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Hey there Buddy Boy!! Been a year to the day since I wrote to you but you're always in my heart! Always on my mind and I miss you just as much today as nearly four years ago when I had to let you go!! Don't know what to say Pugs...there's just an emptiness in my heart and I know it's because of you!! You were my true pal and best friend! Everyone wants me to get another dog to fill that void but I'm not ready yet and I'll know the right time. I love you Pugs and miss you EVERY DAY!!! Dad 06/01/2917

Hey Buddy Boy!!! We're closing in on another year that I've been without you next to me!! Oh how I miss spending my days and nights with you!! Still have you on my phone so I can see you each and every day! Miss our walks...even those late at night..raining or snowing or 100 degrees outside!! I sooooooooo miss you my little skunk butt Shih Tzu Hound!!! I love you Pugs...always have since you came into my life and always will until the Good Lord gets us together again!! Love, Dad 06/01/2016

Hi Pugs!! A second anniversary of that horrible day I lost you to the Rainbow Bridge and the other special furry friends. Oh how I miss you each and every day!! I have the photo of you sitting on that old gold loveseat as my wallpaper on my laptop...so every time I open it up and login, there you are!! Give absolutely anything and everything to have you back with me and God would allow us to grow old together and take our last breath of life together...with you in my arms!! How sweet that would have been!! I picked the song, "Until We're Together Again" as the music for your page. When it's my time to take my last breath...Saint Peter had better have you waiting for me at the Pearly Gates!! Miss you Buddy Boy and think of you many times each and every day!! I love you Pugsley and you were the bestest friend I ever had!!! Dad 06/29/2015

Hey there Buddy Boy!! Been awhile since I've visited you here...not because I haven't thought of you!! Still think of you and miss you EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I miss our time at the farm with Timothy and Friskie. It was so great out there being able to run and run and run. Watching you chase the rabbits for all your little legs would stretch out and go!! Never caught one and not so sure what you'd done if you had!! But the thrill of the chase was great! Pugs, I pray to God every day that we'll be together again someday!! A wish and prayer I have for all those who had such a friendship as yours and mine. You've probably noticed we adopted a little girl poochie that was rescued in St. Louis. Her name is Bella and we're trying to make a good home for her like we did for you. Miss you and love you forever Pugsley.....Dad 03/17/2015

Hi Pugs!!!! What a sucky day!!! It's the one year anniversary that we had to make that horrible trip to the vet's office. Not a life anniversary I was wanting to ever see! I filled up three white balloons with black paw prints on them; then wrote some special messages to you on each...and took them out to your favorite watering hole to send off! I prayed to our God and our Creator that he was seeing that you were being taken care of until that day when I can hold you in my arms again!!! Oh I miss you soooooooooo terribly much Pugsley!! Miss that whimpering at the bedside letting me know you were ready to get into bed and curl up between my legs. What a perfect world we had Buddy Boy...and there's not ONE DAY that goes by that I haven't thought of you at least ten times or more. Have your picture on my phone wallpaper, so I see you many times each and every day!! I love you Pugs....and will never ever forget how special you were to me! How much we loved each other and how I never got tired of looking after your every need each day we were together. I miss you little poochie and love you soooo very much!! Daddy, 06/29/2014

Hey Buddy Boy......how's Daddy's bestest friend in the whole wide world?? I hope you're still missing me...even though I'm sure you've made new friends and playmates!! I sure miss you!!!! Miss you curled up between my legs at night..just like a little heating pad up against me!! Missed freezing my butt off this winter taking you for those long walks around the block and at the park! :) I pray to God everyday that I'll get to be with you again some day....along with Timothy and Friskie!! Hope you all knock me over when I come to get you at the Rainbow Bridge....never to be separated again. Just had another birthday.....but it wasn't the same you not helping me with the cake and ice cream!! I do still love you and miss you sooooo very much Pugs...always and forever, Daddy! 03/27/2014

Merry Christmas Buddy Boy!! Sure did miss you this first Christmas since you've been gone from me!! Had way too much goodies that I could have shared with you....as I always did. Had your ornament up on the tree in a place where Daddy could see it every time he walked by. Now with my knee replacement past and on the good mend, I could really have kept up with you better on our walks instead of having to limp along. Nicole and Brooklyn miss seeing you every month when you were in for your trim and grooming. Think they miss you almost as much as I do. Keep safe and play nice with the others in your new home until I can be there to pick you up and hold you in my arms forever...neither of us leaving the other!! I love you and miss you soooooo much Pugs...your Loving Dad!!! 12/25/2013

