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Memories of Raven
I got Raven as a tiny kitten just before Easter when my other black cat, Elf, died suddenly. She was part of a colony of semi-feral cats a neighbor of the friend i had at the time took care of. I loved this tiny black force of nature the second i saw her that cold, blustery day in March. Ill never forget how she looked...tiny, shivering and helpless, a green and yellow ribbon tied around her neck. Her little back foot had two white tips on the toes. I called it her personality. When the "friend" and I had a falling-out, I almost gave the kitten back. But God stayed my hand and I kept her, realizing that it wasn't Raven's fault. In fact, that cat was the only thing keeping me going at times. She was there for me through friendships disintegrating, my Grandma's passing, when my depression was at its worst, and so much more. When she developed kidney failure and a tumor on her liver I was devastated and swore I'd help her live as comfortably as possible. Up until then she'd always taken care of me (I often wasn't sure who rescued who) But just before Easter she took a turn for the worse. I knew it was time. She looked so ready. So I made her a promise that evening and in the morning I called the vet. Our last morning together she even came out of the closet she'd slept in, struggled onto the bed, and gave me a look like "Come on, Mom, you made a promise last night. Call the vet." I took her out to the yard one last time, she got up on my lap and have me one last nose kiss ("eewww kisses" I called them.) Before we left, I took her through the house to say goodbye to the other pets and see each room one last time. Then we left, and her journey to Rainbow Bridge was made.
Raven, just know that I did this for you. You were always there for me even when the rest of the world wasn't. I did it not because I didn't love you, but because I loved you too much to make you stay. I love you, I'll always love you, with a love that was more than love. Take care, my beautiful black angel!🐱💔
7/19/17-the 21st will be my Moms bday, Raven! Will you be celebrating with her? Keep the signs coming to me. You know how bad my anxiety and depression have been. Please tell me my friends and I will all be ok! When you see my Mom, give her these...🎂🎈🎁
Be good up there, my girl! Tell Snoopy his Mum misses him and tell Jazz the newt and Jimmy, Marilyn and the rest of the snailies hi from us all. I love you!
7/24/17-did you visit me last night in my dreams, girl? I saw you twice. Once you ran up to me and blinked at me like you always did, then made that little chirp of yours and ran off before I could touch you-right through a closed door! The second time you were on the bed beside me, purring,and I was hugging you and kissing your side and haunches like I did. Those were the only part of my dreams that made sense. Most of the time my dreams are like a drunken mashup of Salvador Dali and Heironymus Bosch! Thank you for visiting me and letting me hold you one last time. My nerves have been so bad lately. I hope you've made lots of new friends at the Bridge but please my sweet girl don't forget me! I'll never forget you. Take care now and I'll write to you again soon. 🐱
7/30/17- My precious girl, in less than 3 weeks I'll be turning 43! How I wish you were here to celebrate with me! Do you remember when your Aunt Lil Rhonda got me the cotton candy maker for my birthday because she made the cotton candy at the stores snack bar and I always joked that it reminded me of the white tuft on your belly? Maybe I'll get some supplies and we'll make some again. August 17 is also Black Cat Appreciation Day! Isn't that a weird coincidence? I'd like to do something special for black kitties everywhere that day. You gave me so much joy I want to give some back. Please give me a sign if you have any ideas. Tell everyone I love them. I'll write to you again very soon my beautiful Angel! I love and miss you so much! ♥
