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Memories of Rags
Rags, I will miss you so much. I still remember the day I found you on 507 just wandering around. I never met anyone who expected so little from others. Every day was a great day, wasn't it? All you ever wanted was a big hug and kiss. You could be a pain in the rear at times but never for long. I still can't believe your gone. Thank you for always being there for me. I used to love to come home and see you so excited to see me. You would be jumping up and down in the kennel just waiting to come out and visit. I thank you for always hanging out with me. I hope they take care of you the way you deserve. I hope you get all the bologna that your belly could possibly fill. I hope there is always a lap to sit on. May they let you take all the naps in the world. I promise to take care of Buddy for you. He misses you so much. He just doesn't understand you had to go before him.
Rags, thank you for seeing the simple side of things. There is more to life than being smart. Every day was a great day, wasn't it Rags? I am so sorry I failed you that day. I should have let you out on the lease or just gone upstairs with you guys for awhile. Shoulda, woulda, coulda!
Rags, I loved you so very much. I took the trash out with the truck and it wasn't the same. Please bring me someone like you Rags for me. My heart is breaking. Who is going to take your place? I know that with a loss comes a gain. I just don't think God makes too many Rags. Thanks for always making me realize to appreciate the good things in life. Usually, it is just around the corner. I have been blessed in life. You were part of the reason.
Say hello to the gang for me. They are pretty good guys. Give Charlie,Brad,Emmy,Jenny,Dutch,Alex,Tisha,and Roy a big hug for us. Say hi to the cats who have come and gone. They are really cool people too.
Thanks for keeping Rita company when I was gone for so long. I owe so much to you. You so reminded me to not sweat the small stuff and it is all so small. Thanks for reminding me to appreciated the moment. You will always bring a smile to my face. Thanks for being so much like me. I am not the smartest soul at times but I so appreciate life and all it has to offer. Bottom line, thanks for being my unconditional buddy. I love you so very much!
Know that we will miss you and love you with all our hearts.
Love, Rita and Kathy.

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