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Memories of Rachel
Rachel enjoyed being held and cuddled. Her bright yellow-green eyes were always filled with mischief. Often, she would be under my feet, especially in the kitchen. She enjoyed playing and cuddeling with our 5 other cats. We will miss her.

3/19/08 It's the second day since you left for Rainbow Bridge. Yesterday, I was numb. Last night, all I dreamt about was the last few moments I spent with you and Dr. Papetti by your side. I hated to see you go, but you were so very ill. Today, your being gone has hit me so hard. Your sister, Weezer keeps looking for you. Angelo, Sugar, Monica, and Autumn know that Joe and I are so sad. I think what really hurts me the most, is that you never even got to celebrate your first birthday, But, if you had continued living in that old, mildewed, barn where you were born, it would have been so hard for you. I hate to think about it.

It was such an honor to raise you, Weezer, and your two brothers. I will always remember how I folded a wash cloth around your tiny body so I could feed you!

You would make me laugh when your claw would become caught in the shower curtian and you'd be swinging about, until I was able to unhook you. You were always getting yourself stuck and meowing for me to come and rescue you, which I always did, gladly.

I loved the color of your fur. it was a rich dark-brown with chocolate-brown tabby stripes. I can almost imgaine how beautiful you would have been as an adult.

3/20/2008 Day three: today was much easier. Though I am still very sad and I miss you terribly, I am beginning to deal with it. As I write this, Monica is laying near my feet and your sister, Weezer, is but a few inches away sleeping on top of the recliner by my PC. Angelo is looking out the bedroom window and Autumn is stiing on top of my bedroom wall unit. So, we're all here, honey, missing you and staying strong. Oh, and Weezer's test results came back. Thank you God for blessing her, she tested negative for the disease that took you away from us at such and young age. Rachel, you gave such happiness for the few short months God allowed for us to live together and I was and still am so proud to have been your mom.

3/22/08: Though I am less tearful, I still miss you so much. Last night was rough as I dreamt and thought about you most of the night. It does seem everydeay is just a bit better. Love you, Sweetheart. I miss holding you close to my heart.

3/2708: Though I feel less depressed, I am still very sad and miss you so. Today, your sister, Weezer, decided she wanted to cuddle and slept on my shoulder and chest the way you used to.

6/1/2008 It's funny, the months have gone by and I still miss you. Someimes I feel guilty that I didn't bring you home until you died in my arms. But, I realize now, more than ever, just how very ill you were. As Ceaser Millon (the Dog Whisper) says, we can give medicine to hide the symptoms, but the disease is still there. If I had brought you home, I would have had to fill you with steroids, and still there was no guarantee on any quality of life for you. Rachel, you slept more than you were awake. Your nose was always hot and rough and you often shook with fever. I know in my heart I made the right decison in letting you go. Since then we have adopted another black female cat from a local shelter. She reminds me of you. I love you Rachel. I always will.

3/18/2009, it's hard to believe an entire year has come and gone. I still miss your sweet purrs and how you cuddled close. We have a new black female named Ebony. She was a stray and needed a good home, so we gave her the place that belonged to you. Rachel, you'd really like her if you were here. I wish I had a picture of you, but sadly, I do not. But, I will never, ever forget you loving, curious gaze when I carried you someplace. And, to this day, I regret not bringing you home to let you die with us. I know Joe and I made the correct decision in sending you home to Rainbow Bridge. It's just that, I loved/love you so. And to have kept you here with me would have been crewl and painful for you, even though it might have been a comfort for me. I love you Rachel and I always will.

12/21/09, In a few days it will be Christmas.The days have flown by since I lost you, Rachel. But, life does continue on. There are now ten cat in our household. And though I may not think of you everyday, my heart still aches for you. I guess it always will.

3/19/10, I still think of you, Rachel. Other cats have come into my life, several new kitens. We even took in a queen with an hrs old kitten and kept them safe and sound until the baby was old enough to be seperated from her mother. We then found the mother a good home, and the kitten is remaining with us. So, you see sweetheart, our lives are filled with love. Oh, and Goose enjoys laying on my left shoulder like you did. Even though she is a tuxcedo cat, she reminds me of you, so when I cuddle her, I am also cuddling you.

3/18/2011, Believe it or not, I still miss you, my sweet little baby. Three years have gone by and you still hold a special place in my heart. You were a special kitten as you never reached your first year of life. I still remember those wide golden eyes that were full of mischife, wonder, and sometime fear and resolve when you thought you might be in danger. But, you soon learned that as long as you were at my side, you were never in any danger. Funny, I look at last year's entry and about a week ago I had become very ill. Goose slept on my chest the entire time. I always thought of you and the comfort that it brought me. Such a small creature that captured my heart forever.

3/18/2012, Wow! four years have gone by. But, Racheal, we still miss you very much and often your name will be spoken as we remember how much we loved you. Funny, how I still recall how you'd get caught on the shower curtian and go for a little ride before I realized you were stuck there. And, of course, I'd come to your rescue. Whenever you found yourself in an awkward spot, you'd sound that special cry of yours and I'd come to your aid. I miss you and Joe misses you. You will always hold a spot in my heart. I love you and always will.

3/18/2013, Beleive it or not, I still think about you from time to time. What is fun, is that we have taken in another black kitten. His name is Dusty. He looked like a little dust ball when he was tiny, so we gave him that name. I am happy to say, he is very healthy. His coat is a very rich black and he has one white wisker growing out of his right eyebrow, and a tiny patch of white just under his chin. Dusty is a real clown and when I look into his amber eyes, I remember you, my dear, sweet, kitten. Your memory will always live on in my heart. I love you sweetie. And I enjoy reading about how you were and how you behaved. You were the runt of the litter. But, I remember how you always had to know what was going on. Your eyes open wide with wonder. I miss you.

3/18/2014, You have been gone now for five years. Would you believe that I still picture you sleeping against my left shoulder? I remember cuddling you and loving you so much, how I hated to go off to work each morning and leave you without the comfort of my shoulder. I miss you, my sweet, little girl and I always will. Oh, and Dusty is finally becoming a wonderful member of our family. We had him neutered a few weeks back and he has calmed down nicely. I will always love you, my sweet Rachel. And, one day we will meet on Rainbow Bridge and run and play in the sunshine, together.

3/18/2015, Wow, another year has come and gone. I still think of you, often. I remember your large and trusting amber eyes, gazing up at me. You would often get your claws stuck and cry for me to come and get you lose. I recall how you would hang on the shower curtain and swing with it when I opened it. You were such a sweet kitten. Well, we have a cat now named, Dusty. He's a very big black cat with amber eyes. He's been with us for about two years. He is such a clown, but he will never replace you. I will always love you, my sweet little girl.

3/20/2016, I am a wee bit late in posting my memories of you. The years have gone by, but I never forget you. I still talk to friends about you and how you enriched my life. We acquired another kitty last year. His name is Buddy and we're still calling him The Baby. He's a tabby like Stinky. To me a house without a cat is not a home with love. Thank you for filling my life with your love.

3/20/17, Time really goes by quickly. I still think of you, especially when one of my friend's must bid farewell to one of their cats as they cross over to Rainbow Bridge. I miss how you would snuggle on my left shoulder. I would listen to your soft purs and feel the enjoyment of holding you close. We still have the same group of cats, though Mischief, Sugar and Angelo are beginning to feel their age. Dusty looks at me with his yellow eyes and I think of you. Rchel, you would have grown into a fine cat.

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