8/4/17-The Cuddle Clone of you arrived the other day! It's not an exact match to you, of course, but nothing ever will be, as beautiful as you are. You were in my dream last night again too. I was hugging you and telling you "I love you so much!" I know it was the plush of you I was hugging but I also know it was you, if that makes any sense. Keep the good signs coming! The other day my friend and I saw a rainbow and I just knew you and the others were looking down on us from it. Tell Frank the snail I hope his shell is all better and not twisted and brittle like it was before he crossed. Danielle, Mike and the other snails miss him. And tell Snoopy hi from his Mum and sister. I love you all so much! Take care of one another 🌈
8/8/17-My sweet girl, it's been 4 months today since you made your journey to Rainbow Bridge. It's odd but it feels like forever and yesterday at the same time. I've been missing you so much lately! I confess, I'm hoping in a way my friends will forget my birthday so I can just stay here, think of you and cry. I'm sorry, I know you wouldn't want me to be so upset, but there's days when I just can't help it. You were such a huge part of my life and in a way you still are. It's in little reminders, like when a package comes and you're not here to yank all the packing material out of the box and claim it for your own, or when I make the bed and you're not here to crawl under the clean sheets and swat at me. I hope there's lots of those things where you are now, little one!I love you so much Raven. Please watch over us all every day. I hope you're having a great summer. I'll write to you again very soon my beautiful girl! Love, Mummy 🐱
P.S- I just found out that today is World Cat Day! I'll be thinking of you and all the other kitties at the Bridge, and praying for all the ones here who are sick, homeless or unwanted. I love you, girl!🐺🐱
8/15/17-Darling Raven, I can't believe my Grandma has been gone 8 years today! I hope you are giving her lots of purrs and cuddles. I love you all very much and I promise I won't forget to leave you an extra treat Thursday on my birthday, but more importantly for Black Cat Appreciation Day! Everyone here will be getting toys and treats, so I can't leave you out! Take care now, my beautiful angel! 🐱❤
8-17-17-Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day, my wonderful beautiful girl! I'm going to make a donation to a black cat rescue today in your honor. So many black cats just as wonderful as you are out there in need of love and forever homes that I want to give some of the joy you gave me back! Today is also my birthday, and I wouldn't dream of leaving you out, so here's some extra treats, and a pretty box to play in. You always loved jumping on the gifts no matter what the occasion. It's going to be so hard not having you here with me today! But I know you're watching from the Bridge, and maybe you'll even come for a visit. I know that you could never leave my heart! Just know I love you so very very much. Please give me strength to get through, I've been so depressed and nervous. For your sake I'll try to have a good day, because I know you'd hate to see me sad. I miss you and love you SO MUCH!!!! I'll talk to you again really soon, ok? I love you, Raven!🐱🐾
8/20/17-Will you be watching the eclipse tomorrow, my sweet girl? I know you and the others will have a front-row seat at the Bridge and you won't even need those glasses! Took me forever to track a pair down, but your Aunt came through and found some! I've been so jittery and depressed I kept forgetting to get them. I made it through my birthday ok. I almost felt like you were there, making sure I didn't cry too much. Thank you, that was the best gift of all. I hope the other black cats out there get a chance at a loving home with the donation I made in your name. You gave me so much, including a reason to live, I want to pay it forward.
Please watch over us and ask God to keep us all safe. Your brothers and sisters, Aunts, Uncle and cousins all love you very much! Have fun with the other babies watching the eclipse! I'll write to you again really soon, ok? I love you! ☀🐱
8/21/17-Happy Eclipse Day, my beautiful girl! I know you and the others will be watching at the Bridge. Think of our love as you gaze at the sight...it eclipses all else, and it's once in a lifetime! Please tell the other cats to settle down. I think whole thing's messing them up. I know I've been a nervous wreck! They say there's nothing to the bit about moon phases and planets affecting you moods, but that's bunk. I hope we all calm down after it's over.
