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Memories of RC Cola Carey
RC was such a handsome boy, full of energy with lots of love to give. He could be crazy at times, but only because of how excited he would get with the people he loved most. The last year of his life was a tough one - he had to have back surgery for a herniated disc, surgery went well, but he was never able to walk again or have control of his bladder and bowels. It was very difficult for everyone, but he was still in such good spirits. We choose to remember our RC Cola through his love and many babies. He fathered over two dozen doxie puppies, many that carry a lot of the same traits as him.
He was so full of energy and excitement all the time. He was such a momma's boy and I miss him terribly.💔 We used to go on long walks together - he was the perfect workout buddy - and would keep me going, even when I wanted to stop. He loved to chase birds, squirrels and rabbits and drive dad nuts with all the holes he would dig in the backyard. He was also such a good daddy with his puppies, especially Hosmer. He would let him roll all over him, bite him and jump on him, as much as he wanted. He would go to the race track with us on Sunday's, when my bub had a dirt bike race and sit and admire all the guys and their bikes. He loved car rides - he would always stick his head out the window while sitting in mom's lap and try to bite the air. 😂
He got along with all types of animals, even cats! He had two that he grew up with. He also loved spending time with his Aunt TT, who called him peanut, and his grandma, who gave him the nickname RC Cola ❤
He was the absolute best dog and will be missed everyday. The nights are the toughest because before his back surgery, he was mom's snuggle buddy. For the longest time, it was always just him and I. He was my protector. He may have been small, but he was fierce. We've been through so much together in the 8 & 1/2 years he was with me and life will never be the same without him. As much as it hurts to lose him, I'm glad I had the chance to love him. I just wish I would've done more for him this last year of his life and that things could've been different.😢💔
I like to remember back to when he was a puppy and would almost trip over his own ears and head as he ran with his toys or bones in his mouth. And how he used to LOVE to sit between my neck and chair, on my shoulders during car rides - the first night I brought him home he curled up on my shoulders and went right to sleep. It was love at first sight with him - I almost wrecked my car when I saw him for the 1st time. We were going to meet some friends for dinner and I saw a dachshunds for sale sign on the left side of the road, near a gas station. Without even checking to see if there were any cars coming, I turned left into the gas station, threw the car in park and went to see the puppies. He was the last one left and I just HAD to have him. Little did I know we'd be bringing him home later that night. I was so excited at dinner that I could barely contain myself. We picked him up late that night and never turned back. He was my first puppy and I love him dearly.
Even if I had known this is what the outcome would be almost 9 years later, I would've still chose him and loved him unconditionally.
I know that I will miss my baby boy everyday for the rest of my life. But, someday we will be reunited again. Now he is with God and is able to run and jump and play again - with his best buds - Zues, Bashy Boy, Sammy JO & Duke. ❤
I only hope and pray that he knows we love him and miss him terribly and that there won't be a single day that goes by that I won't think of my sweet, sweet boy.
Until we meet again - rest in peace and run free my RC. Momma loves you always and forever. Xoxo 😙😙

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