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Memories of Razberry

Raz you were so special.Big wet kisses to chasing bears up the trees.A stand-off with a deer in the yard,letting all the critters know,dogs,cats,birds rabbits even Bears an Deer,that this was Raz the Cairn's space an they should keep out.You loved Ice tea from my cup,yogurt,ice cream,chicken,cheese
you love it all if I had it you figured you would like it.
We would hike all the parks from NJ to Arizona.You loved the rivers on our walks.You were so brave.
Remember the Husky in Coyote Park in AZ,you were one tough little girl.
I loved to watch you help Mom (Plant)in her garden.you sure could dig some holes.I'll remember you laying on your back with your belly up an me rubbing an kissing you,you loved it so much Now I'm hear without you,what now? I know at the end you didn't feel good,your back legs,you couldn't see,your back was bad,then you walked off the steps. But you hung in there.Well now you can Run My Cairn Run,your a pup again.Your pain is now mine.
And I gladly except it knowing you are happy an healthy again.Before we know it You,Me,an Mom will all be playing together again.You were one beautiful Cairn,My Razberry.I love you now an forever.

Razzie its been a month since you started your new adventure,I light a candle for you every night,I hope you can see it from your hillside.I picture you walking true the house,staring down the cats I know Meko has been hunting for you,he never bothered you an you never bothered him.Well girl I thought I,d say hello in the only way I know now.The hole in my heart is as big as the love in your heart was for me.I love you my old Cairn terrier dog

Hi you old girl,How you do'in?Are you making friends?I know you are.The cats are still lookin for you.Millie keeps rubbing on your coat,they wonder were you are.I'm thinken of puting you stuff away,but rite now I'll leave them as they are.I like to look at them.Well Razzie as always I love an miss you more all the time.

Hey old lady How's my girl?I can't believe your gone allmost three months.Boy am I lonly for yourhead bumps. .That old Millie adopted your spot on the bed,you see I'm sure.Her an Meko keep snifin for you.Won't be long an I'll be back in AZ,This time alone,but your in my heart an soul,so you'll be there too. well baby Dad loves an as always misses you,have fun my old Cairn terrier till we meet again.

HI little girl,It;s been 4 months since you went to be with Mom I think of both of you every day.Hope your having lots of fun together.I"m leaving for AZ in two wks.Millie is doing her best to keep me company.She lays in YOUR spot.She sometimes just stares at the ceiling,I think your there,I hope so.I miss you MY Cairn Terrier dog,God bless you ,You were such a good friend.

Hi baby Well Me an Milli made it.We arrived in AZ 3 weeks ago.I missed not having you with me.The house is nice,I think you would like it.I walk by the park an remember all our walks.I kept your bowls with me,in case another little girl comes into my life.Well my girl Ill go now
I know your having a ball with all the new friends Im sure you made.Till next time,your in my heart an mind always.

Hi Sweetheart Well your gone 6 mo. Christmas is in 4 day this is the first without you in 16 yrs.I hope you an Mom enjoy our Lords birthday together.not much to say except I miss you a bunch an think of you often,life is dull without you but Ill see you soon.Merry X-mas little one,Dad loves you always.

My Razzie One year has passed since we took our last ride together,it seems like yesterday.
I"m staying busy,but not one day passes that I don't think of you and remember something about you or something we did together,and a smile comes to my face.You are that special Furball in my life,you are with me and will stay with me,now an till we meet again You Old Cairn Terrier Dog.
Give Mom a kiss,I love you my Forever friend.

Hi My Cairn How are you pretty girl? I thought I'D say hello to my friend.Thinking of you an missing you.About a week ago I was doing so work on the grounds in front of the property an what do I find,a little black mixed beauty of a boy dog.He ran from me an for three days he ran an hid an ate the feral cats food,but he kept coming behind my house. There are one hundred an forty eight homes he could have hung at but he hung by mine.So I set a trap an caught him.Every one who sees us thinks he has been with me always because of how he acts with me,I think its you come back or you sent him to me,crazy me.He sure does have your eyes,an he wont leave my side.He is smart just like you.He had no chip,there are no posters looking for him,no collor,so I think he should stay.I didnt want any more dogs after you girl,but in my heart I feel he belongs with me,he is not you,there will never be another you,but he found me,now we are together,you would like him.well thought you should know.As always I miss you girl talk to you again.

Hello my sweet girl,Well two years have passed an your spirit is as strong as ever.
I can feel you with me.Alot has happened since you went to be in the wonderful garden of the Lord.
You know I have Murphy,I think you had some doing in that,he is a good boy.you two would be buddys.Milli has gotten big now,remember how she would chase your tail well now she does that to Murphy.Im sure you see all this,You an Mom Im glad you two have each other.
I have your memory,My Cairn Terrier,you bring a smile to my face often,I think of all of our 15 years together an wish we had another 15.We were a great team.Me,Murph,an Milli say goodnight to you every night.Im very sad today but I know we will be holding each other again soon.Well little lady have a wonderful day,I call it Razzies Day.I love you an miss you more the I can tell you.Talk to you latter My Girl.

Merry Christmas My beautiful girl I'm thinking of you an Mom.Me,Murph,an Mili wish you guys Love
an know we will all be together again.Bye for now I love you My Cairn Terrier Dog.

Hi my girl How are you my cairn Another year has gone by There has been a lot of changes except the love I feel in my heart for you,it seemes to get stronger
Murphy an Mili say Hi You never met Murph but you would have loved him Mili is a big girl now I can still see her chasen your tail when she was a kitten.This is Razzies day.I get very sad this day but I know your a strong an healthy little lady again just like when I first got you an you took your place next to me an you stayed there for 15 wonderful years well little sweeetie goodby for now I hold you in my heart I love you an miss you every day.

Hello little one, four years has gone by and I miss you as much today as back then.Hope you an your mom are together.Enjoy each other Ill be there soon
You were such a good friend Raz,Ill never forget you and all the fun we had.God bless you sweety Murph an Milli say hello to their big sister.
I love you my girl ill talk to you soon.

Hi my little lady I was thinking of you an thought id drop you a line.I just came back from a visit with your human sister Alandra we talked of you an laughed at how sweet you would act..Murph an Milli send their love,I tell them of you.I wish you were still here,but be for long you will hear me calling your name and we will be loven each other again. Until next time have fun my Cairn Terrier dog Dad loves you.

Hey little friend this is 5 years sense you went to your place in our lords world.I hope you an mom are having a ball.I told you about Murphy he is such a good boy,
Well I now have a new tom cat,Ghost is a stray i took in,we love him,he is a giant boy,he was real sick but we got him fixed up,he"s part of the pack.I still think of you every day an say goodnight every night,i hope you hear me.well till next time I love an miss you my Cairn Terrier,Give Mommy a kiss for me.Milli is a big girl now she says hi.Goodbye Razzie.

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