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Memories of Quincy
Quincy was just an 8-week-old ball of black and beige fuzz when we first saw her in October of 1989 in the makeshift pen with her 7 siblings at the home of Mr. Stone. He had rescued all eight puppies after their mother had abandoned them. Our family picked her from the group because she was so excited to get to us that she jumped right in the middle of the water bowl to try to reach us-- our hearts melted and we knew she belonged with us. For the next 17 years Quincy provided love and fun for all of us as she played ball and frisbee with the boys, jumped in the leaves they raked and tried to attack the tarp they raked the leaves into. We invented numerous names for her, including Poo-Bear, Poo-Stain-Wain, Quincerina, Quincy-Boo, Pooper-Dog and many more. She hated riding in the car and clawed her way up under the seat in our van to avoid seeing the traffic go by. When we took her in a sedan, we just put a blanket over her head to block the view, and she was fine. She loved going to the James River to run, splash and play on the rocks in the shallow water with her boys and other people and their dogs. She got to go with us to the beach on several occasions and even got a suntan once when we were there for 2 weeks after she had gotten a shave at the groomer. Her most favorite time was Christmas and birthdays when she could "help" us unwrap the presents, and could mysteriously always dig her own present out from under the Christmas tree no matter how carefully we had hidden it. When we watched our favorite football teams, the Browns and the Redskins and UVA play on TV, we would all holler and scream and clap and jump up when they scored a touchdown, so Quincy would join in and jump and bark with us! When we left home, we could see her precious head in the family room window watching us leave, and she was always there, tail wagging excitedly when we came home, no matter how long we'd been away. When she became a senior citizen and only Mom was left at home, she started having separation anxiety when Mom had to leave her. That is when we found the wonderful Stay'n'Play Day Care & Boarding run by the sweet, caring Gail for her to visit for companionship and activity rather than having to stay home alone. When Mom moved to a new town, Quincy seemed to adapt to her new place, and really seemed to enjoy having a lovely grassy yard to roam in and kids on bikes and people walking dogs to watch. In her last few months, she was moving slower and showing signs of senility, but she loved to eat and enjoyed having Mom bring her chicken nuggets and sometimes even extra steak and rotisserie chicken from the buffet restaurant. We found a great place for her to board in her new town, and the wonderful kennel assistants at Sajo Farm took great care of her and gave her love on the weekends that Mom & her new husband had to be away. We are thankful that Cathy and Kim were with us to caress and kiss and love her as she departed this world on September 17. To borrow a line from a Longfellow poem that sums up how we feel about our beloved Quincy, "N'er shall the sun arise on such another!"

October 17, 2006- Hey Precious Pooh Bear! It has been a whole month since you left us and Mom, Dad, Brett, Jeff & Markyjani REALLY miss you terribly. You were the best dog a family could possibly hope for--for 17 wonderful years--thank you for being such a faithful, loving and fun "Pooper dog" for all of us to love! Now every time I go in the kitchen, I see you there on your bed, and every time I look in the yard, I see you standing in the grass with your beautiful ears blowing in the breeze. How I wish you were still here so I could kiss your honker nose and rub your silky ears and hug your warm body! I am so thankful that I bent down to hug you and kiss the top of your head on those last few trips walking on the leash- but I wish I had taken you to run on the beach one last time and I wish I had had more time to spoil you rotten with people-food and extra times outside for walks. Please visit us in our dreams so we can do all those things again-- and give you lots of presents to unwrap! Have fun with all your new friends at Rainbows Bridge. Many of their guardians have written to say they saw your residency and how beautiful you are. They hope their furbabies are finding you to romp and play until we can all join you and cross the Bridge together! Have fun with all these new friends at the Bridge. Remember how much we love and miss you!! Mom XXXOOO
November 17, 2006 - Hey Quincerina! Two months without you has been really hard, but people have been nice to send cards and notes to me. I have a photo on the desk in the den that I took of you in June, and your beautiful brown eyes just sparkle like diamonds - it seems so real-- just wish it was really you! The yard is full of leaves today and I know how much you loved to romp in them. Next week is Thanksgiving and the boys, your "brothers," will be here and we will be thinking of you and remembering all the years that we did yard-clean-up on the day after Thanksgiving when you jumped in the middle of the leaves and attacked the edge of the tarp the boys raked them into. How terribly we miss you, you "rag-tag-flea-bag"- the holidays will never be the same again and the world just doesn't seem to be as nice a place with you not in it! We all look forward to hugging you and kissing your honker nose again when we get to the Bridge to join you. Till then, keep visiting our dreams. We love you more than words can express!-- Mom