Hey Pugs....just been awhile since I've talked to you and wanted you to it wasn't because Daddy was too busy to think about you!! Every hour of every day I think of you and miss holding you in my arms. While getting my knee healed up we sure could have enjoyed some good ole long cozy naps!! I miss you curled up next to me and would love to be there with you again!!!!! There is still an emptiness in my heart and in my every day that filled while here with me. Why I didn't take more pictures and videos of you when we were out on our walks??? Love you and miss you Buddy Boy sooooooo very much!! Daddy 11/12/13

How's Daddy's big boy?? It's just been a while since I've written and I just wanted to check on you and make sure you hadn't forgotten me!! Daddy certainly hasn't forgotten you...every day I see you laying on the floor at my feet or on the couch at work (your blanket is still there for you)!! Oh Pugs, I miss you so very, very much!!! I've been struggling with God making sure all our little friends will be with us when we get to heaven?? And I just keep telling myself a loving God who puts us together on Earth will surely put us back together when we both are in heaven. Have fun playing with everyone while you're waiting on Daddy to get there!! I love you and miss you soooooooo much, but you already know that ;-) !!!! Daddy 09/26/2013

Hey there Buddy Boy...Daddy has to get to work soon, but he just wants his little buddy to know that he still thinks of you and misses you sooooooooo very much each and every day!!! It's now been eight weeks since you slipped away and started your journey as a resident of the Rainbow Bridge!! Daddy so longs to hold you in my arms again... take our walks... you laying in my lap as we watch a Blues hockey game!!! I love you and miss you Pugs!!!! Daddy 08/24/2013

Hi Pugs...hope you're having a good time with all the others!! Daddy sure misses you waiting for him when he gets home from work. Miss seeing that dance you did, telling me "COME ON...TAKE ME OUT FOR A WALK"!! Just miss you soooooo much!
It will be five weeks tomorrow but it seems like only yesterday you slipped away from me!! Only you and God know how devoted I was to taking care of you. My heart is still and will always be broken until we're together again. New song by Carrie Underwood, "See You Again"....I think of you every time I hear it!! Love you Pugs, Daddy 08/02/2013

Hey Buddy Boy...remember me?? Daddy remembers and misses you!! Still can't sleep right..miss you snuggled up with me. Every time I drive by one of our favorite "watering holes"...can't help but think I should be turning in so I can let you out and run for a few minutes. One month ago today, Daddy held his little boy in his arms one last time before we sent you to the Rainbows Bridge. My heart is still broken and will be until the day we run and play together again. There's a bond between us that even death can't break!! Just know Pugsley that I think of you so many times each and every day and that my life will never be the same til we're with each other! I love you "Buddy Boy" and always will remember you!! 07/29/2013

My Dearest Little Pugsley....Daddy sure misses his "Buddy Boy"!! Miss our walks, you cuddled up close to me at night as we slipped off into a deep sleep!! My heart still aches with a hurting loss like I've never felt before!! Daddy prays everyday that God is a most loving God and that He not only cares for all His children...but He cares for His children's four-legged friends. That He has the Rainbow Bridge for you and I to cross over together for eternity!! Enjoy playing with Timothy, Friskie and Jeanie...Daddy looks forward to being with his Buddy Boy again!! 07/19/2013

Two weeks ago this morning, I had to make that painful decision to have my Vet help my Pugsley go to sleep....only to wake up at the Rainbow Bridge without his caretaker beside him!! Every day I wake up looking for my best friend, who I let sleep in usually each morning...only to get my little "Buddy Boy" as I called him up to go out on our first walk of the day. I miss him sooooooo terribly bad!! Regardless of how my day went...I ALWAYS looked forward to seeing and being with my Pugsley!! He was the center of my life for over 14 years and I thank God for each and every day of that 14 years. Before I shoveled snow or cleared my sidewalks for anyone....I cleared walking paths for Pugsley to take care of business. We took him with us as we traveled in our plane.....Chicago, Atlanta, Austin and many other places. He was a great traveler and never barked or made a peep. I've lost three other dogs over my 60 years of life, but losing Pugs has been the hardest of them all and my heart still feels broken and always will until we're reunited together again!! 07/01/2013

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