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Memories of Princess
She was always there to welcome you and give you a kiss. I previously had a black min. Schnauzer. When I lost her I talked with a breeder about getting another one. When the time came she bred hers. When they were born I got to pick the one I wanted. As soon as she was born I went to go see her and went to see her every week after that until I took her home at 6 weeks. She was my Christmas present to myself. She was never shy about greeting people, even the groomer. She was a talker and a bluffer, though. If she thought she was in trouble or worried, she would lick your ear. Princess, you are missed so much. You left a big empty place in our hearts that won't be filled again until we see you at the Bridge. You owned us, we didn't own you. 8/5/01-It is a month now since you left and we still miss you as much as we did then. It hasn't gotten any easier being without you. You are in my thoughts constantly. I saw a little, black Schnauzer the other day and she reminded me so much of you. So many things remind me of you. Knowing how much you liked popcorn, I haven't been able to make any since you left. Sometimes I forget and get an extra biscuit out for you. 9/5/01 It was 2 months ago today that we had to put you to sleep. My special girl, you are missed as much today as you were then. Never a day goes by that I don't think of you and wish you were still here. I still wish we could have done more for you so that you would still be here. Here it is 10/5/01, 3 months since you left us and it still hurts so much. Everytime I see another Schnauzer, it breaks my heart to know that you aren't at home to greet me and for me to love. I think of all the things you used to do and I miss seeing you do them so much. Until the next time, sleep well my love until we meet again. 11/05/01 Well, my girl, another month has gone by. Last Friday was your birthday. Oh how I wish you would have been here to celebrate it. Never a day goes by that I don't think of you. Thanksgiving is coming up. You used to enjoy it because you always got some turkey. Sleep tight until the next time. 12/5/01 Hi little girl. Here it is, 5 months since you left us. Christmas will be here in 3 weeks. I have your stocking hung and I will put your treat in it, even if you won't be here to enjoy it. You will be in our thoughts. You will be the angel on our tree. Til next time. 1/5/02 It's been six months not since you left us. We went through our first Christmas without you. I remember a Christmas a few years ago when there was a package under the tree with a candy sucker on it. You used to stand by it and wouldn't let any of the other dogs near it. I'm afraid Pistol will be joining you soon. It will be another hard decision I will have to make, but he will be there to keep you company while you wait for us. Have a good New Year til the next time. 2/8/02 Hi, little girl. Another month has gone by and it is starting to get warm. I read something the other day that echoes my sentiments. "If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again." I wish that it were possible. Til next time. 3/5/02. Hi, my little girl. Just wanted to let you know how much you are still missed. I still think about you all the time. 4/14/02-Hi, Precious, sorry I am late getting with you. Since we last talked, we lost Pistol. Have you seen him up there? We adopted a 12-week-old I.G, with a bad heart. We don't know how long we will have her with us. A long time I hope, but it is in God's hand like you were. We thought she should have a little time to live, instead of being put to sleep. She probably would have driven you crazy. Til next time. I miss you. 7/5/02 It has been a year now since you left us. Some say it doesn't seem that long. All I know is that it hurts as much today as it did then. Two weeks ago Tiny left us. Her kidneys finally got the better of her. She put up a long fight. I hope you, Pistol and she are all together up there waiting for us all to be together again. I miss you as much as ever. Take care until the next time. 11/21/02 It has been a while since I visited your site, but there is hardly a day that goes by that I don't think of you. Hope is still doing o.k. so far. When we have turkey next week I will think of you, because you liked it so much.7/8/03 Hi Sweetheart. It was 2 years ago yesterday that you left us. It still hurts so much. Whenever a schnauzer comes in to work I like to pet them and make believe that it is you. I got good news about Hope. Her heart isn't as bad as we thought it was. I sure wish I could have had better news about you when you had your problems. Take care, Baby until the next time.7/14/04 It has been three years now since you left. You are still missed as much. We had a bad thunderstorm last night. I know that if you had been here you would have been so scared. Sleep well until I see you again.7/2/06 I know it has been awhile since I talked with you but hardly a day goes by that I don't think of you. I found pictures of you when you were just a baby. You were so special. I miss you. 7/5/06 It was 5 yrs. ago today that I lost you. I miss you just as much today. 7/5/07 Here it is another year that has gone by since you left us. I still think about you all the time, especially when I see other schnauzers. Sleep tight, sweetie. 6/25/09 I realize that it has been 2 yrs. since we last talked, but not because I have forgotten you. I tell people about you a lot. It still makes me cry to think about you. I rescued another stray a couple of weeks ago. She is a pretty good dog. Two weeks ago I rescued a very nice pitbull, but I found a good home for her. Til the next time, sleep well. 7/10/10 Well, sweetheart another year has gone by since you left us and it hurts as much now as it did then. I hope you are up there playing with all your brothers and sisters that have left us. Since we last talked I took in 2 more strays. None can ever replace you, tho. Take care, baby and God Bless.

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