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Memories of Ramsey
Ramsey was the most happy dog who always had a smile on his face.I swear you could see his smile.He loved his family and was always excited to see us and play with us.Their was never a dull moment with Ramsey.He was like a puppy stuck in a large dogs body.He loved water and would play with any hose or sprinkler that was on.He was most definetely not a morning dog.He would wake up and go outside to do his thing and come running back looking for a bed to crawl in and take a nap.You had to watch out for Ramsey though.If you were eating he would steal your napkin and eat it.He was kinda crazy at times.Everyday he would make us all laugh.I don't know what we will do without Ramsey.Our life and house seem so quite and dull.The pain is overwhelming.We know in our hearts he is watching over all of us but it doesn't make it any easier.Sometimes I know he is in our house with us trying to let us know he is okay but its not okay.Ramsey we love you so much.You will always have our heart.We miss you dearly.I sleep with your blanket,leash and collar every night so I can smell your sent and hold you in my arms and keep you near my heart.I luv u Ramsey so much.Rest in peace with God.11/07/07 My beloved Ramsey,today marks one week since your passing.This is so unfair and I want you to know how awful I feel.Not a moment goes by that I am not thinking of you or grieving for you.Sometimes in my prayers I ask God to tell me why this had to happen.I ask Him to give you a hug and kiss for me and to let you know how much I miss you and love you.I ask God to let me know you are alright and happy.I am lonely without you here.You always knew how to put a smile on my face by doing something so silly like running around in circles trying to catch your tail.You knew when I wanted you even though I didn't have to call your name or say anything just give you that look and you would give me the look back and come running into my arms where I could hug you and love you.I miss you following me around and stumbling over you in the kitchen as you waited for any droppings.The girls are missing you and your goofy ways of trying to play with them and causing havoc on them when they sit down on the floor to play games.Daddy misses you terribly.He cries for you and sometimes we both call out for you expecting you to come outside and play with us.Daddy misses wrestling with you on the ground.You know Maggie and Bubba are a little to old to play with Daddy the way you liked to play.Maggie and Bubba have gone searching for you inside and out looking for you.They don't understand what has happened.They still smell your collar that is on my bed.I still sleep with your collar,leash and blanket.I don't want to let go of your smell yet because then it will feel too final.I am not ready to let you go.God I love you Ramsey,my precious baby.I am sending you all of my love today.I hope you can feel my hugs and kisses being thrown to you up at Rainbow's Bridge.Take care my precious baby.I luv u!11/14/07Well my love,today has been two weeks now.This day is especially hard because I went to the Pet Cemetary and was able to bring you back home were you belong always.It was extremely hard for me to go there but I was able to hold you in my arms once again.I kissed your box and held you tight in my arms.The girls will be happy to have you home.I miss you so much still.I just keep thinking that you are having fun running and playing but I know when you stop for a rest you are thinking of me and the rest of the family.I know you have been here with me a few times.I wish you could come more often because a happy feeling comes over me when I know your here.Next week is Thanksgiving and that will be hard without you especially with the girl's birthday a few days after that.Oh Ramsey my heart is still broken.I don't think it will ever be the same.I can't tell you enough how much I love you!Please help take care of all of us.We still need you.We love and miss you very much.Play and have fun.I will be back soon.I love you my baby.11/15/07Today is a rough night for me Ramsey.I am missing you so much.I have been petting Bubba and crying for you because I cannot give you your rub downs and you can't sit on me anymore and give me kisses or bring your toy to me and play tug of war.I wish you were here with us.My life has not been the same.I cannot stop crying for you even though I know you are probably having a good time at Rainbow's Bridge.You be nice up there until I come for you but please come visit me from time to time and let me know you are okay.I love you so much.I am sending you kisses up there so when you feel that breeze on your face that is my kisses for you.If you feel pressure around your body that is me sending you hugs.I miss looking at your sweet face.Have a good evening my love.Hugs and kisses.I luv yu.11/19/07My dear Ramsey I am struggling tonight.I cannot stop crying.I miss you terribly.They say in time it will get easier but it