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Memories of Reba
7/29/05 Reba we miss you so much. You came into our lives and taught us so much about love and living life to its fullest. You left a lasting impression on every person you came into contact with, from Aunt Jane and Uncle Joe, Grandma Kay and Grandpa Shu, Jeff and Rachel, Grandpa Andy and Grandma Marie, the Ice Cream Man, and so many more too numerous to mention. You gave of yourself unselfishly for 12+ years. We loved you and cared for you with everything we had. Together we shared many of lifes trials, and together we triumphed!! We were always able to overcome the challenges, until this last one. Baby I know we had always fixed things for you... but this time it was not to be. When you became sick this time, and looked at us with those beautiful brown eyes, it was as if you were telling us that you knew time was running out and that God was calling you home. We did everything we could to make things as comfortable as possible for you. Reba girl... it has been 12 long days since you went on before us. It hurts so much. Your leaving left such a huge hole in our lives. Even your "little buddy" Socks is mourning your absence. Just as we look in your favorite spots for you, Socks keeps looking too. Reba girl, your memory is etched in our hearts and minds forever. We thank God for trusting us with your care and keeping for as long as He did. May He care for you now until we meet again. Run and play baby girl, and be patient, we will be there to claim you one day. All our love, momma and papa.
08/24/05 Reba girl.... it has only been 5 weeks and 4 days since you went to RB. Gosh we miss you so much. It is frequent that we think we catch a glimpse of you moving about.... The tears flow. We spend alot of time talking to you at your resting place, and we know you can hear us. Baby girl, we will always love, miss, and remember you. You taught us what love is... and we will honor you by loving another one day. The puppies at the shelter were so greatful to have your old toys. You would have been pleased, you always did like to share things with those less fortunate. Baby girl, we just returned from Grandma Kay's and it was very lonely not to have you there with us. Everything is different now, you were a part of who we are. I pray that you continue to watch over and guide us Reba, our precious angel. We will be together again "soon" as Jesus said. Until then, run and play baby girl. We love you with all our hearts. xoxo momma, papa, and socks.
9/3/05 Our Dearest Reba, we adopted another furbaby today. But you already knew that. You never cease to amaze us. We know by the way we were led, that you had a BIG paw in the adoption of Bessie. Thank-you for continuing to send blessings into our lives. We still ache for you so much, but there is a smile there too, as she makes her own place in our hearts and lives. We will never stop loving or missing you baby girl. Blessed are those that give of themselves. Love, momma & papa, Socks & Bess.
10/21/05 Reba girl, it was 14 weeks ago today that we shared the last full day together.. Baby, we miss you so very much. All of us, Bessie included, spend time at your resting place talking to you. I can still feel your presence all around me. Sometimes I catch a scent of your coat in passing, and I still cry. Please forgive me for crying so much, but it is so hard here without you. We love you baby girl. Wait for us. xoxoxo
11/12/05 Reba girl.. 17 weeks today you went to RB. We miss you so much. Trying to put up Christmas decor so Bess can share something that you so loved. Baby it is hard. You will never be forgotten. We know you are going to celebrate the holidays with Jesus this year, we just wish we could be with you too. Please forgive our tears baby girl. We just miss you so much. Forever in our hearts. We love you. xoxo Momma, Pappa, Socks, and Bess
11/24/05 Happy Thanksgiving baby girl. We miss you. Forever on our minds and in our hearts. xoxoxo momma,pappa,Socks, & Bessie
12/14/05 Reba girl we miss you so much. Not a day passes that I do not speak your name. God blessed me with 12 awesome years with you baby girl and for that I will always be grateful. Found a poem that speaks so well: Forever In Our Hearts...We thought of you with love today, for that is nothing new; we thought of you yesterday, and days before that too. We think of you in silence, we speak your name with pride, and we relive our memories of living side by side. Your memory is our keepsake with which we'll never part. God has you in His keeping-we have you in our heart. I love you baby girl. momma xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 12/25/05 Merry Christmas Reba girl. We miss you so much baby, running around the house opening presents, helping in the kitchen. The memories are many and we are so thankful for the time we were blessed with. We know you are celebrating Christmas with Jesus this year and we are so thankful for Him and His gift to us, that we may be welcomed into the Kingdom one day where we will be together again for all time. You my chub chub have recieved the greatest gifts of all... youth, vigor, and good health. Enjoy your time with your many new friends. Stay alert for us baby, we will be there one day. We love you, cherish the memories you left us with, and look forward to holding you again my nudge. Eternal Love, Momma,Papa,Socks,& Bessie xoxox
12/27/05 We little knew that morning, that God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly; in death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you; you did not go alone; for part of us went with you, the day God called you home. You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide; and though we can not see you, you are always at our side. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same; but as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again. (author unknown) We love you baby.
