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Memories of Pumpkin Patch
I had adopted Pumpkin Patch back in 1996 when she was approximately 1.5 years young. The shelter had about 150 cats, some in cages and some uncaged (the socialized ones). She was one of the uncaged cats, for good socialization skills! I remember starting my walk through with her being the second cat sitting straight up on a table and as I passed by her I went to pet her head and she stuck her paw out as if to scratch me. I quickly kept moving being scared of her somewhat aggressive nature and by the time I finished looking around at all the cats, there she stood on a higher table across the way. She looked at me as if to say, "take me, I'm not going to bite!" I don't know but she seemed more friendly the second time around and what was so unique about her was that brown patch on her pink nose. I always liked multi colored kitties and the nose was so cute. When I inquired with the shelter staff about her, they told me that she had a broken paw due to someone kicking her and that she had an operation but they weren't sure if the pins would take. Also, they warned me that she could end up being a three legged kitty! To that I replied, "I'll take her!" as I had a bad leg back then and we could really relate! So, we would limp together...lol
I had to come back in a couple days so she could get examined by the vet and be given a bath. I returned a few days later to pick my new baby up, paid my adoption donation fee of $25 (the best investment I ever made) and was so excited about bringing home my very first cat that I could call my own!

All my life I wanted a kitty and this was my chance to be the mommy I always wanted and needed to be. Her original name had been Patty Cakes, according to the shelter staff, but when I took her out of the pet carrier and saw her many beautiful colors of orange, brown, and the little black patch on her back as well as the cute brown patch on her nose, I changed it to Pumpkin Patch which I will refer to as Pumpkin from this point forward. I knew I wasn't going to have children of my own, so I treated Pumpkin as if she was my child.

Pumpkin was so loving, like a baby, especially around men. I had heard that Calicos are usually female and take to the opposite sex more. Well, it was true indeed but she still was very affectionate to me, a female, always a cuddle buddy at night and while watching tv she would not mind being in the cradle position, like a little baby. She would also lick my face and fingers while grabbing me with both paws, it was just so adorable!!! She just melted into my arms and heart any time I picked her up. Also, her injured paw had healed up (the pins took) so she could walk and jump like any other kitty! Her favorite toy was a little rubber soccer ball which she would kick around for a little bit and then pick the ball up with her mouth, walk over to me and go, "Meow, Meow, Meow" and then drop the ball by my feet. It was the cutest thing!!

This little mush of a kitty could also be tough as claws though. One time I brought home my boyfriend's pitbull and she wasn't scared at all, she swatted the dog's nose, made it bleed a little and let her have it alright! One time she was standing on top of my glass table and looking down through it at the pit bull who was just minding her own business at the time. She was swatting the glass thinking, she was getting the dog...it was a kodak moment.

Two years later, my boyfriend at the time, found another Calico outside and we named it Multi as in Multi-colored kitty. The two of them never really bonded but they somehow put up with one another. Multi passed away two months ago at 14 years old and her memorial tribute was held here at the rainbow bridge. I found great comfort with this site and met several wonderful, understanding cat and animal people who really provided a great source of support to me.

About a year ago, I found my younger kitty, Oreo who was a rather rambunctious one, who didn't share Pumpkin's laid back nature. Oreo on several occasions, would pounce on and bully Pumpkin in an effort to play. It did not always seem like a playful act and it often worried me some but that's just what kitties did, I figured. No matter, how much Oreo bullied her, Pumpkin always managed find a way to be with her mommy. At bedtime, shortly after I would climb into bed, a few minutes later, I would hear some hissing and rumbling down by the floor followed by the feel of four paws, then another four, jumping on the bed where the two kitties would briefly have a cat fight to gain territorial control. Then I would rescue Pumpkin from this ordeal by quickly scooping her up and putting her under the blanket where she would happily rest her head next to mine while being safe from Oreo. It's amazing what that little kitty had go through just to be near me, just so loving and sweet always!

Pumpkin was diagnosed with kidney disease a while back. The vet treated her as well as prescribing a special diet and medicine. Pumpkin was able to live a pretty normal life until the kidney disease progressed where she was no longer eating, losing a significant amount of weight, not drinking her water, missing the litter box, and her hind legs lost mobility. On 3/20/10, at the age of 16, had to put my precious kitty to sleep where she would no longer have to suffer any longer. My time with Pumpkin will never be forgotten and she will always remain close to my heart. I hope everyone dealing with the loss of their furbaby can find comfort at the rainbow bridge.

04/02/10 - Update - Pumpkin my dear precious kitty, I received your ashes a couple days ago and now I must get a nice Urn for you. I may get a customized vase that someone will paint your picture on. It will cost a pretty penny but baby, you are so worth it!!! I never seen a cat's ashes before and I must say they are pretty just like you. I keep your ashes on my mantel where I have tons of pictures of you. I miss you so much, every night I cry myself to sleep remembering how you used to curl up in bed with me. Your kitty sister Oreo keeps looking for you and I think she is getting lonely. I am thinking of bringing her a little kitty brother for her. I am thinking maybe a male would be better since Oreo had difficulty getting along with you and sister Multi. I don't think I will ever meet another kitty like you Pumpkin!! You were one of a kind and the best!! I love you Pumpkin and I hope you are having fun with your sister Multi and all the other little angels at the Rainbow Bridge.

5/31/10 - Pumpkin Patch, three days ago, I adopted a 7 month old kitten whose previous owner had already named her "Pumpkin"! She is not a calico like you but she is an orange and white beautiful kitty. I knew that at some point I would get another cat because your sister Oreo seems lonely without you by her side. I thought I would get a male kitty this time around, but fate had me meet up with this Pumpkin. I love calling her "Little Pumpkin" or just "Pumpkin" because it reminds me of how I used to call for you. You are still one of a kind though and no other cat will ever take your place. Pumpkin Patch, you are in my heart furrever!!!!

2/2/11 - My precious Pumpkin Patch, not a day goes by that I do not think of you. I just wanted to let you know that Oreo and Little Pumpkin are getting along better now. Little Pumpkin has grown and she is now bigger than Oreo, the bully kitty! She is still a little timid around Oreo though but she will stand up for herself, if necessary. She crosses her paws like a lady when she is napping and is adorable (but she will never take your place!) I miss you Pumpkin Patch, you were my best friend and companion!!! I will always love you baby girl. Love mommy.

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