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Memories of Ranger
I am still trying to understand, my baby
You went to the hospital to be seen by a doctor
Next, the doctor told me you are not coming back home
I think yesterday never happened
You are still around, I see you but cannot touch you

You used to wait for me to comeback from work so I can take you out for a walk every night.
Tonight, I walked the same streets you used to take me but without you
On my days off we used to take a longer walk around the trail,
Yesterday, after you departed I went to the same park looking for you
I called your name several times while walking through the small wooden bridge
I yelled in my despair until I got tired of it,and couldn't find you
Where are you?

Today, I didn't see you at the window waiting for me coming back from work
you weren't there asking me to take you out, waiting for me to change my clothes
moving your tail, getting happy seeing me getting ready to go out
Is this a joke? Where are you?

You are hiding from me, right? That must be it.
Do you want to wear one of your winter jackets to go out?
Did you like the orthopaedic bed I got for you last week?
Isn't that nice and big? It is comfortable for you?
Don't worry, my sweet baby, everything is in the same place

You know you are my only true love
I don't think you want to leave me childless
because you are my only baby
I still have so much love to give you
You'll see the wonderful places I will take you next time
We'll go to the new playground next spring and play together
we'll walk again along the trail looking a the birds, and squirrels, that you always wanted to chase

12/21/2012 My baby, the doctor gave me some pills to relax and sleep
How can I relax and sleep if part of my life was taken away from me?
I miss talking to you, hugging and kissing as every day
You used to love my nonsense talking, and when I stopped you legged me
so I can continue talking to you and you, with attention looking at my eyes
You loved to find a corner so you can see me from the other room washing dishes
You were my protector and my guardian, watching no one would do anything to me
Everybody could have turned me down but you were alway there for me faithfully.
You know that I love you so much.

12/22/2012 My angel, you are the one and only. I miss you every minute,
every second,and every fraction of the time left for me.
Everything I do, everywhere I go, inside and outside the house bring memories of us
Always thinking that I have to rush to comeback home quickly because someone very special
was waiting for me. Not anymore. Now,I do the walkings by myself following the same path we used to take every night
and I feel your presence, on every stop you did to sniff the trees, bushes or something of your interest.
This is the first Saturday without you. The house is too quiet and empty without you.
You gave me so much joy and happiness on this earth. I cannot wait to be reunited with you again.
When we get together again, it will be forever and we'll be happy again. Good night my baby.

12/23/2012 My Ranger, a week ago you left to Rainbow Bridge and I imagine you playing with your new friends
you always liked to be around friends and play with them. Be good by baby, play with Ciao and Solo, they are good guys.
Their mom Isa is a good lady and she gives me comfort.

12/24/2012 Christmas is never going to be the same as before. Today, I had to go to pick up your remainings.
I went to the hospital you went on Sunday, December the 16th for the last time. I wish I can be with you.
This is so difficult for me.

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