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Memories of Patches
I miss my Patchie so much. It seems she has always been a part of our lives. Patches was a beautiful, petite calico girl who always smelled of perfume. She loved to jump on the bed and roll over with a coy glance, waiting for a neck massage. She had little white pantaloons that looked so sweet when she ran through the house, and the most beautiful expressive eyes that looked directly into mine. We had many whispered conversations. and we each understood the other. I kept tangles out of Bagee's fur with my fingers; she loved to be told how pretty she was while her chin whiskers were being fluffed. The house seems blank without you little baby. Rocky and Scooter feel sad because they can't find you. Patch, we know Oddie and Annie were waiting for you last Saturday when you crossed the bridge. I wrote each of them with instructions to love and take care of you and keep you safe until I see you again. I love you, my little girl. Mom. Auntie Kris says you are sleeping in a sunbeam with Oddie, while Annie barks at the shadows and the squirrels. 12/24/04 - Merry Christmas little Patches. We love you. Gramma & Auntie Kris. Welcome to Spring, Patchie. Mama loves and misses you. Merry Christmas 2005 little soft girl. We love and miss you. 6/14/06 - Hello baby, I would love to kiss your pretty little face today and look into your eyes. Remember how we whispered secrets to each other? Have a good time with your sisters and brothers till I see you again. Love, Mama July 2006 Dear Patch, I wish you were here so I could look into your beautiful eyes and kiss your little face. Mama misses you, no other kitty could ever take your place. Rocky & Marvy send their love, so does Scooter. We have had Barney for almost two years now, he is another mini Schnauzer and he doesn't bark at kitties at all, he loves Rocky and Li'l Marvy. Be a good pretty girl. Love, Mama Dear Bagee, it has been two years since your sweet spirit left us; I love you baby, wait for Mama. 11/20/06. 12/22/06: Merry Christmas, Bagee. I love you. 11/20/07: Sweet baby girl, I miss you and love you as always. There is a new calico living here now, she is a shorthair and her name is Callie. She is sweet and I love her, but she can never take your place in my heart. Say hi to Baby Alex and Annie Belle, tell them Gramma loves them too. Be good beautiful Patches, I would love to kiss your sweet face today. April 21, 2008 Dear Patchie, I sent letter to Odds and Annie and here is yours. Your little cousin Piers will be arriving at Rainbows sometime this evening; his mama is heartbroken. Please welcome him to his new home and take him into your little group and love him always. Love, Gramma June 9, 2008 Little Patches, Cosmo, Pier's little brother, is coming to live with you guys this evening. Help him to reunite with Piers, and Odds and Annie. His mom is so sad that both the babies have left so close together, so make sure Cos is welcomed, cared for and kissed and loved, and keep him in your family circle til we see you guys again. Love, Gramma 11/21/08: Little Patches, Gramma loves you and misses your sweet little face. You are always in my heart. 1/21/09 Happy New Year at Rainbows Patch. I love you. Gramma /April 12, 2009 Happy Easter Sweet Baby Girl. 2009 Merry Christmas my dear sweet Bagee. Love,Gramma. December 24, 2011 Merry Christmas honey. I love you and miss your precious face everyday. Stay close to Rocky now, you have your friend back with you. All the babies send kisses and love. Gramma Christmas 2012 Merry Christmas sweet Patches. We miss you and love you.Merry Christmas Sweet Patches. 12/23/2014 I Love you, little Bagee. 7/28/2017

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