I love you, girl. Watch over us always and I'll continue to love you. I'll write again soon! Hugs, Mum! 🐱❤☀
8/25/17-Did you enjoy the eclipse, my sweet girl? It truly was cool and a bit scary at the same time! I know you enjoyed the tuna and gift box, but I'm guessing you'd like your other items again now, so here they are! Thank you for visiting me again. I love you so much. Please watch over us all, and tell me it will be ok! Take care, my precious girl! Hugs! 🐱
8/29/17-Just wanted to check in and say hello, my girl! I can't believe August is almost over. What a sad, fast summer this has been! I made it through my birthday ok, thanks to you coming to say hi. Do you remember when the girls and I went camping for my birthday and Becky babysat you guys? And Sara and your Aunt Lil Rhonda got me the scary movie and we all watched it when we got home? I miss those days so much! I hope you're doing well and showing all the new arrivals at the Bridge what a wonderful place it is. Let them know that their Mums and Dads will never forget them or stop loving them. I know I never will with you. Until next time, all my love, darling baby kitty! 🐱❤
9/3/17-Sweet girl,I hope you're doing well and staying high and dry! I feel so bad for all the kitties, horses, cows and wildlife down in Texas and Louisiana. It breaks my heart! May all of them be reunited with their families. It's almost our favorite holiday, too! I wasn't going to bother with the Halloween party this year but your Aunt and cousins out-voted me. You wouldn't want us to be sad, I know, but things are just so hard and so different without you. I'll make the cake to look like you this time, ok? I'll try to post a picture too so you can see it. I love you so much, girl! Until next time, take care, little one! 🐱🌈
8/8/17-It's been 5 months
since you made your Rainbow Bridge journey, girl, and I still feel it like it was an hour ago. I guess it will never stop hurting me. Tell My Grandma Happy Birthday for me today, my baby kitty! Do you remember when i brought you to her house when you were little to see her and her friend? You ran all over the place, chirping! They loved you so much! Tell them I love them, and when you see Grandma please give her these-🌹🎁🎂 I love you, my little girl, and I'll talk to you again very soon! 🐱
9/12/17- I got my tattoo of you finished today, my beautiful black girl! I hope you can see it and love it as much as I do. Billy is such a super artist and so nice I know you'd like him. We even put my favorite Poe quote on it. "We loved with a love that was more than love." That's from Annabel Lee, remember? It's perfect for us.I hope you're having fun, my girl. I love and miss you, and I'll write to you again soon!🐱🌹
9/19/17-Hi,girl! Just wanted to check in and say hi to my baby kitty. I hope Houdini is settling in ok. Tell him Amaryllis and I miss him. I can't believe fall starts tomorrow! Spring and summer went so fast and just weren't the same without you. Please watch over us all, and keep the signs coming. We love you so much, girl!❤🐱
9/29/17-Hi, my darling! Its so hard to write on here, the keys on my phone stick so bad. I wish they'd get it fixed lol! Please give my friends and I strength and help us to be happy! I'm so upset these days. Please ask God to send us His love. Things have been awful here. Let these dark clouds pass. I love you so much, girl! 🐱❤
10/08/17-My sweet girl, I can't believe it's been 6 months today! It feels like yesterday and forever at the same time! I feel so lost without you. Please help me get the energy to put the party together for my friends. I'm not even interested in Halloween this year. Its not the same without you. I hope you got the jack-o-lantern I sent you. Please send me your love, as you always do. I'll try to make you proud! I love you so much and I'll write to you again very soon my beautiful girl! 🎃🐱👻
10/21/17-Hi, sweet girl! I'm sorry I haven't been to see you for a bit. Just wanted to check in and tell you I love you! It's been so empty here without you. I hope you come to see me again soon. I love you baby kitty!🐱💔
10/31/17-Happy Halloween beautiful black kitty! I know that you're ready for tricks and lots of treats just for kitties! I know you were at the party Sunday night. I felt you there, watching over us and making sure your Uncle Chuck and Cousin Emoly didn't set the yard on fire! Pyromaniacs! Thank you for being there to get me through! Please continue to send your love down the Rainbow to us. I'll never stop loving you. Happy Halloween, sweet girl! 🐱👻🎃
11/08/17-Dearest Raven,it's been 7 months since you had to go.I wonder if this pain will ever go away. It's so nice to see the beautiful colors on the trees though! I think you had a paw in that, didn't you? You know how sad I've been so I know you did. You always know what's best, don't you? Thank you for this gift! We all love and miss you so much, girl! I'll visit you again soon,ok? 🐱🍁🍂
11/18/17-Wonderful Raven, today your brother Geronimo joined you at the Bridge. Please make him welcome and tell him I'm sorry I didn't have much time for him and the rest lately. I know you two had grown apart as you got older but I hope you have lots of fun now, free and happy together. We love you guys! 🐱🐺❤