doesn't.I miss you so much my whole body hurts.Not a day or a moment goes by that I do not think of you.I talk about you all the time to Maggie and Bubba.They still don't understand.I keep talking about things you would be doing and it puts a smile on my face at times and other times I just break down.I miss your sweet face and your eyes and that smile I know was there for me.You always brought a smile and laughter to me day after day.I am lonely without you following me around and laying right under me no matter where I was or what I was doing.I go looking for you everywhere sometimes thinking you are hiding the girl's rooms. Asheley said that she asked for you to come be with her yesterday when she was lying on her bed.She said you were there and I know you were.I know you have also been with me sveral times.I know the things you have done to make me aware that you are here.Thank you my dear boy.It really comforts me.I can't stop crying for you.I love you so much and miss you.I miss laying with you and petting you and talking to you.Lord please take care of my Ramsey for me.Ramsey I am sending you hugs and kisses from all of us.My sweet baby I love you.Rest peacefully tonight.My dreams will be of you tonight.I luv u!11/21/07My sweet Ramsey today marks three weeks and it is not getting any easier without you.I still cry for you everyday.I don't know what to do any more.I am in bad shape Ramsey and with Thanksgiving tomorrow I will be so lonely without you.You always liked the holidays.It was like you knew we would have a big feast and people coming over and you loved evry minute of it.I will miss you enthusiasim tomorrow.I have been working hard today preparing for tomorrow and I wanted you to know I remember what day it is and the time and my heart breaks all over again remembering your last kiss and you looking into my eyes for the last time.God the pain is unreal.I kiss your box all day long and smell your leash and collar and kiss them too.It's as if you are with me when I can smell you.Your toy is right next to my bed so I can smile about the times we would play.I love you by dear Ramsey.You are wonderful.You brought me so much joy.Thank you!I am so glad God gave you to me for the short time because I know you had a good life with us and that you truly were and still are loved.Come play with all of us from time to time.We all love and miss you deeply.I am sending more hugs and kisses to you.I hope you are getting them.Take care and have lots of fun with your new furbaby friends and say hello to Spanky and Holly and Kitty,Buck,Hoppy,Sandy,Timber,Zorro,Nicky and all the others.I know you didn't know most of them here but I am sure you do now.Have fun with all of them and give them my love too.Tell them all about whats been going on with us.I miss you sweet boy.I love you with all of my being.Take care and hugs and kisses.I love you.I will be back late tomorrow but I will be visiting you for sure on Thanksgiving.Just remember how thankful for you I am!I LUV U!11/22/07Happy Thanksgiving my sweet boy!I am truly thankful that God blessed my life with you.Even though I only had a short time with you,you blessed my life in so many ways.I am forever greatful to the Lord for letting me lay my eyes upon you and in that first moment you had my heart.I just looked at you a could not stop smiling and every morning when we would wake I would smile when I layed eyes on you.Daddy, Asheley,Tori and myself missed you terribly today.It was as if there was a big hole missing in us.We talk about you all the time.We smile and laugh at some of the memories and we also cry as a family.Oh Ramsey,my heart is sore with pain and grief.I hope you had a wondeful day at R.B.Please stop for a moment and look down upon us and see how much you mean to us and how thankful we are for you.I bet it is beautiful at R.B.and I can't wait to see it and for you to show me around.I can picture you running around and not slowing down a bit.I sure do miss you Ramsey.I need you Ramsey.I love you so much.I still cry for you every day and I know I cry for you in my sleep because I wake up with tears on my pillow and swollen eyes.My heart is bleeding for you.I Love you to the ends of the earth and back.Take care up there and catch my kisses and feel my hugs.You are my sunshine!Good night my love.I love you so much,just remember this always.XO11/28/07My beloved Ramsey,today marks four weeks since you have been gone. Things are just not the same without you.The house is quiet and not so full of life anymore.I think about you often and it brings a joy to me just thinking of you.The girls and I were remembering some of the funny things you would do.We were taking out Christmas decorations and remembering how you loved the Frosty that sang and twirled the cord of snowflakes.You would put your nose to Frosty while he was singing and then all of a sudden he would twirl the snowflakes and it would catch your nose and you would jump back startled.You did it every time and every time we would laugh because