1/16/06 Six long months today baby girl. We miss you more than ever. Our love continues to grow with each pasing day. Everywhere we turn, we still expect to see you there. I know in my mind you are not here in body, but my heart still feels your presence so very strongly. I know you will be with me all of my days. I know too, that you are guiding Bessie, she is doing some of the things that you used to, things that we have not yet begun to train her on. It is my prayer that you curl up with Jesus and all the other furkids by night, and watch over us by day, in between play sessions of course. You are forever in our hearts and on our minds. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
All our love, Momma,Papa,Bess&Socks.
3/16/06 Our baby girl...8 months today. Gosh, it seems like yesterday we were holding you and looking into those deep and wise brown eyes. We miss you so much. Grandma Kay, Grandpa Shu, Jeff, Rachel, and Tyler were all here this month to visit and each shared memories of you. It was a bitter sweet time my girl. Not one day passes that you are not on our minds. Our hearts hold your love so dear and we look forward to holding you again one day. You have so many new friends sweetie and we know you are having fun. We know too that you are watching for us, stay alert, it won't seem like long at all. We love you.
4/15/06 Our sweet girl, today would be your 13th birthday here on earth. We miss you so very much. Today also ended a very special week baby...I met in person Monica (Lucy's mom), Maria (Ralphie's mom), Pam (Wallybean's mom), and Miriam (Charity's mom). I know this was a meeting put together and blessed by all of you. I can see your tails wagging in approval. What a blessing to share time with others who love so deeply. I know that age no longer means anything to you my love. Enjoy your eternal youth my nudge...I look forward to sharing eternity with you. Until then, you are always in my heart and on my mind. Our love transcends time and space baby. XOXOXOXOXOXO
5/14/06 My first mothers day without you my sweet girl. Reba I always miss you..but today was hard. Your memory continues to warm my heart. I enjoyed our chat this morning. May God continue to let me feel your presence in all ways. I love you forever baby. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
7/16/06 Sweet Reba...One year ago today I held you close as you took your last breath. I'm thankful that God called you home before Edie arrived to help ease your suffering...but, I miss you so much girl. You were and are still.....a HUGE part of who I am. Not one day passes that I don't speak your name. The tears still flow, but my heart does not feel like it has been ripped from my chest anymore...but there is and always will be something very dear missing from my physical life.....
Reba girl.....so many memories you left me with and I thank you for all of them...even the way you proudly greeted me when you were young...after eating two couches! You couldn't wait to show me how good you chewed them up....now I smile about that...
When we moved to the new house....you loved having so much more room to meander....and you were so cool when you wanted to help us clear the vines out of the trees....remember baby...we would pass an end to you and you would tug-o-war with that darn thing until you pulled it out of the tree...and then you would come back for another....you were such a good helper....and I smile through tears now.
Papa is napping right now with the NASCAR race on....and I remember the day Dale drove his last race....papa had tried to turn you into an Earnhardt fan that day....and I smile. Your papa has that picture in his office for all to see...and he too speaks of you daily....
Reba girl, we were so very blessed to have had the opportunity to share in your life. We are thankful that God trusted us with your care...and it is by His grace that we will be with you again one day. Until then....play with all your new friends my little socialite...
I know you are in good company.......
All our love baby girl....
10/6/06 Reba my love...been missing you badly. Not one day passes that I don't talk to you nudge. I love you so very much, and that will never change. I am so thankful for the time we shared. Thankful for Jesus, that I may one day be with you again. Keep watching over us girlfriend.. Bessie is learning your ways well..you must be guiding her. Love and miss you BIG TIME. 01/06/07 Sweet girl...we miss you so very much. This was our second Christmas without you and still so very hard. Thank you for all the memories that help to sustain us. Bessie, as I'm sure you noticed, has learned to open her presents much like you. Baby..I pray that our Lord showered you and your friends with many gifts...We talk about you every day. You are always on our minds..and in our hearts. Looking forward to the day we can all be together again. Love and nudges my baby girl. Never forget all that we shared...
1/16/07 Hard to believe it has been 1 1/2 years today that you were called home. I miss you my girl with every thread of my being. Not a day passes that your spirit doesn't caress my soul. I will never forget the love we shared. Bessie is a great girl, much like you. You and she would have gotten along so very well. I'm thankful for the memories that you left me with, they sustain me from day to day. It is because of you baby girl that I am able to love others. Your place is safe in my heart, never to be tucked away. Love you precious child....momma
3/28/07My sweet girl..I love you as much now as I ever did. I miss you so very much. Spring is here and the memories are flooding in. How special they are. Know that I will always love you baby girl. Always and Forever. Momma
April 15 2007 Happy Birthday Reeb! Hard to believe that you have been away for almost 2 years. Though I know you are in very good and capable hands, surrounded by love and many friends, I miss you. Daddy and I miss fixing you that T-bone steak on your birthday..Missing you chub-chub, not just today, but always. Love you. Momma
07/16/07 Two years from our arms reach, but always in our hearts
baby girl. Spread your wings and be with us today as we remember all the ways you touched us and changed us forever. We miss you Reeb..and we love you eternally. Until we meet again, heavenly hugs baby. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Momma, Pappa, Socks, & Bess
09/30/07 Hi Baby girl....thinking of you BIG TIME! Need you to do momma and papa a favor..when you curl up with Jesus tonight..ask him to watch over Grandma Marie...she really needs healing and strength for the road ahead. We love you baby. xoxoxoxo Momma & Papa
12/10/07 Hi baby girl...just dropping in to visit. We still miss you so much. The tree is up, but our most precious gift is in Heaven waiting for us. Bessie is doing well..I think you have great infuluence over her..she does a lot of the things you used to. Thank you for sending her to us to help us through.