11/23/17-Happy Thanksgiving wonderful girl! I know that you and all the rest will be sitting down to a big feast just for you! I'll be thinking of you all day and how lucky I was to have you all in my life,and now at the Bridge to watch over us as our very own angels. We love you so much! 🐱🐺🍊🦃
12/5/17-Raven, you and the rest truly are my Guardian Angels! Thank you! Thank you all!🐱🐺🎄
12/8/17-It's been 8 months since you had to leave me, sweet girl. I miss you and the others so much! I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season at the Bridge with the rest of the babies. Please give me the strength to get through each day and bless us with health and happiness. We love you so very much! 🐺🐱🎅
12/25/17-Raven, on this holiest of days, know that I love and miss you and the others so very much! I've lit your candle and hope you can see it. I know that Santa found you all and left you all sorts of wonderful goodies! Gaze at the tree, enjoy a holiday feast, but please, darling girl, don't forget our Christmases together. I know I won't. Merry Christmas my wonderful girl, to you, Mo and all the rest! 🐱🐺🎄🎅
1/1/18-I love to watch my Raven baby run around the house. She would like some Flutter Balls and a catnip mouse. Raven you have no idea just how much I love you! Merry Christmas, everyone, Happy New Year too! 🎶🎉🎊
1/8/18-9 months, my sweet girl. I can't believe it. And yet with the start of a new year I miss you more than ever. It's as if I'm back to the first weeks all over again. I hope you all are nice and warm at the Bridge. It's been so cold here! I love you guys so very much. Please keep the signs coming. I miss you! 🐱🐺❤
1/30/18-Hi, sweetheart!I just wanted to take a moment and say hi to you and your brother. I hope it's spring at the Bridge already. You always had so much fun on those wonderful warm days! I know that your birthday is coming up on the 4th, and I promise to send you something special and celebrate what a wonderful girl you are. I love you all so very much! Take care my darling! 🐱🌱⚘
2/04/18-Happy birthday to my wonderful girl! I hope you get lots of toys and treats today! But please, my darling, don't forget about the fun we had together. I loved buying you those goodies and toys. Be sure to share with Mo, Snoopy and all the other babies at the Bridge. I love you so very very much! Happy Birthday,Raven!!!🎉🍨🎂🎈
2/08/18-Dearest Raven, I hope you enjoyed your birthday! It's been 10 months since you had to leave. Almost a year. It feels like forever and yesterday at the same time. I just wish I could hold you one more time. I love you so much! Take care of the others now, and give them my love too. I miss you! 🐱💚⚘
2/14/18-Happy Valentine's Day my dear girl! I hope you and the rest get lots of goodies and love today! Think of the love we shared, and still do. I'll never stop loving you or the others, please know that. Tell Mom I love her. She's been gone 20 years today. Be good my girl. Happy Valentine's Day! 🐱💟💋
2/25/18-Raven I know you and Geronimo have made many new friends now, and today I ask that you welcome two newcomers at the Bridge. One is Phoebe, a beautiful little calico cat. You've met her brother Chandler already. She's very shy,I hear, so please be kind to her. The other is Kenzi, a 6yo Asian elephant calf, who passed away at our zoo from a terrible disease. Please make these two wonderful souls welcome and show them what a beautiful place Rainbow Bridge is. I know my mom will be excited to meet them! I love you guys and I'll visit again soon!🐱🐺🐘
3/8/18-Dearest girl, it's been 11 months now. Almost a year. I still miss you so much! I still can't believe you're gone, at least physically. I know you come to see me. Is it spring at the Bridge now? How we both loved those first warm days! Have fun, my darling, but please don't forget about me! I love you and the others so much! Take care now my girl!🐱🐺🌷
3/20/18-Happy first day of spring to my wonderful girl! It's still cold here, but I know that it's warm and beautiful at the Bridge. Are you and the rest ready for the Easter bunny? How we both loved that holiday! Do you remember those crazy baskets we always made? And when we got up early one Easter because Sara took Rhonda and I to see the Piasa Bird? I miss those days, but I miss you even more! Enjoy this beautiful time of year, and I'll be keeping you in my heart. I love you Raven!🐱🐺🌱🌸
4/1/18-Happy Easter, Raven and the rest! I know the Easter bunny found you and left all sorts of treats and surprises! I love you all so very much. This is a time of renewal, so enjoy every beautiful thing that comes your way today! Please, though, don't forget our special times together. I know I won't. Easter blessings, wonderful girl! 🐱🐺🌷🐰🐣
4/8/18-Twas many and many a year ago, in a kingdom far from the sea, that a little black kitten came into my life, as an Easter present to me. She came into my life with no other thought than to love and be loved by me, and we loved with a love that was more than love, my wonderful Raven and me.
