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Memories of Pooh
Pooh, Pooter, Pooh of the Jungle - - all the names of my precious baby boy. You were from the original trio and the one who stayed with mom the longest.

Mom is happy that she was there to save your from drowing when you were just six weeks old. Your parents were both chocolate point Siamese, but you were all chocolate so the mean man tried to get rid of you. He tossed both you and your sister in a paper bag into the lake. Your sister did not make it, but you did. You were so tiny. You looked like one of Ti's spots when you laid by him. Ti and I saved you for you were meant for a long and happy life - which you had for almost 20 years.

You loved the sunbeams, catnip and laps. Talking was an art and you could jump higher in one single leap than any cat I know. I think you learned the high jump from Ti. When he wanted to get away from you he would jump from the floor to the top of an open door and lay on that narrow space. When you wanted to get away you would jump to the top of the fridge or bookcase. When we were living in Dallas you learned you could jump from the ground to the top of the 14' fence then walk along and jump to the top of the house next door and cross the neighborhood via rooftop.

You loved to lay down on the floor and be petted and brushed. Over and over you would roll just to make sure I brushed every spot there was! You must have sent me Padraig because he is the same way. And he's got his grandma well trained to do so just like you did.

You taught Maxie to cackle, just like Ti taught you, and how to snuggle. Angus was your buddy and Diarmid your lap partner. You would sit and clean Maxie for hours and she just loved it. Angus went anywhere you went, and later so did Diarmid.

You passed quietly in my lap at over 19-1/2 years of a happy & healthy life. The trip to the vet to take you for cremation had Diarmid sitting in the back window watching over you laying on the blanket in the open box. When I took you in to Dr. Snavely Diarmid howled and cried at losing you. When we got home he walked in the house and let out the deepest sigh I had ever heard out of a dog at your loss. Maxie was even closer to him once you were gone, she missed you so. After you and Maxie came Michael & Padraig. Your brother Michael was a talker like you and loved laps. He was also a puke boy like you too - thanks for that one! Both Michael & Padraig were jumpers too(especially on top of the highboy in the bedroom and the refrigerator) - you must have sent them both to keep me on my toes!

You have your Ti, Angus, Maxie, Diarmid, and Alexander you these days. Since you left Padraig, MacTavish & Michael have also joined the gang at the Bridge. I'm sure that along with cousins MacGregor and Merlin you are in your glory - the gang is all together again.

Mom misses you very much oldest one - - you left this world in my company with Mom, Maxie and Diarmid at your side. Leap high little one.... and until me meet again.... love, Mom.

Please also visit Angus, Diarmid MacThomson Mor, MacTavish Dundee Mor, Maxie, Michael, Padraig and Ti.

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