One day baby..we will all be together again.. Much Love and Holiday Candy Kisses Our Love. xoxox Momma and Papa
12/15/07 Our dear girl Reba, by now you already have greeted Socks. We had to help him to you today baby girl..and it was such a hard decision, but we know you were right there for him. You two were such good friends..take care of him chub chub, until we are all together again. We love you both with all our hearts. xoxoxoxoxox
1/5/08 My dear girl..we missed you so much again at Christmastime. Bess seems to have picked up where you left off with opening presents. She is such a good girl, but she can never replace what we shared baby. I know you've been watching over us. I know too that Socks is with you, I can feel it. We brought a new little rescue home yesterday, Swan, and she has been spending alot of time by your memorial. I've no doubt you're teaching her how to get along with Bess. I'm sure too you got a bit of a chuckle last night as I dubbed her "monster". Papa and I didn't get much sleep, but to love in honor of all you taught us, it is worth being a bit tired. Never stop watching over us baby girl. We love you forever. xoxo
03/18/08 Morning baby..been thinking about you alot lately, actually, we never really stop:-) Miss seeing you running through the back yard, you loved spring so much. I'm sure you and Socks are hanging out as you always had... watching every move momma and pappa make. The pool is so still without you, the only ripples are those from our tears. The flowers we planted at your resting place are in full bloom, beautiful as you are. We love you Reba.. looking forward to the day.....xoxoxo
4/15/08 Our sweet baby girl, you'd have been 15 in earthly years today. We silently bow our heads and wish you a Happy Birthday. Memories of cake, presents, and ice cream fill our hearts. We miss you so much. Time marches on, and we look forward to being with you one day, but we will always remember you. We will always love you. We will carry all that you are in our hearts forever. XO
July 16, 2008 For my baby girl... My Love... My soul pup... My Reba... I will always love you.
Though it has been three years, it seems only yesterday that Papa and I held you as you struggled for your last breath. I know you are well... but I will always miss you.
My shattered heart has mended, but the scars run so very deep...the tears always just below the surface, ready to fall without notice... from a sweet, yet distant memory.
I'm able to smile most days...remembering how you loved your people... always helping with every task... always happy just to be with us... always a complete member of this family...
how you loved your "Strawberry Shortcakes" from the ice cream man (he still carries your picture)... Your love for water is still unmatched... probably always will be... and that's ok...
Reba-girl...you changed every life that you touched...and one day baby girl...we will all be together again, and on that day, tears of Joy will rain upon the earth...RIP.
7/16/09 It's been 4 years today Reeb....never stop missing you. You are still such a big part of who we are and a very strong influence on every decision we make. All that you taught us about love and family...can be found in everything we do, in everything we have, and in every ounce of love we share with others. We think of you on your birthday...for it was such a big event when you were here... but you don't age any longer..this I know...you are forever young, forever healthy, and forever in our hearts. See you again one day...forever. We love you.
4/15/2010 Happy Birthday baby girl. Forever in our hearts, forever in God's arms.
7/16/10 Wow...it is so difficult to believe it has been 5 years. Seems like yesterday we were holding you. We still talk to you all the time...and miss you so very much. I know you recently welcomed our Lucky girl... we saved her once, but couldn't the second time. Reeb...please look after her, she was only two... We love you baby girl... until we meet again. Love and kisses.
August 2011 Baby girl....6 long years, it seems like only yesterday we were together... We will never forget you. Forever loving you, forever missing you. Momma and Papa
December 13, 2011 Been thinking of you alot lately...again. Never will forget you Reba. You were one of a kind. Although we have given love to others, there is none like you. Take care of all the others..give a little extra attention to Luck..she was special, and never got the chance to really grow up. Looking forward to us all being together one day...oh what a day it will be!
3/9/12..spring is here Reba. The hybiscus where you rest is in full bloom...another beautiful flowering shrub has emerged that we did not plant...hello to you too!! Never a day without you on our minds and in our hearts. Keep watch over Luck and Socks baby...and over all of us here waiting to one day join you. Love, Hugs, and wet Kisses
07/16/2013 It has been 8 years today Reba. Not a day passes, still, that you are not on our minds and spoken of. You will remain in our hearts forever...until we meet again. Even though we have opened our home and hearts to others...you are and always will be "the one". Love and miss you baby girl. Look after Socks and Lucky for us....
12/25/2014 Merry Christmas Baby girl. You know more about what is going on here than we do. You have met up with grandma by now no doubt....and baby, if you want to cross over with grandma, it is ok....we will find you all one day when our time comes. We love you always and forever.
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