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Memories of Pepper
It seems as if only a few weeks have passed since I last entered a fur baby into Rainbow's Bridge. My cat, Whiskey entered at the age of 17. I knew that Pepper, at 13, was not doing well. She had problems walking and her energy flagged from day to day. Still, there were no signs of sudden failure. Ten days ago, I was set to go on vacation. When I took out my suitcase, she looked at me in a way she never has before and followed me from room to room. I felt concerned so I told the girl who as going to be staying with her and my other dog and cats to keep an extra eye on her. I checked in each day to see how she was. The first two days she seemed tired and then my petsitter told me that she was playing well. Then, she seemed to need to stop frequently to rest and wasn't eating as much as usual. I wasn't too concerned since Pepper often ate less when I wasn't there. Then, last Saturday, I got a call saying that when the sitter had come home, Pepper was lying in front of my bedroom door and had passed on. I am overwhelmed with sadness and with guilt. I can't help wondering if she thought I had abandoned her and had just let go. The thought that I was not with her to help ease her passage and that I will never see her again is on my mind, constantly. She was a wonderful, loving, and sweet dog who seemed to sense my every mood and provided me with more love and support than I could ever have hoped for. I hope she knows that I would never have left her if I thought it was near the end. I am so sorry. I will hold you in my heart forever, Pepper. Now you can play with Varya and Whiskey and I know you will be watching out for me with those big brown eyes that seem to hold the wisdom of the world. I love you. Pepper- it is three years later and I still think of you and wish you were back with us, here. I know you watch over us and have helped welcome Cassie into the family along with Varya and Whiskey. Pepper: since last year, Merlin has joined you and I know that you and "the girls" have taken him under your care. I still miss you so much, Pepper. Sometimes I think I still see you on your bed beside me. Maybe it is your spirit that still lingers. If it is, thank you for staying. ***Dearest Pepper: As you know, Brandy passed over to be with you on Sunday. She was 20 years old...a long, long life filled with love. Since you are the " biggest sister", please make sure that she is protected and surrounded with all of your love. I know I didn't write to you when Trixie passed but I could feel your happiness at the thought that you, two were to be reunited.She will help with Brandy, also, as she knew her best as she was getting older. I still miss and love you so ***Pepper, as if I needed reminding, your anniverary date gave me the chance to visit you, again and tell you how much I love you, still, and miss you. Little baby Heathcliff joined you all, this year. I know you didn't know him but he was a treasure. It seems as if, with 7 of you up there now, you must have quite a little community and I hope that you, all, give each other strength and comfort and that you look down on us with the love we have for all of you. You were and will always be my girl

Please also visit Brandy, Trixie and Whiskey.

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