it was cute.I dropped my napkin the other night and jumped up so quickly because you would always snag them and eat them up so quickly.I keep looking up to heaven wondering how you are and if you are looking down at that same exact moment.I miss petting you at night when we would watch tv and you would sprawl out next to me and sleep while I petted you.I miss your energy and faithfulness.I miss every thing about you.I am still crying for you because sometimes it doesn't seem real.I really hope you are o.k.Not knowing what is going on with you and what it is like so I can protect my baby is so hard.I feel like you are all alone without me.Isaac is not doing well,dad and I don't think he is going to make it much longer.Unfortunately there is nothing we can do for him but I know you can comfort him.I love you my sweet boy.My heart will always be broken because you have a special piece of it.My life will never be the same without you in it.I love you baby.I hope you are not sad on this day but that maybe you are tiring yourself out with all the other furbabies up there Please take a moment to let me know you are doing o.k.I love you with everything I have to give.Always remember this.I am sending you hugs and blowing you kisses.I hope you catch my kisses.I LUV U!12/5/07I cannot believe it has now been five weeks.My heart is still bleeding for you.I am trying to keep myself busy during the day so I stop crying all day.I have been so depressed since your passing.I miss you more than ever.We constantly talk about you in our every day conversations.It is so nice to speak of you but I wish you were here instead.I miss how protective you were of me and the rest of us.God,I just want to hold you my sweet baby and shower you with kisses.I want to play with you and throw your toys for you.Ramsey you are now my guardian angel. Please protect me and comfort me.I hope you are keeping busy at R.B.and having a great time with all your new friends.Just remember that we will be together again and then we will never be apart.I love you so much it hurts.I am sending my love,hugs and kisses your way.Have fun and be a good boy!Goodnight my sweet love.XO12/12/07Well my boy,it has now been six weeks and they have been miserable.This past week has been very hard for the girls and myself.Ashey cried all day one day and Tori cried all night one evening.They miss you terribly.They wish you could come back to us.As for me,well this has been a bad week for me as well.I have cried so much for you lately.It is getting hard with Christmas around the corner.I am dreading putting out the stockings because I know how hard it will be for me to look at your stocking and put it with the others that have past on and it won't be next to ours filled with goodies and a new leash and collar.I miss you so much.The pain is unbearable a times.I keep wishing that day never happened and it was all a bad dream.But I know that soon I need to face reality.This is not easy for me.I love you so much.I wish you could be with us.I am so lonely you without you.I miss you lively spirit and playfulness.You are so wonderfull.I know you are waiting for me to come get you and I will my sweet boy.Please comfort me and visit me again real soon.I am asking that you send me your love as I am sending you mine and also the girls send you their love and so does daddy.Just remember you are always with me,forever in my heart.I am sending hugs and kisses your way.I miss you and I LUV U XO12/18/07Hi my sweetie!I am sorry I haven't been visiting you more often.It's really hard for me right now.I am missing you so much and Christmas is making it harder.Tonight the girls and I finally decorated the tree and I knew I had to get the stockings out.I still can't stop crying.It is so hard to hold your stocking and know that its not going to be there on the mantel.I don't want you to be put with the others that are hanging up because then it seems so real that you are gone.It's hard because I am sad holding all the other stockings are remembering past animals also.I hope that you are all together comforting each other and that you all know how much we miss everyone of you.Oh Ramsey I am keeping your stocking with me tonight.I want you to sleep on the bed with me again like you used too.I am getting your memorial ready for your birthday tomorrow.My pain tonight is just as bad as when you went to be with God.I still pray for you every night to have God give you my love and to keep protecting you.I love you so much.Daddy has been so great comforting me but he still is going through a hard time also. God Ramsey I wish you were still here with me.I miss and love you so very much.I'll be back tomorrow on your special day.I LUV U!XO12/19/07Happy Birthday Ramsey!I can't believe you would have been five today and now it has been seven weeks.I can't deal with your loss right now.My pain is unbearable.I wish you were here to get your gift and treats.My heart is so heavy. All I do is cry.I miss you more than you will ever know.You are my