It's been a year, sweet girl. Where has the time gone? So much has changed, but one thing that hasn't is how much I love and miss you. I promise I'll always try to make you proud, to be for others what you are for me. I'll write to you always, and hold you in my heart until I hold you in heaven. I love you, Raven. Please don't forget our love. I know I never will! 🐱🌈🎈⚘
4/19/18-Hi, Raven and Geronimo! I just wanted to check in and say hello to you all. Today your bunny cousin Snoopy has been gone a year. I know that his Mom misses him and so do I. Please tell him we love him and we're thinking about him on this day. Did you see the flowers I got for each of you? I'll plant them when it's warmer, ok? Just know we're all thinking of you and miss you so much. I'll be back soon, ok? I love you!🐰🐺🐱
5/6/18-Hello, my beautiful girl! I hope you're enjoying your spring. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I hope Danielle is settling in ok. Did you see your flowers? I'll take good care of them. Anyway I just wanted to check in. I love you, girl! 🐱🐺⚘🌼
5/10/18-Bright eyes,burning like fire, bright eyes, how can you close and fail? How can the light that burned so brightly suddenly burn so pale? Oh, is it a dream? 🐱⚘🐺
5/13/18-Love you forever, like you for always, as long as I'm living, your Mommy I'll be! 🐺❤🐱
5/28/18-Happy Memorial Day to my own little hometown heroes! Thank you for just being the ones who always loved me. Enjoy your summer my darlings, but please don't forget about the time we shared! We'll always be together in my heart, and one day we'll be together in heaven. I love you! 🐺🐱🌹
6/21/18-Happy first day of summer, beautiful Raven! I know that all of you are getting ready for fireworks and bbq. Have a great time, my special girl, but please, don't forget me! Thank you for sending Freddy and Curtis. They make me laugh! I love you, girl! Please watch over us all! 🎆🎇❤
7/4/18-Happy 4th of July to all my Bridge kids! May this day be one of laughter fun and remembrance. Make sure to give an extra big hello to those who gave their lives for our freedom. And just know that even the fireworks you'll see tonight will never outshine the love I have in my heart for you all! 🐱🎇🎆🐺
8/2/18-Hi, Raven! Here it is August already! I hope you and the others are having a great summer but please don't forget the special times we shared. The 17th will be Black Cat Appreciation Day, and also my birthday, so I'll be celebrating you all day! I love you, girl! Please keep the signs coming!I'll visit again soon, ok? Hugs!🐱💝❣
8/17/18-Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day to you, wonderful Raven! I hope you know just how loved and appreciated you are on this special day! As it's also my birthday, here's a cake and some beautiful balloons for you and the others to enjoy together! (Keep a balloon for yourself, I won't tell!) I love you, girl! Please continue to watch over us and I'll visit again soon! 🐱🎂🎈🎉
9/18/18-Hi there, beautiful girl! I can't believe its almost fall! Are you ready for Halloween? That was our special day wasn't it? It's just not the same anymore for me. Please give me the strength and inspiration to make it a good one, for you and my friends both. I love you so much and I'll visit again soon, ok?🐱❤🍁🍊
10/1/18-A jack-o-lantern for you, my girl, to make you smile and light your way on long fall evenings. Just remember that you are and always will be my light as well. I love you so much, Raven!🐱🎃🍂
10/6/18-I got a new phone, girl! Hopefully I'll get the hang of it pretty quick but now it'll be easier to write to you. I love you so much! Have fun getting ready for Halloween ok? Be good and I'll visit again soon! 🐱💖💞
10/8/18-Raven, it's been a year and a half since you had to go. Every day without you is a sad struggle, one that nobody understands. Life goes on for everyone else, but I'm still frozen in time at the moment you left. I miss you and the others, and that's something I'll never be able to get past. Just know that you were my favorite hello, and my hardest goodbye. The hardest I've ever made. I love you so very much. Missing you girl, today, tomorrow and always 💕🐱💖
