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Memories of Raven "Mr. Small"
I still remember the first time I saw you. You were just a baby. So tiny. You slept with me, every night. I carried you on my shoulder while I cooked and while I watched tv. You slept on Cydalia's head the first night she stayed at my house on Barnes Avenue. You were my little "Dirty Paws." Remember how mommy had to teach you how to wipe your paws off before you came out of the cat box? Ray Ray, I love and miss you so much. Daddy and I miss seeing your "wider than high" face. You truly were the best cat in the world. The friendliest and coolest cat ever. People that were "non cat" people loved you. You won everyone over with your dynamic and larger than life personality. And your indomitable spirit! With a grade 5/6 heart murmur, you were not supposed to last more than a year. You defied the odds buy living life on your terms, and never acting sick a day in your life. I thought you would be with me forever Ray Ray. I truly thought you were immortal. You beat the odds so many times. I'm writing this with tears flowing down my cheeks because I miss you so much. You were daddy's "boy" and he is heartbroken. The house feels so empty without you. All we do is talk about you. I still can't believe you are gone.

Memories of Mr. Small:

Jumping on our desks while mommy and daddy were trying to work.
Knocking down the centerpieces on the dining room table.
Your unusual plastic fetish! I hope there is plenty of bubble wrap at the rainbow bridge.
Meowing at us incessantly when you had a half of bowl of food. (You little nut!)
Licking Bing and having the dogs chase you up the stairs. You loved taunting them. (Bing misses you baby)
Your love of tuna and Spanish rice and beans.
Clawing at the rug at the bottom of the stairs
Giving us the "hard head"
Couldn't resist the fist
You can't club the chub, you gotta rub the chub!
King Kitty and Mount Kit and how you had your run of the house on Cary Avenue. 4 floors of fun and a catbox on each!
Travelling with you everywhere and all of our car rides. You were the most adaptable cat in the world!
How mad you got at us for getting you a Lion cut! You looked so funny!
Such a small cat, on such a big bed!

For my Raven

So innocent so tiny so utterly sweet you were
My new feline baby, a little ball of fur
In sleep together we'd lie, playing during the day
No matter where I went, you followed along the way
Your little head on my pillow, rising when I would stir
You would lay contently on my desk, and at my touch you'd purr
I held you always close to me, a kitten atop my shoulder
Always by my side and as the years passed, we grew older
I regret taking for granted the days I had with you
After all you had endured, I thought I had forever with you
I am grateful for the years, for the love you gave my friend
But I cannot get over the agony of seeing you at the end
You were a cat beyond cats, the sweetest of souls
The hearts of everyone you met, so easily, you stole
So many memories, so many names, Ray Ray, Mr. Small
Your fat, fluffy face between the spindles, wider than it was tall.
I look for you everywhere, yearning to hear your sweet little voice
People say I should cherish our time, and in your memory, rejoice
One day I know I will be able to, but today I mourn and I cry
This home feels so empty without you. I still can't say goodbye.
I know you are at the rainbow bridge, young again and roaming free
And as I still love you, I know you are somewhere, loving me.

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