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Memories of Phillip Roy
I miss the sound of your voice more than I can believe. I want to hear you again................MommyKitty loves you. Our lover boy, our Philly Boy. Which story do we pick? You have so many. You are a loving son and brother. On your last night with us you slept by your sister. You bid us all goodbye in your own special way. You said goodbye to your toys, your scratching pads, your feathers and to your Mommy and Daddy and sister Sabrina. We love you. You are still with us. We feel you. But let's not dwell on your death. Instead, let's celebrate your life. You are after all a born lover boy. Your motto was "Phillip's my name, Loving's my game"!! You are the only cat we know with his own motto. And you lived up to your name oh so well. You loved to get tummy pets from your Mommy and Daddy. We bought our recliner's based on your need for tummy pets. Up you would hop, and over you would turn for your tummy pets. You gave your Mommy kittykisses each morning to awaken her. You gave your Daddy tummypets and cute little meows each morning while he got dressed. You would hop up on the bathroom counter while Mommy brushed her teeth, and while you didn't like the toothpaste smell, you sure loved to lick Mommy's hands after she brushed her teeth. It brings a smile to my face when I remember the face you made if you smelled the toothpaste. You loved to drink from your faucets throughout the house. You loved to sleep in the goodwill boxes, in the coat closet, on your trundle bed, on your deck chairs both in and outside, and most especially with your sister. You sought her out everywhere she went. You would curl up next to her and take such comfort from your closeness to her. Phillip, you are safe in our hearts, and our hearts will go on. We miss you very much. Philly it is spring right now. Your very favorite time of year. We miss you more right now, than ever before I think. Your sister is so lonely without you. She doesn't enjoy going outside without you to look after her. We planted a tuplip tree and roadys for you. They are in full bloom and we think of you everytime we look at them. Oh my little boy we miss you so much. I hope you are playing in heaven and having a good time. My heart would be so happy if I knew for sure that you are in heaven and we will be meeting again. My birthday was sad without you. I know Mother's Day will be unbearable without you. I miss you so much my little loverboy, so much. You are in our hearts and our hearts are going on. We love you. Your birthday is tomorrow. Sabrina will celebrate it without you for the first time. We will be thinking of you. You visited me in my dreams last night. I got my wish to have you visit me from Heaven. Thank you my little loverboy. We love you so much.7/01 Philly we think of you every day. I miss you so much. We are outside on the deck watching your squirrels and chipmunks and birdies. Daddy still feeds them for you. Sabrina is outside whenever she can be, watching them too. Your sister is sick Philly Boy...we can't save her...you will have to keep a close watch for her, I know she will be joining you at the Bridge before too much longer. Oh Phillip I miss you little chirp, your hello, your snuggles. I still can't believe you are gone from our house. I love you my little Food Lion, I love you. 5/8/02 Still missing you daily. Will I ever be able to not cry when I think of you? We were together so long Philly Boy. I love you.2/10/03 You have been gone two years now as of today. I can't believe it. I still miss you so much. I miss the feel of your feathery feet..I miss holding you. I miss your pantaloons..I miss feeling your tooth that stuck out. Oh Philly two years. How can it be? I hope time is going by faster in heaven for you than it is here for me. Perry and Shirley are here and I love them. Thank you for sending them to us. They are staying close by me today. I love you PhillyBoy, I love you.2006 Philly Boy, Daddy has left us. I am so sorry. I know he loved you, but he has left us now. Please keep watch over me from Heaven and keep Sabrina warm. I am so sorry little boy, so sorry. 2/9/2007 Philly Boy I still miss you like you left my arms yesterday. Please stay happy and have God give you tummy pets with your sister. Your love keeps me going.2/2009, eight years has gone by. I still can't stop the tears when I think of you being gone. You picked me to be your Mom. Grandma said, "yes, we'll take him!", when your birth parents asked if we wanted you. I will be forever grateful you were in my life. Life isn't the same without you and Sabrina. I hope Heaven is wonderful for you both. I so hope that we will be together again some day. Two dogs share my life now and they are very special dogs. They remind me of you and Sabrina. So much. Oh Philly boy, stay warm and cuddley in Heaven, meows and chirps and soft paw paws to you and Briners. I love you so.

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