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Memories of Rascal
Our Rascal Baby, You have brought so much joy into our families life and we will never be the same without you. There is a huge hole where you once were. To say the least I am lost without you. You are in every corner of this house that is so quiet because you are not here barking at the tv and running through your doggie door all hours of the day. Your toys are where you left them and are ready to be played with whenever you want to come visit in spirit. The days drag on and the pain doesn't seem to be getting less. I remember the first day I saw you and brought you home. I wanted everything to be just perfect. We walked together, played together, slept together and you kept me moving. I find it hard these days to do much of anything. I routinely go about my day alone and numb. I have all your pictures and videos on a slideshow so I can see and hear you all day. Our bond was like none I had ever had with a person or animal. You are always on my mind and forever in my Heart. I love you, My Baby Rascal.

Our Baby Rascal, it has been a month now since you left our happy home and time has stood still on how I feel about your departure. I pray I awake from this terrible nightmare soon and see your beautiful little face with your eyes looking up at me once again. I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet. Daddy and I are grieving in our own ways. We both miss you so much sometimes it's unbearable. We love you, My Baby Rascal.

April 12 2017
The days are long and the nights are filled with tears. The only comfort I have is when I'm sleeping and hope to dream of you. I still feel like it just happened yesterday and the pain is constant. I go about my day and when the night time comes the emptiness is overwhelming. It will be 2 months on the 18th of April and it has felt like a lifetime. Since you left, Ocho and pickles have joined you at the Bridge. Thunder is holding on strong after 18 years. He will come and see you soon I think and you can chase him in heaven. You always wanted to chase him at Mom's. We have been traveling and every time I leave the house without kissing you goodbye I want to stay home and watch your video of happier times. Missing you till I see you, I love you Rascal Baby

April 23, 2017
My Baby Rascal, this year has been the hardest year ever and its only April. I think I could have handled most things that came to me but you leaving has been the hardest thing I have ever experienced in my 52 years of living. I don't seem to care much about anything these days and all the seasons this year will come and go. I have to relive every holiday,birthday,anniversary,new years without you. You will always be at the front of my mind and I have to put on a happy face just to get through them all. Daddy and I can't wait to see you again. Missing you everyday,All our love, Mommy and Daddy and Dylan. xoxo

May 19, 2017
Yesterday was so hard. 3 months and one day.I cried all day. Seems like yesterday. I can't seem to move on. I know time will heal but in the mean time I am still lost without you. Thunder is now with you. Hope you find each other and can keep each other company till I get there. I am looking for a shelter to volunteer at so I can give back to all the fur babies that have no-one. Everyone says you were the luckiest baby around. They saw how much I loved and spoiled you. My tears are hugs for you my baby. I love you so much!!!

August 14
My sweet baby Rascal, we are approaching 6 months since you went to the rainbow in the sky. Thank you for coming to me in my dreams so I could see and feel you. Tiny has joined you at the bridge so you have another playmate to keep you company till I get there. I look up to the heavens knowing that you are safe and happy being where you are. I would much rather you be here with me but I know God has a plan and it's a better one than mine. I love you my baby Rascal and miss you every day! Send me kisses in the wind.

Feb 17 2018
Rascal baby. We miss you still and tomorrow it will be one year. We have two beautiful sweet babies that remind us so much of you. It's very comforting and I know your spirit lives on through them. Mason and Brooklyn are rescues from San Diego. I lost you there and got these sweet angels there. I will look after them and care for them till God sends them to meet you. You will be forever in our hearts. ❤️

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