sunshine.I remember the time when the girls were playing pirates outside with the hose and you would not leave that hose alone.You just loved the water and were so happy they were soaking you.You ran around with a smile on your face and so did they.It's so hard in the morning when I let Bubba and Maggie out you were always the first but you would never go out until I hugged and kissed you.You were so sweet to me just like a little kid.Christmas is almost here and I just hung up your stocking.I slept with it last night for comfortand I knew I had to put it up before the girls come from school.This is hard for them too. It's hard for them to see me this way but I can't help it.I love you more than words can say.I hope you are happy at R.B.I am wishing you a very happy birthday and hoping you are running around with friends celebrating your life up there.I miss and love you with all heart and being.Take care my sweet boy.Happy Birthday and I LUV U!XO12/23/07Oh Ramsey today is hard for all of us.Christmas is two days away and as we get ready for company and do the baking I am constantly looking for you.You were always under my feet waiting for a goody.The stockings are hung and I put the goodies in Bubba and Maggie's and I kept waiting for them to notice but they didn't You always knew though.You would go up to the stockings and try to get your stuff out and almost succeded one time.I hope you are happy.At least you are with God and I know He is taking good care of you.I just want you to know I miss you and love you very much.I will be back to visit you on Christmas.You were a wonderful blessing that God bestowed upon me and the whole family.I luv u!XO12/25/07Merry Christmas my boy!I hope you had a blessed day with the Lord.My thought were of you all day!I missed you so much.When we opened our stockings it was not the same.your lively spirit was not there making us laugh.I keep kissing your box wishing you were here with me.I look at your stocking crying out how its just not fair.Please come and comfort me tonight.I cannot believe tomorrow will be eight weeks.It doesn't seem right.I can't begin to express how much I miss you.I love you Ramsey from the bottom of my heart to the ends of the world.God created a wonderful soul in you.My gift to you is that you have days filled with love from the other fur babies,love from the angels and God.You will always have my love now and forever. Watch over all of us and continue to protect us.I LUV U RAMSEY!MERRY CHRISTMAS!XO1/2/08Happy New Year Ramsey!It's weird not having you here.New Year's Eve was hard with all the fireworks and Maggie and Bubba scared of them.I know you would have barked at them.I wished for a healthy New Year for you at R.B.I know God is taking good care of you but since I cannot see for myself I only wish the best for you.The girls and I continue to pray for you everynight so God can give you our love.I know today is 9 weeks and we are all sad.I ask that you watch over Daddy every night when he is working,that you be his guardian angel and protect him.I know you hear me when I talk to you and I hope you feel comforted knowing that I am still with you forever.We are connected still and always will be.I know you come visit in your way and yoou subtly let me know.Thank you.It comforts me knowing you still love me.I love you baby.Be good and have fun at R.B.My sweet,beautiful boy I miss you and love you so much.XO1/9/08Hi my dear Ramsey.I have been sad for you all day.I am shocked that it has now been 10 weeks.I feel like it was just yesterday when I kissed you last and hugged you and whispered in your ear how much I love you and how sorry I am.Life is so not fair.I look at your picture every day and kiss it and hug your box and kiss it also.I luv u so much.Take care my boy.XO1/16/08I luv u and miss you.God bless my sweetie pie.XO2/20/08I luv u.My heart is still bleeding.You are with me every day.XO5/27/08I luv u and miss u so much.10/11/08I know I haven't written in a while.Bubba was very sick and needed me.I know you welcomed Bubba to R.Bridge.Please let me know you are both doing fine.My heart is doubly broken now with both of you gone.I love you so much.I still kiss your picture every day and still have you collar next to me and now I have Buuba's too.I don't know what I am going to do wothout both of you.Have lot's of fun together and come visit us soon. We love you so much!XO10/31/08 1 year has come and gone and the pain is still with me.I am so sad.I wake every morning and kiss your picture and again before bed.I wish you could be here with us.I am sending hugs and kisses.I hope you caught them.I know you are sad but hopefully Bubba is comforting you.Please visit us soon.Your things are still next to my bed along with Bubba's.Daddy said soon he would make me a special case to put all your stuff and Bubba's. You will always be with me. I love you!XOXO11/9/08My sweet ramsey,I am missing you so much.I miss seeing your smiling face when you are happy to see me.Thank you for bringing Bubba to visit.I