10/23/18-I miss you, girl. I miss you so very much 😿🌈💔
10/31/18-Happy Halloween to my gorgeous black cat and all the rest! I know you'll be getting up to all kinds of tricks and getting lots of treats today! Have fun and keep everyone safe tonight. I felt you I nearby at the party. I just wish I could hold you in my arms again. Tell Vincent Price, Poe, HP Lovecraft and all the other people who always made this time of year special hello for me. I know they're taking good care of you until we can be together again. Have fun, girl,but please don't forget about me! Until next time, I love you, Raven! 👻🎃🍬🍫
11/14/18-Raven, please watch over all the animals and people who are affected by the terrible wildfires in California. I saw a clip of some beautiful wild rabbits cowering in terror as the blaze destroyed their home and it broke my heart into a million pieces. Please be their angel, as you've always been to me, and guide them and the rest to safety. I can't even imagine the fear and hopelessness they're feeling. Please, girl, share your loving spirit with them and ask our Creator to bring them all safely home. I love you all so much and miss you terribly. Tell everyone I love them, ok? I'll talk to you again soon 😸🐰🐌💖
11/22/18-Happy Thanksgiving, beautiful black kitty! How I miss you all on this special day. I know you'll be having a delicious feast and playing all sorts of games today, with friends old and new. Please make sure Mo doesn't eat everything! And be sure to welcome all the new faces to the table. I'm so very thankful that I had you in my life,and I'm thankful for my new friends as well. But nothing will ever fill the hole in my heart from having to say goodbye to you. Sometimes the memories aren't enough and I just want to hold you in my arms, even if you didn't always appreciate it! Most of all, don't forget me, and all our time together. I know I'll never forget you. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I love you so much! 🦃🍁🍂🍰
12/05/18-I miss you, girl. I miss you so much. I wish I could hold you. Christmas is so sad without you! 😿🎅🎄
12/22/18-Raven, as Christmas approaches I miss you more than ever. I try to stay busy, focus on the good, but deep down the pain is worse than ever before. I hope Ashton is settling in ok and has someone to love him now. He's such a beautiful rabbit! Please give him a warm welcome at the festivities this year. I love you all so much! Soon Santa will arrive with all sorts of surprises for you all, and how I wish I could get the one thing I wish for the most, to have you all here again. Be good, now, sweet girl. I'll be back soon. I love you! 🎅🎄⛄
12/25/18-Merry Christmas, my little black kitty, to you and all the rest! How I wish I could hold you in my arms today, not just my heart. You're all so very loved, so very missed, not just today but always. Enjoy the goodies Santa brought you, sing carols, and play all day. But if you've got time, please come and visit me. I miss you so much. Tell Jesus Happy Birthday and give Him one of your nose kisses for sending me Curtis and Freddy, but most of all for sending you into my life that cold, dreary March day. I love you all, and will be thinking of you today. Merry Christmas, beautiful girl, to you and all the other sweet ones! ✝🎁🎄⛄🎅✝
01/01/19-Happy New Year, girl. I miss you so much🎊😭🎉
01/12/19-Oh, Raven! This New Year has just been a mess so far! I'm asking you today, PLEASE help your cousin Tabby come home safe and sound! PLEASE!!!!! I love you, girl, so much! Please bring him home to your Aunt! 💔💔
Later- THANK YOU, BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!! Tabby is now home safe and sound! Go and tell God thank you so very much! I love you, girl! 🎈🎈🎉🎊
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