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Memories of Rascal
Remembering all the travels we've done together. Always patient and polite wherever we went. A memorable trip was to Lake Tahoe in the summer with lots of hikes, fresh air & water. Rascal couldn't stop drinking once he figured out the water was fresh & clean, unlike beach water. Once in hotel, I heard gulping and low & behold, Rascal was drinking out of the toilet...for the first time! I knew he was a true dog at that moment. We enjoyed the next few days exploring the beautiful scenery & eating yummy foods. We returned home a few days later though the Redwoods and San Francisco, where he left his #2 mark on Fisherman's Wharf! Just remembering this puts a smile on my face. Thank you Rascal for being my loyal companion for almost 15 years. Your sweet & loving memories will be in my heart forever. We will surely meet again.
It's been a month since your passing, home is so empty & quiet. Know that your ashes are here and you will always have our love and will never forget your loyalty, love, companionship, and protection, as you were our constant alarm. The beware of dog sign is still up on the fence; and your collar still hangs on the familiar hook that you always looked at when you were ready for your walk. We put your round outside dog bed in front of the fireplace; your favorite place to lay. I told Jules you wanted her to use it when she comes over; she still asks where you are and that she really misses you. Your dad and I went to Pismo Beach last week & stayed in the same room we used to stay in all the years we've been making the annual trip. It was very strange not having you with us, playing ball & running freely on the beach; how you loved the car rides and the ocean. The sunsets were spectacular as always, but this year the sun seemed bigger and brighter than usual; perhaps you were looking down at us. I felt your presence; and always will, wherever we are. Rest & wait for us...we will meet again.
It's been almost a year since you've passed, 11 months yesterday to be exact, August 6th. You'll be happy to know Angelee has found her true love and has adopted a golden retriever pup...they are happy and so I gave them your favorite bed. The pup Maui loves it. Also, your favorite sister Teresa has just adopted a sweet & loving boy and I've decided to donate your outside bed and green mesh lounge. I assure you that all your belongings are well taken care of and being used each day. I know you would love your life and new friends now and am sad you are not here. I miss you more than words can describe...you were my best friend and I'll love you until I die. Sleep in peace my dear pup.
Next Wednesday will be one full year since your passing. We will celebrate your life by sharing funny and happy memories about your beautiful life with us, your family and many friends you had. My office is still filled with your beautiful pictures and our home is too. The painting that Barbara did adorns the wall as I touch it every time I pass by. Sweet memories will always be in our minds of the 15 wonderfully funny and sweet years you have given us. With all my love forever, sweet boy. Happy 16th birthday...September 13th.
Happy almost 17th birthday my sweet boy, still missing you as my heart still hearts...have not found a pup yet to fill my heart as you did...my love to you always and forever my sweet boy.
It's been 2 painfully long years since you passed. My love for you will never die. Some of your ashes will be spread at Pismo Beach, your favorite place. We will be making the best trip ever with you next month and will visit all your favorite places. Wishing you were still here, with all my love to you always.
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