know that was the two of you staring at me telling me you two are fine.My heart was so happy to see the two of you.I know that you are waiting for me but are happy together and have made new friends.Please come back and visit.We all miss you so much.I love you still with all my heart.Please don't forget us.My heart is yours and Bubba's.I luv youXOXO11/28/08Hi my Ramsey!I'm sorry I didn't write to you yesterday but I was trying to forget that it was Thanksgiving.I cannot bear the holidays this year without you and Bubba. I would rather forget them all together but I know that is not possible.The girl's had their birthday on Monday and I cannot believe they are now 11 and 12.They are growing up way too fast.These days are so hard for me.I am so lonely these days and I know a lot of it is my doing because I am still so sad without the two of you.Sometimes I think that if I keep myself busy I will not have time to think about all the sadness but that's not true.Sometimes it works but most of the time I just try not to deal with your death and Bubba's death.I don't know how to cope. I wish you would come see again soon.I need the two of you to comfort me.This house is so dull now without your activity around here.I expect to see you come around the corner when I come home coming full force at me to greet me but that doesn't happen. Maggie is happy when I come home but nothing compared to your welcomings.I really miss you following me around protecting me.Maggie does none of that.I know she loves me and she's plenty happy to see me and love me but she is so calm compared to you.I am still in mourning for you.I love you with all my heart my sweet boy.I am sending my hugs and kisses your way.I hope you catch them and feel them on your beautiful face.Take care.I hope you are having fun up there.I love you!XOXO1/1809My sweet Ramsey!I apologize for not writing you on your birthday or Christmas. It was so hard this year without you and Bubba that I just couldn't face writing to you.I feel terrible but I could barely get through Christmas.We did not even decorate a tree or the inside of the house.It was too depressing for all of us.I remembered your birthday and cried the whole day.I miss you so much.The pain has not lessened yet and I don't think it ever will.I miss playing with you and laughing when you do your crazy things but I hope you are having lots of fun at Rainbow's Bridge.I hope you and Bubba are getting through the days together.Please stop sometimes and look over me, let me know you are doing okay and that you have found Bubba.Please know that I miss you and love you with all of my heart.I think about you every day and night.The girls are missing you still.They have grown so much.I wish you could watch them grow up so you could protect them.Maggie was so lonely after Bubba died she would just sit at the dining room window looking for you two.She stopped eating and playing and greeting us when we came home.My heart broke for her.Dad finally said we should get another dog so hopefully she would not be so lonely and I don't know what I would do if I lost her too.So we went to the animal shelter and we found a dog about two years old.She has yours and Bubba's personality combined.Her name is Izzy and she has become a great dog with us.At first she did not like Maggie but now she loves her.I really feel you and Bubba put her in our lives.Thank you!!It's still not the same but she helps Maggie and I think she has helped all of us.I still don't have the life back in me and I don't feel I ever will.My heart has been badly broken and it will never heal without you.I am sending you all of my love,hugs and kisses to you.I hope you can feel my kiss on your face and my squeeze around your neck.I love and miss you more than I can express.Say hi to everyone at RB.I know you have many new friends but please don't forget all the animals in our family.They mean the world to us.I love you!XOXO1/6/13 I am truly sorry it has taken me so long to write.That does not mean I don't think of you every day.I miss you so much.I know that you met Maggie when she took her journey up there.That gave me great comfort knowing that she would not be alone.She loves you and Bubba and I know was happy to see the two of you.I miss her terribly though.This house is not as lively without all of you.I am sure Maggie has filled you in on all the happenings here.The girls are in high school now and we have Izzy and Winston as our fur babies.They are both good dogs.Iknow you had a hand in bringing them to us.If you find Otto please tell him I miss and love him so much.Maggie probably told you all about him too.God I miss all of you.Life is not the same.We have continued on but there is still a gaping hole in our hearts for all of you.Just know that I still pray for all of you and I always will. I am sending all my love with lots of hugs and kisses to each and every one of you.I hope you can feel my hugs and kisses.I truly miss you allXOXOXOX
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