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Memories of Pumpkin
Pumpkin was 12 years old when she passed and she lived a great life running with lots of doggie friends and living in many places. She loved life more than anything and was a daredevil. We will miss her precious energy and her kisses and love. Mommy karen and Daddy Steve are with her forever now....

Today is March 19, 2011, another Saturday. One month has gone by to the date that you left us to run with all the others at the Rainbow Bridge. You, Pumpsie Wumpsie, were one of my heart dogs and I tear up everytime that I think about you. My special precious little girl.....I love you so much....mommy

My sweet Pumpsie....even though I don't write so much on your site....I think about you everyday and wish to see your sweet tail flicking in the wind....you wagged your tail so fast, that I don't remember ever seeing it still. Up until the last moment when you looked into my eyes and said "I have to leave mommy, it is not up to me anymore" your little tail wagged.....and when I asked you to remember to come back and let me know you were okay...you came and I felt that tail swish against my leg during the night....oh Pumpsie I love you and miss you and await to see you again in the afterlife....my precious, precious baby...I love you so much

Pumpsie on February 19, 2012 you will be gone for one year. It was today, January 23rd that you became ill and had your surgery to sae your life....even if it was only for a fleeting time....any amount of extra time we had with you was just so precious. I wish I had known years ago when you started getting swollen tummies for a few days and what I thought were urinary tract infections.....it was the beginning of the end..you were so brave.....you didn't want me to know and maybe....just maybe....you would have been with us longer....if I understand.....I am listening more closely these days to what the dogs are saying.....I know you and Sami are having a good time now....kisses to you and to Sami....mommy and daddy miss you all so much........

In a few days it will be January 23, 2013 and the day you became ill. I still think of you my sweet precious Pumpsie and miss you so terribly much. You were such a scamp teaching all the puppies bad habits, and I loved you so for who you were. There will never be another Pumpkin in my life and I look forward to seeing you again at the Rainbow Bridge where lots of kisses and love will again be ours. Mommy misses you girl. I always will. Hearts and kisses. Oh Pumpsie, your grandma Melton passed away the other day. I am sure you have seen her. Let her know that you are there for her and will guide her to greener and easier pastures. I love you my precious Pumpsie.

Today, Feb. 19, 2013 Pumpsie you are gone two years....the time is just fleeting by and I still remember your crazy running and hiding and playing with all the dogs. You always were the scamp in mom's life....such a sweet face and such a devilish personality. What a girl....I hope that you and Sami, Angus, Audrey, GiGi, Jake, and Sugar are playing and playing and think of mom all the time. Sophie, Taz, Rusty, Brad, Lexie, Fawn, Luke, KariLouise and all the rescues still here when you were all with us are doing well and someday they will be playing with you Pumpsie again in a lush green meadow.....and then here comes mom with all her kisses. Miss you Pumpsie....hearts and kisses...mom

February 19, 2014. Another year has gone by without you Pumpsie. By now you have greeted with Mr. Taz. He died a few days ago and should be at the bridge by now...you know how much you used to love to run and play with Taz. He was such a brat, just like you. In fact, now the I think of it, you taught him so much, especially how to be a brat. Oh Pumps how I miss you and now Taz, Angus, Sami, Sugar Baby, Nelson, Jake, Andy, Gigi, Audrey, and all the others who have gone to be with you at the bridge. Please save a space for me because that is where I want to be with all of you again. Love more and more each day.....miss you Pumpsie.....miss you <3 Mom

February 19, 2015.....and yet another year without you Pumps....We are all still well here ...except we are having sub zero weather,....really cold....and I know you didn't like the cold....I think of you often...and thank you for sending Izzy to carry on your legacy of poop eating.....you know I missed that. haha....Dad and I mention you often in our thoughts and words... there was no one like our Pumps....so precious and sweet. Miss you sweetie...always in my heart and in dad's heart... you will never leave us. <3 <3 <3

February 19, 2016....Oh Pumpsie....now you have your brother Taz and sister Sophie playing with you at the Bridge. I think of you often Pumpsie....you were mommy's bad little girl, but I loved you so. I love you Pumpsie and always will. You are mommy's little girl.....my heart breaks everytime I think of you not being here...Only your buddy Tipper, Rusty, Brad, Lexie, Luke, Fawn and Kari Louise are left from your gang you grew up with.....I miss you..... mommy

February 19, 2017....Pumpsie....I hope you and all the Melton dogs are doing well at the Rainbow Bridge playing and having fun. You were mommy's little Pumpsie girl. You will and always will be ....mommy loves you Tipper is with you now, just Rusty, Brad, Lexie, Luke, and Kari Louise are still with mom....We all miss you and send love and kisses and licks and wags. Give big kisses to Fawn for mommy. I miss her so too. <3

February 19, 2018.... Another year Pumpsie that you are gone. I still think of your and all your antics. We all miss you here....I know you are playing with Taz and Sophie and Sami all the time...just waiting for us all to come to the bridge with you and play in the green grass forever. Miss you so little girl. My precious Pump Pump.. ove forever mommy

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