacity to survive, and I constantly found myself in awe of her.

During the last week of her life, she suffered congestive heart failure and could not rebound. I had made a promise to Rebecca, when she was first diagnosed with cancer, that as long as she had the will to fight, I would provide her with the ammunition to continue her battle. In the end, the choice was hers to end her battle, and she passed on with the same dignity that she enjoyed during her life.

Rebecca passed away at home, in my arms, surrounded by those who loved her most. As she passed, we looked intensely into each other's eyes. How blessed I was to have had this wonderful creature in my life for 10 years and for that gift, I am forever grateful.

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