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Memories of Phoebe Snow
Hey "Little Bit", do you realize that you were in this family for almost 14 years? I like to say that you got 'recycled' to me after Mom and Dad died and I hope you don't mind using the term "recycled" :-). You see, I picked you out of the litter in '88 and gave you to my parents to love and cherish and did they ever!!! When they both died, you got a new Mom--me..and from that moment on you were my best friend, bud, confidante and traveling companion. I bought you an RV when that 'recycling day' arrived(remember??) and you and I never looked back. We traveled the U.S. together constantly and I could take you anywhere because you were the quietest, most cooperative and agreeable Yorkie that God ever created..he really broke the mold with you, my Little Bit. I know that Myra was the one who dubbed you "Little Bit" but heck, she doesn't mind that I adopted it and also use it with love. During the school year 2002, your Mommy (me) was diagnosed with cancer and you were diagnosed with kidney malfunction and pancreatitis. You were my backbone and role model during this year as you miraculously hurdled your own seemingly insurmountable problems in order to stick around for me while I recuperated from chemo and radiation. You more than stuck around and hung on. You actually were about to survive your own tribulations when 'suddenly' a herniated disk stopped you in your tracks. You could not take one step forward or stand up without falling and yet each time you saw me visit your bed, you did manage to upright yourself if only for a few seconds. And so, on Oct 23rd, 2002 it was time for you and me to decide if you should stop sruggling against your own odds and travel solo(for the first time but only temporarily) to the place of warmth, comfort, joy and painless living...to the Rainbow Bridge. After all, your Mommy was now healthy and strong and could probably stand on her own until it was time for us to meet again. It was a no brainer--of course, you should go there. And so, with hugs, kisses and tears we said 'goodbye', promising each other to be together always when it was my time to join you at the Rainbow Bridge.I told you that I would bring the RV so we could continue our travels together and you really liked that idea a lot. Never in my life have I felt and received such unconditional love and joy, Phoebe. I will always love and cherish you. Send me an e-mail sometimes to let me know if those new friends over at the Rainbow Bridge are giving you your WD food to keep that pancreas healthy. Dr. Hunter and the girls said that if you run out of WD, that they would send you more free of charge; and they all send their love to you. Phoebe, I will never, ever try or even want to replace you but if another friend joins me until my journey here is through, please be happy for me and know that I am focusing on seeing you again in the one place where nothing can ever separate us again. You will always be in my heart and soul. Love, Mommy

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