CHRISTMAS DAY, 2006 - Merry Christmas my precious Quincer!! This special day of the year, your favorite, will never be same without you here to help celebrate it. We still have your ornaments with your photo and your name on the bone hanging on the big tree. This year there is a new one, given to me by your favorite kennel care friends, Miss Cathy and Miss Kim! It is a beautiful lucite ornament with flowers etched on the sides and "In Loving Memory ~ Quincy 1989 - 2006" engraved on it. It has a special place on our tree, and will become a window ornament after the holidays are over. Your "brother" Mark was in a show in Cleveland and his bio in the program was dedicated to the family, and mentioned you by name! All your family members will be missing your excitement as you dug under the tree for your presents and then ripped into anything you could get your teeth on as we were opening gifts. We will cherish forever our memories of you on those many wonderful Christmas Days when you helped us celebrate. I gave you a gift and a Christmas tree to enjoy, and I hope you and the other beautiful residents of Rainbow Bridge have a warm and wonderful holiday today. You are loved and missed tremendously!! I love you, Mom XXXXOOOO
January 18, 2007 - Happy New Year Beautiful Quincer! Yesterday was 4 months since I had you here to hug and hold. You are always so warm and soft...I just wish I could hug you right now! I saw Brett's office yesterday and he has 2 photos of you by his computer so he can look at you everyday. We all miss you so! We were so lucky to have you here for 17 years. I gave you a cozy bed to sleep on at the Bridge. We love you! XXXXOOOO
April 3, 2007 - Hey Boo Bear!! It is starting to get warm and the grass is greening up--if only you were here to sit in it and let your beautiful ears blow in the breeze! I just miss you so much! I look at pictures I took of our house in Midlothian and you were in almost every one, looking so adorable. It makes me want to jump into the picture to hold and kiss you. I wish we could return to earlier times when you were young and healthy so you could be with me for many more years. Please know that your 3 boys and I love you more than anything. We will all be together again someday! Love, Mom XXXOOO
May 15, 2007- My precious girl, I want you to know how much we love and miss you! I ache for you to be back with us, especially when I see another dog like you. I saw your special friend Miss Cathy not long ago as she was preparing to move to Oklahoma. She misses you too, and I gave her a photo of you to put on her 'fridge in her new home. I hope you and the many other beloved furbabies at the Bridge are keeping each other company. I gave you a soft pillow to lie on in the sunshine. Love, kisses and hugs from all of us who love you!!! XXXXOOOO
August 17, 2007 - Quincer Girl!! If you were still here you would have celebrated your 18th birthday yesterday.I'm sorry that the date slipped up on me and I realized what day it is when I saw the nice note for you from Miss Kim (and Miss Cathy, too.) Remember last year on your 17th birthday when you got chicken nuggets and cookies to eat? How I wish you could be here now to let me spoil you again!Just know that you are loved as much as ever by your family and by Miss Kim and Miss Cathy too. We see you in our dreams and think of you always!!! XXXOOO
September 17th- My beautiful Quincy, how my heart aches for you! This past year without you has been so hard. Everything I look at reminds me that you are not here. We miss you jumping around when our teams score touchdowns on TV. It's almost fall again and the leaves are just starting to turn. It will soon be time to rake and you should be here to jump in the piles! I would give just about anything to have your warm body here to hug right now! Quincer Girl, you are loved so much! Just know that we look forward to joining you some day so we can all be together again. I love you so much! Mom XXXXOOOO
November 23- Yesterday was Thanksgiving and Brett & Hayley had us to dinner so we got to see Jeff & Jaime too. Markyjani was out in CA, so we will see him in about a month for Christmas. We wished you were with us because we really miss your excitement on holidays when the family is together! It's time to rake leaves and it's not the same without you here to jump on the tarp. We love you so much baby girl! Mom XXXOOO
