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Memories of Raven Lee Poe Page Keown
Dear Little Miss Raven,

Hello, old friend, and here we are. You and me, on the last page.

It's been less than a week since I kissed you along the way to the Rainbow Bridge, and the hole in my heart burns like I just left the room. I can still feel your paw on my face, holding me in place so you could lick my nose. I can close my eyes and still smell your wonderful, stinky floof. I feel the fuzz on my cheek when we snuggled like it was yesterday.

You have been the most incredible little friend. It will remain one of my life's great mysteries how so much love could exist in such a tiny package. I felt it in every glimmer in your eye and every wag of your tail. I sometimes wonder how I will get through the day without those things, but for you I will.

Please know that your mommy and I miss your presence dearly, and look forward to the day we meet again in the next life.

I love you with every part of me, and I always will.


It's been 6 months now since my best friend left this life and moved on to whatever is next.

I need to believe that somewhere her soul is still very much alive. But ironically, the time when I need this the most is also the time when my faith is being tested the most.

I never met a soul more good and pure than hers, and I honestly don't believe I ever will, because I don't believe there is one.

She was made of pure, endless, unfailing, unconditional love. She didn't deserve such a short life, while people like me get so many years on this Earth. And given the choice, I would have traded all of my tomorrows so that she could have had more yesterdays.

I met Raven on Christmas Day. And she truly was the best gift I ever got.

She was my shadow, my sidekick, my silent sentinel, my guardian angel, and my Nurse Helga.

She loved more in her 8 short years than anyone else could if they had a hundred years.

She made me laugh every day.

And she saved my life.

If I could tell her anything now, it would be this:

I love you and I miss you.
I hope I gave you the best life possible.
I will be waiting until the day when I can hold you again at the Rainbow Bridge.
We will fall asleep staring lovingly into each other's eyes, just like always.
Love, Mommy

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