Dec. 6- Hi Sweet Quincer! We started decorating for Christmas yesterday and every ornament and decoration reminds me of you and how much you loved the holidays, especially when your boys were home to play with you. We have several ornaments with your photo and name on them and they are so beautiful. Last week I went to Sajo Farm to take some of your things- like the dish for the yard, pooper scooper, nap mat with the egg crate mattress-for the babies at the kennel there to use. I saw Miss Kim and other people who miss you and still love you! Miss Cathy moved away, but we will keep in touch with her because she loves you too. I just wish you were here with us again. We love you SO much!! Visit me in my dreams. Love, Mom XXXOOO
Dec. 18- Quincerina, you are in my heart every day and the days when the Christmas decorations are up, I can just see you on those many Christmas mornings with the boys and all the gifts - you trying to tear into everyone's packages. It was so much fun having you mysteriously find treats in our discarded wrappings! I see your precious face in the photo ornament on the tree and I know you will be here in spirit. I hope you have lots of new friends at the Bridge. We love & miss you so much! Mom XXXOOO
Jan. 16- Happy New Year precious girl! Today is Brett's birthday and I know you would want to help him open his presents - oh, but that you were here to do that! I would hug you and never let go. We all miss you so much.Love, Mom XXXOOO
July 1, 2008- Wow, it's been awhile since I wrote to you, but you know I have been talking to you and thinking of you everyday- especially when I see another doggy. I just wish I could hug your warm body again and kiss your cold wet nose! Miss Kim asked for your photo for a book she's making of her most special babies- and you are one of them, of course. So many people are keeping you alive in our hearts. We know there'll never be another as wonderful as our Quincy girl! XXXOOO from all of us
July 9 - Good morning Boo Bear - I just wanted to tell you that we miss you and love you all the way to the next galaxy...and back again! Mom XXXOOO
September 17 - My precious girl - it has been two whole years since you were here, but you are still here in our hearts and minds. You will never leave us and we all look forward to being together some day in Heaven. Just know that you are loved and missed more than anything! XXXOOO
November 1 - Precious girl - Last night the Trick-or-Treaters came by in their cute costumes and it made me miss you so much. You used to be so excited to see all the little kids at the door and they loved seeing you too. You looked cute dressed up as the soccer player one Halloween when we went next door for you to get candy from the Desmonds - they love you too. Just know that we are holding you close in our hearts until we all meet again. Much, much love, Mom XXXOOO
July 6 - Quincer, your photo is on my fridge and in several places in the den - you are in my dreams and in almost every family conversation and story. Brett got a puppy named Mouse who is really cute and sweet, but she will never take your place in our hearts. We love you Q-girl!!!
October 6 - My heart aches to hold you and kiss you Precious girl!It's Fall again and the leaves will start coming down. If only you could be here to chase your boys as they rake and jump in the middle of the piles of leaves.That memory is one we will always cherish.We hope you and your friends at the Bridge will have fun chasing leaves in the breeze and jumping in piles together.
Just remember we love you more than anything and can't wait to be with you again. XXX Mom/family
January 4 - You are on our Christmas tree as always, the photo ornament and the bone. There are so many wonderful memories of our Quincerina trying to help open everyone's gifts on Christmas morning and always being able to sniff out your own gifts and open them while we watched with adoring eyes. There will never be another dog loved as much as we love you. with love from the fam.
August 16 - Your ornament from Miss Cathy and Miss Kim shines in our kitchen window to remind me of you everyday. How I wish you were still here to romp in the yard and go for walks in the neighborhood. Even though you have been gone for 5 years, it still hurts to look at the spot where your bed and bowls were and you're not there. Oh to kiss your fuzzy head and cold honker nose again! We love and miss you everyday Miss Quincer! Much love from all of us!
February 10 - I polished the hanging ornament in the kitchen window that Miss Kim and Miss Cathy had made in memory of you. It catches the morning sun each day and makes the name Quincy sparkle just like those beautiful brown eyes of yours! I still grieve that you are not curled up on the kitchen floor on your blanket. Quincer, you know we love you more than anything!
October 9 - I love looking at your photos on the fridge and the table and the dresser. Wish I could hug you and kiss your nose right now. Now that the leaves are coming down, I wish you were here to jump in the piles when we rake them up. My heart still aches when I think about you not being with us now.
September 19 - You are loved and missed every bit today as the day you left us! Please know how much we love you!
September 20 - Wishing you were here to give me a much-needed hug and cuddle from your warm body. Miss you!!

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